How to Add Comments to a PDF Online and Offline 2022

Eager to add comments on a PDF file? Try this free, easy, and comprehensive PDF Converter- WorkinTool PDF Converter. Online and desktop versions are available here. Nearly all PDF editing and converting issues can be solved with it, such as converting PDF to editable Word, compressing PDF, managing PDF pages, taking notes on PDF, etc. It is 100% free to download and use right now. Just have it to cope with PDF issues.

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How to Add Comments to a PDF Online and Offline 2022

How to Add Comments to a PDF Online and Offline 2022

PDF documents are extremely common to use in daily work and study, for they can maintain formatting no matter on which devices. However, it is also a file format that is not editable. Sometimes we may need to add comments to a PDF file, like making book reviews, presenting revised advice, taking notes, etc. Then we have to resort to an extra PDF editor. This guide mainly covers how to add comments to a PDF online and offline. Helpful desktop PDF editing tools are attainable here, including a free PDF processor for Windows – WorkinTool PDF Converter, an expert PDF editor – Adobe Acrobat, and a built-in file processor on Mac – Preview. A free and convenient online PDF tool, WorkinTool Online PDF Editor, is also available here.

How to Add Comments to a PDF on Desktop

⭐ Comment on a PDF with WorkinTool PDF Converter

If you need to comment on a PDF on Windows, WorkinTool PDF Converter can easily do that. It is a comprehensive PDF processor that can edit PDF files, convert PDF formats, compress PDF files, protect and unlock PDFs, etc. Fortunately, though it is powerful and effective, it is utterly free for all users. You can use it no matter how many times without any cost. Moreover, it is easy to operate with a clear and simple interface. In fact, it possesses countless merits so that it can be prominent among numerous PDF editors. Here are its key advantages:

  • Free to use with no restrictions on uploading or downloading files.
  • Various editing tools such as highlighter, text, note, bookmark, etc.
  • Multifunction to cope with PDF troubles.
  • Simple and clear interface and toolbar.
  • Fast uploading and converting speed.
  • Free of viruses and ads.


How to add comments to a PDF on Windows with WorkinTool PDF Converter.

Step1. Launch the software, and click View & Edit to import your PDF file.

upload pdf to edit

Step2. Choose Text Highlighter to mark up the part you want to comment on, then click the note icon to type.

add commets to pdf

Step3. Press download to save the edited PDF file to your local folder and open it to check.

save the pdf

Note: If you are willing to add a comment without highlighting the text, just put the comment beside the text, you can refer to the following video here.

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⭐ Put Comments on a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat can figure out nearly all PDF issues. I am convinced that most office workers are familiar with it. It can be said that it is the most comprehensive PDF processor on the market. Though authoritative, it is not designed for free, and costs highly. Also, if you want to have a seven-day free trial of it, you have to log in and fill out the payment information. If you have already subscribed to it or have got its free trial, you can refer to the following tutorial to put comments on your PDF file.

Check out how to add comments to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat.

Step1. Open Adobe Acrobat. Click File> Open to upload your PDF file.

open file in adobe

Step2. Highlight the text you want to stand out, then paste the comment button to add words.

put comments on pdf

Step3. Click File> Save As to download the edited file.

save file

⭐ Add Comments to a PDF on Mac with Preview

If you are wondering how to add comments to a PDF on Mac for free, then you can have a trial of Preview. It comes with a Mac system and is completely free to use. With it, you can easily edit PDF and image files on Mac. Developed by Apple, Preview has relatively high security. And also, it can protect your confidential document by adding a password to it. In addition to viewing and checking PDF documents and images in a variety of formats, you can also edit and make changes to files with multiple editing tools.

Here is a tutorial on putting a comment on a PDF document on Mac with Preview.

Step1. Open the PDF you want to put comments on in Preview. Then show the markup toolbar.

Step2. Click the note icon to add your comments, then save the edited PDF document.

comment on pdf preview

How to Add Comments to PDF Online Free

If a downloaded program is not what you are looking for, you can have a trial of the online PDF editor. The WorkinTool Online PDF Editor is convenient and quick to use. In comparison, it maintains fast uploading and converting speed. Most importantly, it provides a long-term free trial for you and supports any system and device as well. You can use it to edit PDF files whether on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. However, to maintain the fast page upload speed, it is in favor of importing a PDF file that is within 50 MB.

Now, let’s see how to comment on a PDF online for free.

Step1. Open WorkinTool PDF Editor online web page and upload a PDF document by selecting from the folder or dragging it.

upload file to edit

Step2. Use the text highlighter to mark up the text you want to add comments to, then choose the note button to write. Lastly, press Download to save it.

add comments to a pdf online


Several tutorials on how to add comments to a PDF are provided here. I’m convinced that you have already figured out your problem. As for the Windows system, I highly recommend the free WorkinTool PDF Converter and the sophisticated Adobe Acrobat. As for the Mac system, you can try the built-in tool – Preview. If you need an online PDF editing tool, you might as well try this WorkinTool online PDF editor. If you need to review or edit PDF files frequently, then I suggest you pick an all-around desktop tool. Hope the guide today can indeed give you some aid.

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