5 Best PDF Splitter Offline Software 2024

In this list for best PDF splitter software in 2024, we introduce five offline alternatives, including WorkinTool PDF converter, Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement, PDFsam, and Icecream PDF Split & Merge. We have elaborated their advantages and disadvantages.
Spend about 3 minutes to explore it and find the best PDF splitter.

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Orlando
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5 Best PDF Splitter Offline Software 2024

In this article, we sum up 5 best PDF splitter software in 2024. To begin with, a PDF splitter allows you to make a multiple-pages PDF file into individual pages or page segments. There are many occasions you may need to split a long-pages PDF file in order to leave out redundant pages and customize your PDF file with only core information. Considering that, the crux of the matter in deciding a PDF file is to find an appropriate PDF splitter.

So how can I find a proper PDF splitter to make a division? Herein, we narrow down to 5 best options for PDF splitter software from tons of alternatives. Furthermore, we make comparisons among these 5 outperformers and highlight their unique features.

5 Best PDF Splitter Software

To begin with, the 5 PDF splitters we recommend are: WorkinTool PDF converter, Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement, PDFsam, and Icecream PDF Split & Merge.

Because they emphasize on different features, there are certain disparities among them. Below we will talk about their advantages and disadvantages respectively, so you can grab some general information of them and make a personal choice.

1. WorkinTool PDF Converter

Generally speaking, WorkinTool PDF converter provides an easy and quick solution to split PDF pages. Apart from that, it is also an all-round PDF expert allowing you to do convert, merge, add watermark and password, etc. In addition, it has a clean and plain user interface, as well as short processes in splitting PDF files. The crux of the matter is that WorkinTool PDF converter is free when you upload file within 0.5 MB. Note that the WorkinTool PDF converter supports Windows.

workintool pdf splitter


  • High-speed processing without any quality loss
  • Support extracting specific pages or page sections
  • Free to process each PDF file less than 0.5 MB
  • Short processes
  • Lightweight design – only cover about 313M


  • No editing options

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✨ Bonus: How to Split PDF Pages with WorkinTool

2. Adobe Acrobat

Around the word, Adobe Acrobat may be the most well-known PDF software service provider, as it created PDF. In short, you can rely on it to deal with anything related to PDF. Although it is much powerful in features, there are some noticeable defects. Because of its proficiency, Adobe provides many options in splitting a PDF file, which sometimes makes the process lengthy. In addition, it charges much for its plenty of functionality. So it is more suitable for enterprises rather than individuals.

adobe acrobat pdf splitterc


  • Splitting by number of pages, top-level bookmarks, or maximum file size
  • Allow a dedicated batch split
  • Support extracting PDF pages
  • Provide editing options


  • Premium and expensive
  • Relatively lengthy processes
  • Heavyweight – about 663M

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3. PDFelement

PDFelement is a fine PDF splitter that can achieve most commercial demands. With its immense features and clean user interface, PDFelement shows its great concerns on user experience. In addition, PDFelement also allows splitting by number of pages or top-level bookmarks. Apart from splitting, PDFelement provides other professional tools like e-sign, edit, read, convert, etc.

pdfelement pdf splitter


  • Allow a batch splitting
  • Supports various operating systems and devices
  • Equipped with other rich features
  • Deal with PDF files in bulk


  • Free trial with limited using times
  • Relatively expensive for premium

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4. PDFsam

Briefly speaking, PDFsam is outstanding for its open-source feature. As a result, splitting PDF files become available on multiple operating systems, including Linux. It is a freemium PDF tool with free elementary features and premium advanced tools. Particularly for PDF splitting, it allows you to slice files by pages, extract page sections and rotate pages.

pdfsam pdf splitter


  • Provide a portable and command-line option
  • Open-source, so support multiple operating systems
  • Easy to make a division in several options
  • Available for batch splitting


  • Not accessible to edit
  • Charge for advanced features

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5. Icecream PDF Split & Merge

Likewise, Icecream PDF Split & Merge also supports splitting PDF files by pages. With clear options, you can split your PDF file into several one-page documents, into page sections, and without certain unwanted pages. In addition, this PDF splitter also supports dividing encrypted PDF files. Besides, the uploaded file has no limitations on file size.

icecream pdf splitter


  • Available for password-protected PDF files
  • Multiple splitting alternatives
  • No limit on file size
  • Can be directly opened from Windows context menu
  • Support over 50 languages


  • Limited using times for free version
  • Relatively fewer features with other PDF issues

How to Split PDF Files with The Best PDF Splitter

From above, we can make a short conclusion that WorkinTool PDF converter gets relatively higher scores, for its free access and rich features.

In this section, we provide a brief introduction on how to split PDF files with WorkinTool PDF converter. For more details, please read our full guide.

To make a division on your PDF file, just follow a few of clicks through WorkinTool:

  1. Firstly, download WorkinTool PDF converter.
  2. Then open it and find Split PDF under Tool Box.
  3. Select the pages you need and select out unwanted pages.
  4. You can also input the page number to divide your file into multiple page sections.
  5. Finally, click Convert.

In conclusion, WorkinTool PDF converter is an all-in-one download PDF tool that allows an easy, instant, and safe splitting of your PDF file. Meanwhile, it is able to save your PDF documents as separate pages that preserve the original formats with no quality loss. Moreover, it provides other rich and easy-to-use features like converting, merging, encrypting for free.

workintool pdf converter download icon