How to Rotate a PDF

Sometimes the PDF file you need may be listed in a wrong orientation. For example, the PDF files look like it’s upside down to me. It would cause a lot of inconvenience when using these PDF files especially for work, study and printing. As a result, WorkinTool PDF converter can provide help for you to overcome such problems. Rotating individual pages or the whole PDF document can be accomplished in few seconds.

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How to Rotate a PDF

The PDF document is the most common and preferred file format for sharing and reading in today’s study and work. So if there is a problem with PDF format, it is a headache. Sometimes the PDF file you need may be listed in a wrong orientation. For example, if the layout of PDF documents that need to be erected is horizontal at present, actually you need the help of  PDF converter to rotate PDF. The PDF files look like it’s upside down to me. It would cause a lot of inconvenience when using these PDF files especially for work, study and printing.

In order to change the wrong orientation, the best way to rotate a PDF on your computer is by using tools available which allow you to rotate a PDF document and save the changes, and you can even select whether to rotate individual pages or the whole document.

Why not download and install the software—WorkinTool PDF converter, a practical and all-in-one desktop tool that allows you to read, merge, split, compress, convert your PDF to multiple formats, turn them into PDF and more.

How to Rotate Individual Pages of PDF Files

After downloading and installing Workintool PDF converter, take the operation of desktop software as an example to show how to rotate a PDF.

  • Step1: Open WorkinTool PDF converter, click the “ Tool Box” and choose “ Rotate Pages”.

click rotate pdf

  • Step2: Upload PDF file need to be reversed.

upload pdf file

  • Step3: On the file preview page, move the mouse to individual pages you want to flip, and click the leftward or rightward icon as required.

rotate individual pages of pdf

  • Step4: Click “Apply Changes” to permanently rotate PDF pages.
  • Step5: The computer will automatically save files according to the path, and you can open the document to check.

rotate individual pages

As shown in the above steps and the final results,  the advantages of PDF rotating are simple steps, fast operation speed and automatic download for reference. You can get a PDF document with the right page orientation in a few seconds.

How to Rotate All Pages of PDF Files

The WorkinTool PDF converter can not only rotate every single page individually in a PDF file, but also rotate whole PDF document at once. Follow the steps below:

  • Step1: Again open WorkinTool PDF converter, click the “ Tool Box” and choose “ Rotate Pages” like above.

click the tool box and choose rotate pages

  • Step2: Upload your file.

upload pdf file

  • Step3: On the operation page, you can click the “Left” or “Right” buttons to rotate the whole PDF file uniformly and immediately.

rotate all pages of pdf to left

rotate all pages of pdf to right

  • Step4: Click “Apply Changes” to permanently rotate PDF pages.
  • Step5: Rotated PDF file will be saved and have a check.

rotate all pages to left

rotate all pages to right

Although the whole document needs to be rotated, the operation speed is the same as that of individual pages above. You can successfully create rotated PDF file just in seconds. Go to the output folder to find the rotated PDF file. And you will find that the rotation is good, without errors and omissions.

Why Choose WorkinTool PDF Converter

Much like all of document management tools, WorkinTool PDF converter is a fully-featured document management software that helps you convert PDF files to your needs easily and quickly. The main reasons for recommending WorkinTool PDF converter are as follows:

1.Basic and versatile office software

WorkinTool PDF converter offline is a fully-featured offline PDF management software, meaning it contains all the functions our PDF conversion needs. And you don’t need to rely on another tool to help you complete work. Whether you want to convert PDF to Word, Excel, JPG, PowerPoint, or merge, split, compress and encrypt PDF, WorkinTool PDF converter has all the tools you need to help you finish work fast and with ease.

2.Simple interface design and clear operation instructions

The interface is simple without too many complex layout. The operation instructions are not complicated. So many users can directly convert documents without learning.

3.Guarantee of security and privacy

It is a small and safe green software. The installation package is small, and the software does not have other plug-ins units related to conversion to protect user document information. There are no strange ad pop ups to interfere with conversion.

4.Continuously upgrade and optimize functions

Workintool PDF converter does not feel satisfied with the status quo. In the future, it will continue to optimize product details and add more new functions to facilitate you to better convert files and facilitate your work.

5.Long-term free trial

At the beginning, many users would worry about the conversion effect. Please rest assured that this product has a long free trial period in the early stage to help you get familiar with the operation process and check the conversion quality. As a result you can boldly try all functions without restrictions.

6.Intimate background service

First, you should click feedback in the application software. Then you can put forward suggestions for the software or problems in the operation process, leave the email number. And you can get a serious reply from the background. This means that you are not passively experiencing software operation. Moreover, you can actively communicate with the developer and put forward your own ideas.



There are many different reasons for why you might want to rotate a PDF, all or specific pages inside your PDF document. But you only need a path or  one software to help you solve the problem.

No matter what your document goals may be, WorkinTool PDF converter can help you get there. Work with our Workintool PDF converter tools directly by downloading our Desktop application for FREE! Download and log in the software, create an account and enjoy free access to our entire suite of powerful PDF tools.

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