Best 6 AI Selfie Generator Apps for Amazing Selfies with Magic 2023

Gow to do an AI selfie? What is the best free AI app everyone is using for selfies in 2024? Read this post to find the answers. We share six different AI portrait generator apps and analyze their features and drawbacks, including;
1. BrainPix – Batch generate AI selfies from text & photo
2. Lensa AI Selfie Generator – Create selfies from photos and edit them
3. Fotor AI Image Generator – Generate images from text & photos and offer other tools
4. Dawn AI – A professional headshot photo creator
5. TikTok – Transform photos and live shootings into AI artwork
6. StarryAI – Create AI selfies from text, photos, and sketches

Last updated on July 26, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Eleanor
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How to Do An AI Selfie? Pick the Best AI Selfie Generator for Magic Change


Want to turn yourself or your besties into avatars? Do you want to add Spider-Man Gwin and Barbie-like effects to your selfies? You are on the right page!

In this post, we’ll explore the best 6 AI selfie generators that can help you elevate your selfie results. These AI portrait generators use advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to analyze your selfies and make them more attractive and delicate. Whether you’re looking to improve your social media profile or want to capture a precious memory, these AI selfie apps can help you create anime or realistic AI-generated selfies. The 6 AI selfie image generators are:

  1. BrainPix 🔥
  2. Lensa AI Selfie Generator
  3. Fotor AI Image Generator
  4. Dawn AI
  5. TikTok
  6. StarryAI

ai selfie generators

So, let’s dive in and discover an AI art selfie generator that you need in your life right now!


1. BrainPix 🔥

BrainPix is a newly released app for the Android device. This AI-powered image generator app is perfect for anyone who wants to take their creativity to the next level. This app stands out from others in the same category for its sophisticated features, ease of use, and quick response speed. BrainPix is able to create AI selfies from both text and photos, unlike others that can only add anime filters to a photo or generate an AI image from text. It has an intuitive interface, clearly-label features, and easy-to-use styles and models. So you can get an AI art selfie in an instant without learning complicated generation data.


There are plenty of models and styles waiting for you to explore. The models include Illustration, Comics, Nature Scenery, Traditional Chinese, Animation, 3D, and Free Creation, and the styles are unlimited. After typing text prompts, users can upload reference images for more matching results. The progress bar will notify you of the completion percentage. You can get four images at a time.

💟Key Features

  • Seven practical models
  • 300+ AI image styles
  • Ongoing model updates
  • An AI selfie image generator from text and photos
  • Batch generation available (4 pcs/generation)
  • Versatile text and image inspirations
  • Five aspect ratio templates, including 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 9:16, and 16:9.


  •  Only for Android


  • $2.99/Weekly, $20.99/Yearly, or $29.99/Lifetime
  • Limited time offer: 20% off
  • Three-credit free trial



2. Lensa AI Selfie Generator

If you’re looking for an easy and intuitive way to create beautiful images, this AI-powered image generator app is the perfect solution. This app is an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to create stunning images with ease. There are four model categories choosable currently, including Time Machine, Art, Essential, and Fantasy. Forty image styles are available now and keep increasing. Users can get AI-generated images for males, females, as well as cute dogs or cats.

lensa ai avatar generator

One of the remarkable features of Lensa AI portrait generator is its ability to retouch the AI-generated selfie. You can customize the backdrops, hair colors, skin, shapes, lights, effects, borders, highlights, details, art styles, and more as you like. It helps you generate mind-blowing selfies from your photos with one of the most advanced AI ever created.

💟Key Features

  • Advanced photo editing features
  • Four style categories
  • 40 avatar image styles
  • Batch generation available (56~203pcs/generation)
  • 4K resolution (4096*4096) supported
  • Android & iOS


  • Users need to upload at least ten photos for AI selfie reference.
  • Generate selfies from photos only.


  • $$3.99/56pcs, $5.99/105pcs, or $7.99/203pcs
  • $29.99/Yearly, $4.99/Monthly, or $1.99/Weekly
  • Pro users enjoy 50% off of magical avatars
  • Free: save 1 photo per day


3. Fotor AI Image Generator

Looking for an AI selfie generator that takes the hard work out of creating beautiful visuals? Look no further than this AI-powered tool, Fotor. This AI selfie photo generator is available on Android, iOS, as well as online, allowing you to create AI art selfies anytime and anywhere. As an AI art generator, it offers 13 different models, including Concept Art, Photography, Line Drawing, Oil Painting, Anime illustration, 90’s Anime, Psychedelic Pop, Art Nouveau, 3D, B&W, Ukiyo-e, and Japanese Anime. Users can create visually appealing designs in a few clicks.


