How to Put Copyright on Video for FREE | Easy Ways 2024

Copyrighting a video becomes increasingly essential for social media lovers in possession of strong awareness of intellectual property. However, you don’t have to seek a professional copyright service. All you need to do is to use some useful tools to add copyright protection to your videos. In this article, we introduce you to two ways to copyright a video for free, which are inserting a text watermark and an image watermark to it. Also, we present you three free tools to achieve these goals and attach the tutorials on their usage for your reference. Read it right now to learn how to put copyright on video.

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How to Put Copyright on Video for FREE | Easy Ways 2024

Social media is now an indispensable element in almost everyone’s life. After you film a clip of your family get-together or create a video log of your journey, you first want to upload it onto platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Much as the convenience of the internet makes your works shareable, it makes them accessible to everybody, which might subject them to the possibility of being “stolen” or “misused.” Therefore, it is essential to copyright your videos. So, how to put copyright on video free to achieve this goal?

Well, yes. Please read this blog to find out some effective and free ways to copyright a video in 2024:

  1. What Is a Copyright and Why Should You Need It?
  2. How to Put Copyright on Video Through Text Watermark?
  3. How to Put Copyright on Video for FREE Through Image Watermark?
  4. Something More to Say.

So, let’s start our journey.

What Is a Copyright and Why Should You Need It?

🙋‍♂️ What is copyright?

According to the U.S. Copyright Office, copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects original works of authorship as soon as an author fixes the work in a tangible form of expression. In simple words, copyright is designed to protect the original actual results made by you. In contrast, others will have no access to them without your permission, including direct usage and reproduction.

🙋‍♂️ Why do you need copyright?

Once you have created something tangible, even a short video made for social media, you are a copyright owner. Without copyright, your videos are accessible to everyone and may be misused by them for illegal purposes. When there is something equivalent to copyright, like a text or a logo, on your videos, most people will shun the idea of taking it as they will understand the meaning when seeing it. Hence, it is essential to place copyright protection over your videos.

So please go on reading this article to learn how to copyright a video easily without payment.

How to Put Copyright on Video Through Text Watermark?

One of the easy approaches to free video copyright protection is to insert a text watermark. After making your video, you can put your name, a short phrase best representing you, or even a warning sentence to protect it.

There are two methods of putting a text watermark in your videos.

1. Use a Desktop Tool–WorkinTool Watermark Eraser.

Undoubtedly, a helpful desktop tool makes it convenient and simple for you to add a text watermark to your video. Watermark Eraser is such a practical one.

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser is a powerful all-in-one watermark solution provider. Designed with an easy-to-use interface and clear navigation, even beginners will find it friendly to operate. With its help, you can create a text watermark in your video effortlessly, instantly, and safely. Moreover, NO license payment is needed to enjoy all the features of the Watermark Eraser currently.

  • How to put copyright on video via Watermark Eraser?

how to put copyright on video workintool1. Open the tool and find Add watermark to video.
2. Select video or drop your file to upload your video in this area, then click on Add text watermark.
3. Type your text in the Content, adjust the Style and Position, and select the time span for the watermark.
4. Click on Save to get a copyrighted video.

2. Use Microsoft Photos

If it bothers you to install a third-party tool to copyright your video, you can also resort to a built-in program in Windows 10–Microsoft Photos.

Although it is designed as a photo editor, it integrates the features of Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10. So, it is possible to use it to undertake basic video editing. Also, adding text to a video is not challenging in this free program. Moreover, animated text styles are optional.

  • A guide for generating a text watermark in a video by Microsoft Photos.

1. Open the video using Microsoft Photos.
2. Select Edit & Create and then find Create a video with text.copyright video for free via text3. Choose Text.copyright video for free via photos4. Type your words in Text and/or choose the animated text style, adjust its layout, and create a time span selection for the watermark by dragging the progress bar. Then click on to put copyright on video photos

How to Put Copyright on Video for FREE Through Image Watermark?

An image watermark is another solution to free video copyright, such as a logo or an icon. Placing an image watermark you created over your video is also an effective way to show your identification and copyright it after it is uploaded onto your social media platforms.

