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Free Online AutoCAD DWG to PDF Converter

Failed to open CAD files by programs other than CAD software? No worries. Try WorkinTool online DWG to PDF converter for free! Solve the problematic issue and use PDF files when it comes to collaboration!
Free download PDF files without watermarks
Transform up to 4 CAD files in a single run
No registration or installation
Free convert files without time limits
Up to 4 .dwg files at a time
Each file should be within 0.5MB for free use
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First Step
Click Add DWG to upload your file(s) here.
Second Step
Adjust the output settings and press the Start tab.
Third Step
Click Download to export the converted file.

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WorkinTool DWG to PDF Online Features

Easy and Convenient
Easy and Convenient
With its lightweight interface, WorkinTool free online DWG-to-PDF converter will help you quickly save your autocad DWG files as PDF documents without any hassle. So anyone without a CAD tool will read, edit and send them effortlessly.
100% Guaranteed Safety
100% Guaranteed Safety
WorkinTool online PDF converter provides a secured service through safe encryption techniques. Your uploaded files and data will be automatically erased after your conversion, while the converted files will be automatically erased after your conversion.
Completely FREE
Completely FREE
You are entitled to all the features of WorkinTool online PDF converter without any license payment, including the DWG-to-PDF converter.
No Compulsory Registration
No Compulsory Registration
WorkinTool online PDF converter requires no compulsory registration to enjoy all its functions, such as DWG-to-PDF conversion.
High-Quality Output
High-Quality Output
WorkinTool online PDF converter will export your DWG files to PDF documents without losing quality and offer the best results.
Multiple Compatible Operating Systems
Multiple Compatible Operating Systems
WorkinTool online PDF converter works perfectly with a range of operating systems like Windows, macOS, iOS and android. You can complete your DWG-to-PDF conversion whenever you have internet access.

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Data privacy and information security are ensured
Faster conversion speed and better quality outcome
No ads involved
No file quantity restrictions
One-stop PDF converting and editing tools
Online Tool
Explore Now
No need to download, operate everywhere with the Internet
Stable conversion speed and outstanding exporting quality
No backup for uploaded files, security is guaranteed
Only 4 DWG files at a time to process
The maximum size of each uploaded file is 0.5 MB


What is a DWG file?
A DWG file is a file format used for storing 2D (two-dimensional) and 3D (three-dimensional) design data in CAD (computer-aided design) software. The term DWG is an abbreviation for the word drawing. It is created by Autodesk, the company behind the AutoCAD software. Typically, DWG files contain shapes, lines, curves, dimensions, annotations, and other design elements, allowing users to create, modify, and share complex drawings or models as a representation of a design or schematic. They are widely used by drafters, architects, and engineers.

How to open a DWG file?
Since DWG is a proprietary format, it requires specialized software to access and edit it. Typically, DWG files can be opened or accessed by CAD software and DWG viewers, such as AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator. It is hard to share, view, and edit DWG files without converting first.

How do I print an AutoCAD file as a PDF?
You can convert DWG file to PDF without AutoCAD using offline and online DWG to PDF converters, making it easy to save and print CAD files. Luckily, WorkinTool offers an AutoCAD to PDF converter online that you can utilize for free.
There are multiple features in its online toolkit, which supports AutoCAD to PDF conversion, PDF to DWG conversion, and higher version to lower version conversion. You can also get the offline WorkinTool PDF Converter to transform DWG files to and from PDFs without quantity and size limits. After conversion, you can print an AutoCAD file as a PDF effortlessly.
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DWG to PDF Converter

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Want to download AutoCAD files as PDFs without a network connection? Seeking for solutions to convert AutoCAD DWG to PDF without size and quantity limitations. Download WorkinTool PDF Converter offline to simplify your workflow! It supports bulk conversion, offline processing, as well as free downloading!
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