Best AI Painting Generator Free 2023 | Top 5

Want to try a great AI painting generator for free? Eager to draw a picture by yourself even you don’d have any painting skills? Don’t worry! This article will show you five excellent AI art generators. They are all easy-to-use and provide free trials. They are supported on Windows, Android, and online. Read it right now to pick your favorite one.

Last updated on Aug 29, 2023 by Orlando Written by Orlando
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Best AI Painting Generator Free 2024 | Top 5

With the rapid development of the times, AI technology has been widely applied in various industries. No matter what you do, you may be exposed to AI technology. And what people are most interested in is probably an AI painting generator. Many people have dreamed of becoming a painter since childhood, but for various reasons, they have lost the opportunity to become a painter and cannot even learn to draw.

Now, with AI painting technology, you only need to input text to describe the appearance of the painting you want to generate and wait for a few seconds to get your own painting. Alternatively, you can transform your photos into other painting styles. However, there are too many AI painting software nowadays, and finding a suitable one for oneself is not easy. This article introduces the five best AI painting generators that can be tried for free and are easy to use. I hope you can choose the one you like after reading it.

Best AI Painting Generator Free on Android

👑 BrainPix – Excellent AI Art Generator with Rich Styles

If you want to download an AI painting app on an Android phone, BrainPix is definitely worth becoming your first choice! It is a new product launched by Hu-Dun Technology this year. Although it was recently launched, it has already gained some fame in the AI painting industry. This generator only has an AI painting function, making it very easy to operate. Its functions are divided into two sections: text-to-images and image-to-image. Each section has a rich selection of painting styles for you to choose from.

ai painting generator brainpix

📍 Notes:

  1. It provides six free trial opportunities to try all the styles.
  2. It generates images at a fast speed.
  3. You can get four images at a time.
  4. The generated images are high quality.
  5. Only supported on Android.
  6. Output images without watermarks.

🚋 Fotor – AI Painting Generator with Multiple AI Image Editing Tools

Fotor is a multi-functional image editor with many image processing tools, such as adding filters, changing backgrounds, repairing old photos, and beautifying portraits. AI painting is a newly launched feature. Some functions include converting text to images and transforming portraits into anime. It has a wide range of functions, but few painting styles exist. If you are only interested in painting and have no other needs, you can try this software. It is very friendly to beginners and easy to operate.

ai image generator fotor

📍 Notes:

  1. It provides five free trial opportunities.
  2. It has rich image editing tools but few AI image-generating styles.
  3. Support Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and online.
  4. No ads and no watermarks.

Easy-to-Use AI Art Generator on Windows

🏡 Image Converter – Great Image Editor on Desktop

Image Converter is a highly functional desktop image editing software. It belongs to the same team as BrainPix. Originally, this app only had image format conversion function and some simple image editing functions, such as adding watermarks or filters. Since the launch of BrainPix this year, Image Convert has also synchronized with AI painting functions, and they have the same style and image generation quality. The difference is that in Image Converter, you can generate up to 9 images at a time, and there is no limit on the number of times.

ai painting generator image converter

📍 Notes:

  1. It is free to generate images without time limits.
  2. It has rich image editing tools and generating styles.
  3. Your image will have a watermark if you are not a PRO member.
  4. It can generate up to nine pictures at a time.
  5. There are no ads when you are using it.

🛵 Deep Art Effect – Stunning AI Painting Generator

If you just want to change the painting style of your photos, you can try this art editing application. It provides users with over thirty free art filters and effects, drawing on the painting styles of multiple artists, such as Van Gogh, Monet, Michelangelo, Picasso, and others. You can turn your photos into sketches, pencil drawings, or oil paintings. And its operation is also very simple. You only need to drag and drop your photos into the program, select a painting style, and wait for a few seconds to get a brand-new painting.

stunning ai art drawer

📍 Notes:

  1. It is free to use most of its functions.
  2. Only image editing tools, no text-to-image function.
  3. There is a watermark if you are not a member.
  4. It takes your time to download the filters.
  5. There are no ads.

Online Free AI Painting Generator

🚢 Artguru – Totally Free AI Painting Tool Online

Artguru is an online AI painting tool. It provides four AI painting functions: Text to AI Image, Photo to AI Art, AI Avatar Generator, and Face Swap. It does not provide many painting styles, but it has features that other AI painting software does not have. For example, it will provide you with many drawing texts as references. Your work will be saved in the background, and you can view it anytime. What’s even more exciting is that it’s completely free! Apart from the AI Avatar feature, other features do not require logging in to an account.

free ai painting generator online📍 Notes:

  1. No need to download any apps.
  2. It is 100% free to use.
  3. It outputs images without watermarks.
  4. There are no ads.
  5. Only a few painting styles.


❓ What is the best AI art generator available?

If you want an Android AI art generator, you must try BrainPix!There are a large amount of painting styles, and it is very easy to use. It can provide prompts if you don’t know what to write when you are using the text-to-image function. It outputs images without any watermarks. What’s more, it provides six free trial opportunities.

❓ What AI art generator is free?

If you want to find a totally free AI art generator, you can try Artguru. It is an online tool, so you don’t need to download any apps on your device. And you can use it anywhere. Furthermore, no ads pop up while using it, and it generates images without any watermarks.


With the development of AI technology, AI painting has become a tool people can easily access daily. However, selecting one that suits oneself among numerous AI painting generators has become another challenge. This article introduces five useful AI painting software to everyone. You can try all of them for free, and they are all user-friendly. They are suitable for different platforms, such as Windows, Android, or online. You can choose the most suitable one according to your own needs.