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WorkinTool PDF to HTML Converter Online

Easily convert PDF to HTML to reach a broader audience with WorkinTool online PDF to link converter. Learn how to create a link to open a PDF file and how to embed a PDF in a web page for free with ease.
Free convert up to 4 files in a single run
No registration or installation
Free convert files without time limits
Each file should be within 0.5MB
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How to Convert PDF to HTML Online?

Step 1
Click the + button to upload your PDF(s) here. You can upload up to 4 PDFs in a single run.
Step 2
Press the Convert button to proceed.
Step 3
Wait for a while, and click Download to export the HTML files.

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WorkinTool Online PDF to Link Converter Features

With its intuitive design, WorkinTool's free online PDF to web page converter will help you quickly create a link for a PDF document without any hassle.
100 % Safe
100 % Safe
WorkinTool online PDF to converter promises a secure service when converting PDF to HTML by using safe encryption techniques. Your uploaded files and data will be automatically erased after the conversion.
Batch Mode
Batch Mode
You can upload up to four PDF files and export PDF to HTML together in a single run. This online PDF to website converter also allows you to repeat conversions without time restrictions.
More Free Tools
More Free Tools
Needless to sign in, you are entitled to all the tools of WorkinTool online PDF converter without any license payment, including the online PDF to URL converter.
High-Quality Output
High-Quality Output
WorkinTool online PDF converter will export your PDF documents to HTML files without losing quality and offer the best results.
WorkinTool online PDF link generator works perfectly on any operating system like Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can complete your PDF to HTML conversion whenever you have internet access.

Perfect for Any Industry

With comprehensive features for PDF files, WorkinTool PDF Converter can help teachers and students slim down the PDF files by converting them to HTML, which is easier to share and save.
Financial Industry
Financial Industry
WorkinTool PDF Converter solves the issue that PDF files cannot be opened when there's no PDF reader. It's easy to read it in a browser once the files have successfully been converted to HTML.
It's very inconvenient that PDF files cannot be edited directly. In particular, there's a need to add some notes to the files. However, WorkinTool makes it possible to convert PDF to HTML to make the file editable.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Data privacy and information security are ensured
Faster conversion speed and better quality outcome
No ads involved
Traceable conversion records
No number and size restrictions
Online Tool
Explore Now
No need to download, operate everywhere with the Internet
Stable conversion speed and outstanding exporting quality
No backup for uploaded files, security is guaranteed
All popular office formats are supported to convert
Only four files at a time to convert
The maximum size of each uploaded file is 0.5 MB


How to convert HTML to PDF?
Step 1. Open the desired web page on Google Chrome.
Step 2. Click the three vertical dots on the top right of the browser's top ribbon.
Step 3. Select the Print option, change the destination to PDF, and then click Print.

How to embed PDF into HTML?
To embed a PDF in a web page, you can use the HTML <embed /> tag.
Follow the steps below:
Step 1. Specify the file path for the PDF (src).
Step 2. Specify the file type — in this case, PDF (type).
Step 3. Specify the content width as a percent (width).
Step 4. Specify the content height as pixels (height).
Step 5. Combine each of these elements together using this code:
<embed src= "file_path/file_name.pdf" type= "application/pdf" width= "##%" height= "##px" />
Once your PDF is published online, everyone can access your content easily. You'll no longer need to send the file to a specific person separately.
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PDF to HTML Converter

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WorkinTool PDF Converter offline software helps you turn PDF into HTML without any size or number limits. You will get software with better support, fewer restrictions, and endless features, such as PDF editing, page changing, content modification, and more. Just download and launch it from now on. It won't let you down!
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