New FREE PDF Reader for Windows in 2023

Looking for a new PDF reader or Intending to replace your old one? Come and check out a new FREE PDF reader for Windows this year-WorkinTool PDF Converter. New in the market, WorkinTool PDF converter allows you to read, convert, merge, split, compress, protect and add watermark to your PDF. In this blog, you will know what WorkinTool is, including the software and its parent company, four reasons for selecting WorkinTool and the approach to downloading and installing it.

Last updated on Feb 06, 2023 by Orlando Written by Eric
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New FREE PDF Reader for Windows in 2023
(Introducing WorkinTool PDF Converter)

Why is a free PDF reader for Windows necessary at present? Undoubtedly, PDF (Portable Document Format) has now become the most frequently-used tool globally with technological advancement and modern digitization. When receiving an official university notification, a business proposal or a financial report, they are all exported to PDFs. So a good and practical PDF reader will be a great help for you. It would be better if it is equipped with other features, like PDF conversion or editing. Today, we would like to present you with a new FREE PDF reader for Windows that comes out this year–WorkinTool PDF Converter, which will satisfy your multiple needs.

I would like to introduce this useful PDF tool to you with this blog by covering the following topics:

  1. What is WorkinTool PDF Converter?
  2. Why Should You Have WorkinTool PDF Converter on Your PC? 
  3. How to Download and Install WorkinTool PDF Converter?

So let’s begin.

What is WorkinTool PDF Converter?

workintool feature logo

WorkinTool PDF Converter, an important member of WorkinTool product family, is a powerful and practical PDF reader, converter and editor designed to solve nearly all your PDF-related issues. Inspired by lightweight and practical concepts, its designers endow it with a simple and clear interface and include some brief instructions on some feature pages. Therefore, even beginners will find it effortless and convenient to use. What is worth mentioning the most is its various valuable features.

(Now, the online version of WorkinTool PDF Converter is available.)

💡As a PDF reader

Its page-review function beside the file will make you locate the specific page that you intend to view instantly. Moreover, displaying your file in excellent quality, it enables you to select and rotate its specific page(s) and print it.

💡As a PDF Converter

It supports the conversion of PDF to and from other formats with minimal effort and in a flash, including:

Convert from PDF Convert to PDF
PDF to Word Word to PDF
PDF to Excel Excel to PDF

💡As a PDF Editor

WorkinTool PDF Converter allows you to edit your PDF as follows:

Add page to PDF Merge PDF Compress PDF
Remove Text from PDF Add Text box to PDF Electronically Sign a PDF 
Password Protect PDF Remove Password from PDF Add Page Numbers to PDF
Add Sticky Notes to PDF Highlight in pages Add Free Digital PDF Stamps
Insert Image into PDF Draw on PDF Type on PDF

Therefore, this all-in-one PDF reader proves a great help in the modern workplace or at school. For more information, you can refer to its WokinTool official how-to guides page.

📣Additional Words

Meanwhile, WorkinTool PDF Converter is a dedicating product presented by a Hi-Tech company called Hudun-Tech. Founded in 2013, this Hi-Tech company is a professional SaaS solution provider committed to the development of best-quality office and multimedia tools. Motivated by its faith in creating indefinite possibilities to facilitate every individual’s life, the enterprise has rolled out several acclaimed software and served more than 10 million customers in its home country, such as

Watermark Eraser Image Converter File Compressor
Audio Recorder Video Downloader  VidClipper
Data Recovery Software    

Now, Hudun-Tech group would like to introduce its practical and outstanding tools to the whole world, starting with its first foreign product–WorkinTool PDF Converter.

Why Should You Have WorkinTool PDF Converter on Your PC?

workintool logo

📌WorkinTool PDF Converter is lightweight and user-friendly.

WorkinTool PDF Converter, based on rigorous research on the market, is designed with a lightweight interface to boost its user-friendliness. Taking up only a little PC space, it works perfectly with different Windows platforms, such as Win 11, 10, 8 and 7. With the built-in common features demanded, it will meet most customers’ needs. Without complex navigation bars, it allows a user or even a beginner to find the desired function with great ease. Also, its clear guidance will instruct users in completing their conversion within a few steps.

📌WorkinTool PDF Converter is more than a PDF reader.

WorkinTool PDF Converter, as mentioned above, provides you with extra PDF experience, in addition to PDF reading, You can make use of the other features created in this tool to convert and edit it whenever you want to. It is time-saving and convenient if any of these needs occur since only a few clicks will give you the desired outcome.

📌WorkinTool PDF Converter is totally FREE currently.

WorkinTool PDF Converter, as a new tool in the market this year, is now 100% free to users worldwide. Apart from free download, the customers are welcome to enjoy all its features free of charge. However, it is a limited offer and shall expire in the future. But please rest assured that Workintool will offer you a long-term free trial.

📌WorkinTool PDF Converter is “green”.

WorkinTool PDF Converter is freeware, but there will be no ads in the course of your PDF conversion or editing. Meanwhile, no instrusive brand logo or watermark will generate on your output when it completes your request.

📌WorkinTool PDF Converter is a tool “keeping abreast of time.”

WorkinTool PDF Converter, supported by a professional hi-tech company, will be under constant improvement by fixing the bugs spotted or upgradation by adding new function(s) so as to meet the users’ continuously changing needs. Its developers and designers do listen to what their customers say and will take their words into account when it comes to software upgrading. Therefore, there is always a surprise befalling every time when the tool is updated.

How to Download and Install WorkinTool PDF Converter?

workintool pdf converter webpage

To download this product, you should visit the official site of WorkinTool PDF Converter and then follow the steps below:

  1. Find the FREE Download button and click it.
  2. The download will start immediately and wait patiently.
  3. Find the installation program by selecting the file icon in the notification column.

To install WorkinTool PDF Converter, you need these steps:

  • Step 1. Click the installation program and then Next on the first page.

install workintool step 1

  • Step 2. Click on I Agree to continue your installation.  

install workintool step 2

  • Step 3. Alter the save path if you want to and click on Install.

install workintool step 3

  • Step 4. Click on Finish after its installation.

install workintool step 4

Then the tool is installed on your PC and all the frequently-used PDF features are in your hands.

new free pdf reader for windows in 2021 workintool opening page

Wrapping up

If you are looking for a PDF reader or considering replacing a previous one, WorkinTool PDF Converter is a powerful and practical product strongly recommended due to its characters like an easy-to-use interface, useful PDF features, along with free download and license. If you still want to know more about other PDF readers, you can read our blog on free download PDF readers in 2022.

So please start your journey to enjoy a convenient office life with WorkinTool and then leave a message to share your experience with it or your opinions on it.

Looking forward to your feedback or reply.

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