Here are two proven methods of inserting a logo into a video.

1. Copyright a video through image watermark by WorkinTool Watermark Eraser

Putting an image watermark can be as easy as ABC with the help of WorkinTool Watermark Eraser, as it takes you less than four steps. In addition, the features of the image watermark added are adjustable, including its size, transparency, inclination, and position.

  • A tutorial on adding an image watermark to a video through Watermark Eraser.
  1. set content and styleOpen the tool and find Add watermark to video.
  2. Upload your file by clicking Select video, dropping it in the designated section, and then choosing Upload image watermark.
  3. Adjust the Style and Position of the watermark, drag the progress bar to select its time span, and then click on Save.

We have a specific blog on video watermark insertion, and you can read it for more information.

2. Copyright a video through image watermark via Video Watermark

Video Watermark is a functional video solution developed by a Poland-based technology company. A user-friendly interface allows you to insert an image watermark into your video with little effort. Also, a range of features for the watermark are changeable, and the exporting speed is relatively fast. However, time span selection is unavailable, and an additional watermark will be added to your video with its trial version to remind you to update it to a professional one.

  • Instructions on putting an image watermark in the Video Watermark.

1. Open the tool and upload your video by clicking Select Videos or dropping it in this area.

 2. Choose the Next Step after the video is uploaded.

3. Alter the watermark features as you like and select Next Step.set and click next step4. Change the outcome feature if you want to and click on Watermark to put copyright on video visual

Something More to Say

📌 How do I copyright my videos if I need a professional copyright service?

You’d better turn to the U.S. Copyright Office for help if a professional copyright service is what you are looking for. To copyright a video, you need to find the Electronic Copyright Office (ECO). Here is a brief guide for you:

  1. Complete your registration with the Electronic Copyright Office (ECO).
  2. Finish the electronic form provided by ECO.
  3. Either attach a digital copy of your video to your online form or send a hard copy like a CD by mail.
  4. Pay a processing fee ($35).

📢 Note: It will usually take approximately one to seven months to get official copyright protection for your video.

📌 Can I copyright an image with the help of WorkinTool Watermark Eraser?

Yes. You can use WorkinTool to copyright an image. Please click the link beside it for more information.

📌 What else can Watermark Eraser do in addition to watermarking a video?

Watermark Eraser also enables users to watermark an image, remove a watermark from a video or image. So, as a social media lover, you can make use of it to copyright your image for free.

📌 Why should I choose Watermark Eraser instead of another product?

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser, new to the market, is designed to resolve nearly all of your common watermark-related issues.

These are the specific reasons for making this option:

  • Professional: Watermark Eraser was developed by Shanghai Hudun-Tech Group, a recognized Hi-Tech company specializing in SaaS solutions for more than eight years. We are exceptionally professional when it comes to office tools that aim for work efficiency improvement.
  • Powerful: Watermark Eraser is more than a watermark remover designed for pictures. It also allows you to remove a watermark from a video. Meanwhile, whether it is a text or an image watermark, it will be easily and instantly eliminated. Moreover, adding a watermark to an image or a video is another powerful built-in feature of the Watermark Eraser. Now, you can resize and trim your video with its updated version. Hence, it proves to be a great help in the modern workplace and at school. You can apply this tool to remove Getty images’ watermarks easily.
  • Secure: Your safety is our priority. Therefore, we will spare no effort to protect your data privacy and information security.
  • User-Oriented: Your voice matters. We will listen carefully to what our customers say, doing our utmost to satisfy all their needs and upgrade our products accordingly.
  • FREE Trial: You can enjoy a long-term free trial of editing videos within 10 MB without any other limits.

Wrapping Up

Copyrighting a video is pretty necessary these days, even for an amateur social media lover, owing to the public’s growing concern over intellectual property. However, there is no need for you to seek professional paid copyright help. Therefore, we sincerely hope you can find your ideal solution after reading this article.

You can use any tool to add a watermark to copyright protect your videos. However, we anticipate that you can give WorkinTool Watermark Eraser a try.

Please leave a comment to share your experience with Watermark Eraser or other tools you frequently use.

Looking forward to your reply.