How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card Free 2022

If you’ve ever experienced sudden video file loss from an SD card, you might know how frustrating it is. No worries! This post shows free ways to recover disappeared video file from SD card, whether it is accidentally deleted or goes formatted. You can quickly get them back on Windows, Mac, and Android after reading this post. WorkinTool Data Recovery is high-recommended for the following highlights:
1. 100% free without hidden costs
2. No technical skills or knowledge is required.
3. Fast scanning and recovery speed
4. Comprehensive scan for different devices and file types
5. High safety index

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How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card Free 2022

How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD card Free 2022

“Ahhhh! I unintentionally removed my video files from my camera SD card! How can I restore the deleted videos? Is there any SD card video recovery tool that helps me retrieve removed video files?”

No worries! This article contains everything you need about SD card recovery. No matter what devices that embedded with an SD card, a digital camera, or an Android phone, you can successfully recover deleted files from them in seconds.

The SD card video recovery tools in this post enable you to retrieve permanently deleted files from a memory card even though it is formatted. And you will find workable solutions on Windows, Mac, and even Android without a computer. You will get the hang of using steps in a single instance with the text below.

SD Card Video Recovery Basics

sd card recovery

SD card is a primary storage device that saves videos, photos, audio files, documents, etc. You can see it often in digital cameras, camcorders, and Android phones. But sometimes, you may accidentally remove videos and photos from an SD card. And the SD card may get formatted or corrupted due to maloperation, virus attack, physical damage, power failure, and other various reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to learn some SD card video recovery skills.

However, nowadays, many smartphones equip built-in storage. Digital cameras have replaced Android phones & tablets and have become the largest SD card device. When we talk about SD card video recovery, it means video recovery on a camera memory card to a large extent. So we will pay more attention to SD card video recovery on Windows and Mac and briefly introduce how to recover deleted videos from SD card on Android.

📢Notice: To retrieve deleted files from SD cards on a PC, remember the following points. It is essential.

  • Stop using the card immediately in case new data overwrites the previous info.
  • Prepare a card reader so you can connect the SD card to a computer.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card on Windows PC

Since most cameras don’t have the Recycle Bin in Windows and the Trash in Mac, it is impossible to recover an SD card video with a local computer history backup. Therefore, when you lose important videos, it is wise to utilize a reliable and professional SD card video recovery program like WorkinTool Data Recovery.

This SD card recovery software is an effective tool for retrieving deleted videos and is also super simple to use. It can retrieve any deleted files from an SD card for free. And if you would like to recover permanently deleted files and need to restore formatted memory cards, this data recovery tool also has you covered. Read more on its pros and cons:


  • 100% FREE to use without size limitations or hidden costs
  • Supported multiple files, including videos, photos, Office documents, archives, databases, etc.
  • Able to detect files on computer disk partitions and external hard drives
  • Fast scanning speed and easy operation without technical skills required
  • High safety guarantee.


  • Only for Windows at present

workintool data recovery

🧿How to recover deleted videos from SD card by WorkinTool

1. Insert your SD card into a computer if it has an SD card slot, or put your SD card in a card reader and connect it to a computer. Then open WorkinTool Data Recovery.

workintool data recovery scene mode

2. Select USB/Memory Card Recovery > select your SD card drive > Scan Scanning.

locate sd card and start scanning

3. After the software completes scanning, go to File Type > Videos to find and tick the deleted videos.

find deleted videos from sd card

4. Or you can go to Deleted Files and use the Filter option to select the files directly.

recover deleted videos from sd card

5. After selecting the to-be-recovered videos, press Recover to bring them back. If there are no videos you need, click Deep Scan to launch a deeper detection.

recover deleted videos from sd card or deep scan

How to Recover Deleted Videos from SD Card on Mac PC

Like WorkinTool Data Recovery, Disk Drill can recover deleted videos from SD cards without breaking a sweat. And it doesn’t require any special techniques. The straightforward interface labels each feature clearly.

It is available on both Windows & macOS and nearly equips with all features that WorkinTool Data Recovery can do. No matter how you lost your SD card video files, it can help you retrieve them with a high success rate. Apart from that, its features like recovery preview, data protection, and drive backup help you avoid data loss in the future. Disk Drill SD card recovery tool can make your files bulletproof.


  • Applicable to both Windows and Mac
  • It can directly scan phones on computers.
  • Multiple supported files types and storage devices
  • Easy operation without skill requirements
  • High safety guarantee.


  • Free recovery storage up to 500 MB
  • Slow installing speed

How to recover deleted videos from SD card with Disk Drill

1. Connect the SD card to your Mac, open Disk Drill, and select the external device in the disk list.

2. Set the search method as All recovery methods, and press Search for lost data to start scanning. (If you can’t find videos, click Scan entire disk to launch a deep scan.)

search for deleted files from sd card

3. Once the scan completes, select Videos Review found items.

review found files in sd card

4. Tick the deleted videos, and hit the Recover button to save them.

recover deleted videos from sd card with disk drill


How to recover deleted videos from SD card on an Android Phone?

There are three practical ways you can try.

  • WorkinTool Data Recovery: If your Android phone has an SD card, you can put it in a card reader and connect the card reader to a Windows computer. And run WorkinTool Data Recovery > USB/Memory Card Recovery to recover deleted videos.
  • Disk Drill: Disk Drill video recovery software allows you to connect an Android phone to a computer with a USB cable. You can also insert an SD card reader into a computer if you just want to scan data on the SD card instead of the whole phone storage. Then repeat the above steps.
  • DiskDigger: DiskDigger is a data recovery app for restoring videos and photos on an Android phone. It can detect the deleted files in the phone’s built-in storage and the SD card.

How to retrieve deleted videos from SD card without computer software?

  • Restore videos using the camera backup.
  • Apply an Android data recovery app like DiskDigger on your phone.


Here is the end of this post. I believe you are clear in mind how to recover deleted videos from SD card for now. We highly recommend WorkinTool Data Recovery software because it is an entirely free video recovery tool. Hope this post is intuitive for you and you restore deleted photos successfully.

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