Midjourney Alternatives Free: Top 5 AI Image Generators

Midjournal recently announced to users on Discord that they have decided to suspend the free use of the service due to “significant demand and testing abuse.” This has led many users to search for Midjourney alternatives free. This article introduces 5 AI painting tools that can be tried out for free, and the last one can even be used completely for free. Read the article quickly and choose your favorite one!

Last updated on Aug 25, 2023 by Orlando Written by Orlando
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Midjourney Alternatives Free: Top 5 AI Image Generators

Midjournal is a very popular AI image-generation software. It has been sought after by many AI painting enthusiasts since its launch last year, due to its excellent features and free trial times provided. But recently, due to excessive demand and a flood of trials, Midjourney has stopped offering free trials. This has led many AI painting enthusiasts to seek new AI painting software that can be tried for free.

This article recommends 5 AI painting tools that can be used as Midjourney alternatives free. They can all try it out for free and have excellent AI image generation technology, which is also suitable for different platforms. Just read it and pick one you like.

1️⃣ BrainPix – Excellent Midjourney Alternatives Free

If you need to install an AI painting app on your Android phone, then you must not miss BrainPix! This AI painting software has only been on the market for a few months and has gained some popularity. It specifically offers two functions for AI painting: one is to convert text to images, and the other is to convert images to images.

The text-to-image function allows you to generate the desired image after entering descriptive text. The image-to-image function can convert your own photos to other styles. Apart from these two functions, it has no other image editing functions, so the interface will be very simple, clean, and very convenient to use.

midjourney alternatives free brainpix

📌 Notes:

  • Six free trial opportunities.
  • No need to register or log in.
  • Over 200 styles.
  • Ads will pop up if you are not a PRO member.

2️⃣ Fotor – Rich AI Image Editing Tools

Fotor has a rich range of image-editing functions. In addition to adding filters or fixing blurry images, you can also create Ins covers, design cards, Facebook posters, mobile wallpapers, puzzles, and more. When you open its webpage, you will be shocked by its rich features. Of course, there are also AI painting functions.

It also has two ways to generate AI images: text-to-image and image-to-image. Its online AI painting function does not have many styles, only a dozen. If you want to try more styles, you can download its app, which has software suitable for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

ai art generator fotor online

📌 Notes:

  • Five free trial opportunities.
  • No ads and no watermarks.
  • Support Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and online.

3️⃣ DALL-E.2 – Midjourney Alternatives Free Online

DALL-E 2 is already a well-known software. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can learn about it now. Open AI developed it and is part of the same team as ChatGPT. DALL-E 2 is a specialized text-to-image generator with no other features. It is susceptible to recognizing text information, and the generated images can be very close to your imagination.

Its biggest feature is that it can change the details in the image and even expand the size of the image, making the scene in the image richer.

midjourney alternatives free dalle

📌 Notes:

  • Only text-to-image function.
  • A novel artistic style.
  • You need to sign up.
  • Can extend the image’s boundaries.
  • Generate images online.

4️⃣ StarryAI – Transform Ideas Into Stunning Artwork

StarryAI is a very interesting online AI image generator. Although it does not offer many painting styles, it allows you to create your own image styles. You only need to upload a few photos of the same style, and it can save this style, and then you can use this style to generate more photos. The images you create will be saved in the background, and you can share them with the community. At the same time, you can also see the works created by others in the community. In addition, when you input descriptive text to generate images, you can also upload some reference images to make the system more accurate in identifying the style you want.

starry ai art generator

📌 Notes:

  • Five free trial opportunities every day.
  • You can create new image styles.
  • Available on both web and mobile apps.
  • Image generation might take some time.
  • You need to sign up.

5️⃣ Craiyon – Midjourney Alternatives Free

midjourney alternatives free craiyon

📌 Notes:

  • Completely free for all users to generate images.
  • You can enter some negative words to make images more precise.
  • The image generation speed is a bit slow.
  • Can generate 9 images at once.
  • It only provides four styles.


Is there a free alternative to Midjourney?

All products mentioned in this article are available for free trial. They offer different trial times. If you want an AI painting tool that can be used infinitely for free, you can try Craiyon. It can not only be used completely for free but also generate 9 images at once. Although it does not provide many painting styles, it supports you to generate your own style.

Is there another AI like Midjourney?

If you want to find an app that looks like Midjourney the most, then you must try BrainPix. This app offers a wide range of painting styles, with over 200 currently being continuously optimized, and all of them are available for free trial. In addition, the quality of the images it generates is also particularly high. They will regularly clean up templates with poor image generation results, and this app will become increasingly sophisticated.

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Midjorney once provided free trial opportunities for all users, but now it has completely canceled this free trial, and its price is around $10 per month. And you must register for a subscription to use it. Although it is indeed a high-quality software, people still need a free trial opportunity to experience whether this software is suitable for them without knowing about it. The five Midjourney alternatives free listed in this article all offer free trial opportunities and can also generate great images. After reading this article, you can choose one of your favorites to try.