In addition to AI selfie generation, Fotor also offers a wide range of other tools. The AI tools include AI Filter, AI Cartoonizer (cartoonize photos), Enlarger, Text-to-image Generator, and more. Other photo editing tools include Magic Remove, Collage Maker, Photo Enhancer, etc. You can transform your photos into works of art within a single app.

💟Key Features

  • Versatile AI tools
  • Generate AI selfies from text and images
  • Android & iOS & Online
  • 13 kinds of style models
  • Versatile detail configuration, such as light effects, compositions, and image detail optimization,
  • Three aspect ratio templates, including 1:1, 4:3, and 3:4
  • Create up to 200 unique avatars at a time


  • Locked AI tools for free users
  • Users need to upload at least eight photos for AI selfie reference.
  • Expensive online Pro plans


  • $8.99/month
  • $39.99/year
  • Extra: 20% off


4. Dawn AI

Want to create professional-quality images without spending hours perfecting your craft? This AI face generator is here to help. Dawn AI focuses heavily on generating the best avatars. It adopts advanced algorithms to analyze your facial features, skin, hair, and clothes. There are seven style models available, including New Looks, Wild Imagination, Sport Events, Zodiac, Grow Up, Movie Lovers, and Styles, with 31 style templates in total. Users can create 20 avatar images of a style at a time. It is convenient for users to select one selfie that suits their preferences.

dawn ai avatar generator

As a plain AI avatar generator, it is best for users who don’t need additional fluff. Users who want to create more exquisite and stylish selfies would better refer to other options.

💟Key Features

  • Android & iOS
  • Seven style categories, with 31 avatar image templates.
  • One themed pack every day
  • 100 avatars per week
  • 20 unique avatars instantly ready


  • The ready-made template doesn’t offer much room for customization.
  • Only for headshots, no additional features


  • $0.99/Weekly (unstable)


5. TikTok

TikTok is also a free AI image generator app. There are a plethora of filters and effects you can use to generate an AI selfie in one click. The TikTok Avatars effect enables you to customize your own AI profiles, like ears, hair, mouth, eye, brows, skin tone, and more. There are many other filters and effects, like Barbie AI, AI Manga, AI Fairy Style, and more. You can free use this AI face generator from photos or shooting to do the heavy lifting for you whenever you need.

tiktok ai selfie generator

💟Key Features

  • Android & iOS
  • Numerous effects and filters
  • Generate selfies from photos and live shooting
  • A completely free AI selfie generator
  • Follow the latest trend
  • Able to create videos with AI selfies
  • More photo editing features


  • The quality of the generated AI selfies is not ensured.


  • Free


6. StarryAI

Want to create selfies that stand out from the crowd? Use Starry AI. This AI selfie generator app is perfect for anyone who wants to create stunning visuals without any prior design experience. It gives you three ways to turn yourself into an avatar. You can use prompts or upload photos to generate your AI selfies. Apart from others, Starry AI is also an AI drawing generator. It allows you to create selfies from sketches. You can upload or directly draw your avatar on Starry AI and enhance it with its AI learning technology.

starryai selfie generator

It offers a wide range of custom options to edit and perfect your AI photos. You can configure the negative prompts, canvas size, seed, runtime, and prompt builder as you like. It is available to manage these settings and turn them into presets for the next use. This free AI art generator also allows you to free generate and download five AI selfies daily without watermarks. Moreover, there is a growing community of other artists offering numerous new styles every day.

💟Key Features

  • Android & iOS
  • Generate selfies from prompts, images, and sketches
  • Create up to 4 or 8 pictures at a time
  • 12 art models, three photo styles, and three illustration styles
  • Five canvas: 4:5, 1:1, 9:16, 4:3, and 5:3
  • An active community of artists


  • The selfie quality is not ensured.
  • A small number of credits to get started


  • $15.99/Monthly


FAQs on AI Selfie Generator

What is the best AI photo generator?

It is hard to define what is the best AI app everyone is using for selfies. There is a wide range of free AI art generator options, differing in features, drawbacks, pricing, and ease of use. When choosing the best AI art generator, you need to balance these concerns. This post shares the best six free AI selfie generators for amazing selfies and analyzes their features and drawbacks. You can have a glimpse of these tables and select one you are interested in for a try.

Is there a free AI portrait generator?

Yes. TikTok is a completely free AI selfie generator. You can utilize it to create AI avatars, Barbie photos, fairy styles, and more for yourself and your friends in an instant. But this app is unable to promise portrait quality. For better image quality, you can change to other options in this post. Although most of them only offer a free trial, they perform well in the quality, number, style, and custom options of the generated AI images.


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