How to Paint Van Gogh Starry Night with AI Painting Generator

Want to know how to paint a starry night sky in Van Gogh style? This post offers what you need. We explore Starry Night’s painting technique and offer a brand new solution to create Van Gogh style’s artwork. With the new methods in this post, you can generate any landscapes or portraits in a couple of clicks.
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What Is The Painting Technique in Starry Night
1. What is the painting technique in Starry Night
2. How to paint Van Gogh’s Starry Night with AI
3. Get more from the AI painting generator

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How to Paint Van Gogh Starry Night with AI Painting Generator


Creating a Starry Night painting in the art style of Vincent Van Gogh is a time-consuming work, especially if you’re not sure where to start. If you are searching for a tutorial to create a Van Gogh oil painting step by step, this post may offer a different angle that surprises you. You can create artwork in the style of Van Gogh in several clicks with an AI painting generator. With the help of the Van Gogh AI art generator, you can draw Starry Night, Self-portrait, Wheatfield, Sunflower, and more Van Gogh’s representative works effortlessly.

how to paint van gogh starry night with ai

In this article, we’ll introduce an easy-to-use Van Gogh Starry Night generator for auto painting and color filling, explore its capabilities, and introduce the step-by-step tutorial on how to paint Van Gogh Starry Night with AI. So, let’s dive into this post and explore Van Gogh’s spiritual world immediately!

Table of Contents

  • What Is The Painting Technique in Starry Night
  • How to Paint Van Gogh Starry Night with AI Painting Generator
  • Add a Van Gogh Filter to Anything You Want
  • Bottom Line


What Is The Painting Technique in Starry Night

The technique Van Gogh used in his famous work Starry Night is primarily impasto. Impasto is a painting technique that applies the pigment thickly on canvas, making the palette knife marks visible. Starry Night is such a kind of work, which uses thick layers of paint, creating a textured and 3D effect. In addition, blending and layering of colors create depth and luminosity in the painting.

In Starry Night, Van Gogh depicts the night sky and stars using swirling and curving brushstrokes, which creates a highly expressive and dynamic effect. You can feel a sense of energy and movement in this unique and expressive painting.

van gogh starry night painting style

Knowing which technique Van Gigh uses in Starry Night is essential for us to create similar works in the same style with the Van Gogh AI art generator. When describing the details of the painting you would like to draw, you can add related textual prompts like “impasto, thick layers of paint, blending of colors, textured, dynamic effect, swirling sky” and more.


How to Paint Van Gogh Starry Night with AI Painting Generator

Speaking of AI painting, BrainPix is a Van Gogh filter app you must have. This app is a professional AI painting and coloring app on Android. It can turn textual descriptions, sketches, or whatever you think into digital paintings in just a matter of seconds. Powered by Stable Diffusion’s advanced algorithms, BrainPix will capture the essence of your ideas and create dazzling digital art to any style you want. It offers multiple custom options to users, including:

  • Seven style categories, including 3D,  Illustration, Comics, Nature Scenery, Traditional Chinese, Animation, and Free Creation
  • 300+ styles and various inspirations available
  • Text-to-image and image-to-image features
  • Customizable aspect ratio templates


Apart from that, users can get four generated paintings in a single run. And there are three free trial chances, enabling users to get multiple digital paintings without watermarks. You can preview the effect and pick the one you want before making the final payment for continuous use. More importantly, its pricing is cost-effective, ranging from $2.99/week to $29.99/lifetime, especially suitable for users who want to try AI painting generators for fun. Now download BrainPix and see how to paint Van Gogh Starry Night with this AI painting generator.


How to Paint Van Gogh Starry Night Step by Step via BrainPix

steps of text to picture brainpix

  1. Install BrainPix from Google Play and open this AI Vincent Van Gogh art style generator.
  2. Tap the brush icon on the bottom to use the text-to-image feature.
  3. Select a style from the drop-down menu, enter the text prompts, and configure the aspect ratio.
  4. You can upload a reference image for better output quality.
  5. Tap the Create button and wait for a while. Then, you can pick and download pictures you like from the four generated images.
  6. For image-to-image conversion, tap the image icon on the bottom and repeat the same steps.

how to paint van gogh starry night brainpix

By clarifying the textual prompts from multiple angles, like color, style, mood, light effects, texture, quality, and subject, you can create unique, expressive, and recognizable painting styles with BrainPix in a few seconds.


Add a Van Gogh Filter to Anything You Want

In addition to painting Starry Night, you can also utilize the Van Gogh AI filter as you like, creating artwork from oil pastel to pencil styles, from landscapes to self-portraits. After trying, you will know how to paint Van Gogh Starry Night and other famous works easily. BrainPix can meet your requirements no matter what you want to do, including:

  • Turn yourself into Van Gogh self-portrait styles
  • Colorize a sketch using the impasto technique
  • Add a Van Gogh filter style to anything you want
  • Create new artwork based on the original styles
  • Expand painting canvas
  • Enhance panting details

van gogh filter


Bottom Line

You probably know how to paint Van Gogh Starry Night now. Whether you want to colorize a sketch or generate paintings from textual prompts, you can leave all the things to the BrainPix AI painting generator. It offers multiple style models and custom settings, enabling you to get the best final effect within three simple steps. You can try different options for the best final effect. So why wait? Get this AI painting generator to create fantastic artwork and explore more possibilities immediately!


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