9 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac/Windows 2023 [Free & Paid] 

Do you want to know the best data recovery software? This post explains the 9 best data recovery software for Mac/Windows. If you cannot make a final decision, you can first take a free trial of WorkinTool Data Recovery for its easy steps, 100% safety, and high success rate. Just get a free download of WorkinTool!
⭐ Restore up to 500 MB for free without time limits.
⏰ Just three clicks to get back your lost data.
📝 Various data loss situations are supported.
🏆 Recover deleted 500+ file types.

Last updated on May 04, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Betty
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 9 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac/Windows 2023 [Free & Paid] 

In this digital-info age, we need to store tons of data/files in our storage devices. However, in spite of maintaining them carefully, we are also likely to face data loss situations due to accidental deletion or system crashes. The unexpected issue happens without signals with files gone. Hence, we’d better learn more about the data recovery methods/tools. Luckily, this post will explain the 9 best data recovery software for Mac/Windows to provide the all-in-one solution to file recovery. If you are eager to know what they are, just move ahead and keep on reading. 

Words before Knowing the Final Ranking

best data recovery software feature picture

Selection Criteria for the Best Data Recovery Software

There are some selection criteria to judge the ranking of the best file recovery software among various rivals. Just look at it first. 

⏩ Recovery Performance

This point is the first and most important condition for the best file/data recovery software because the primary purpose of users is to recover data from various data loss cases. Even if a recovery tool is totally free and easy to use, it fails to retrieve users’ lost files, which is useless and meaningless. It cannot be called the top 1 data recovery software. 

🖖 Easy to Use

Given that a large number of users who want to download a reliable and professional recovery program are novices and meet the data loss situation at the first time. Hence, manageable steps and a user-friendly interface are essential for top data recovery software.

🎢 Scan Speed/Mode

Few people are willing to waste half an hour patiently waiting for the file scan process on purpose to restore several files. Of course, some users willingly take a long time to scan devices to recover extremely important data. Therefore, an excellent data recovery tool is generally equipped with two scan modes. One is Quick Scan which can finish the scan process in seconds, suitable for anxious consumers. In contrast, the other is Deep Scan which will take longer but has better recovery performance, fitting for users losing crucial files. 

💵 Price

Price is also the dispensable element for good-performing file recovery software. Users prefer to select a free or cost-effective tool to recover their deleted files. 

After reading, you have a good command of the essential elements of incredible restoring programs. Let’s unravel the mysterious mask of the top list together.

Criteria  Value
Number of tested software  20
The time we tested 3.5 weeks
Our PC version Windows 10 Pro & Mac
Maximum cost    $89
Minimum cost $0

⛔ Note: To test all software’s actual recovery abilities, a DOC file, MP3 audio, and JPG photo are deleted from the Desktop and Recycle Bin in advance. 

Top 9 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac/Windows [Free & Paid]

Table of Best Data Recovery Tools
  1. WorkinTool Data Recovery [HOT]⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. iMyFone D-back for Windows ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  4. AnyRecover⭐⭐
  5. Disk Drill ⭐⭐⭐
  6. MiniTool Power Data Recovery ⭐⭐
  7. Recuva ⭐⭐
  8. iCare Data Recovery
  9. IObit Undelete

1. WorkinTool Data Recovery (Windows)HOT Choice🔥

With excellent recovery performance, it is a cost-effective Choice for Windows novices.

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: All Windows systems  
🔎 Use Level: Super Easy    💵 Cost: 500MB Free or $29.99-49.99

path choice workintool data recovery

If you intend to restore lost data from Windows, WorkinTool Data Recovery is your best choice. What makes it stand out is its robust recovery capabilities and simple operations with fast scan speed. With WorkinTool, you can easily restore lost/formatted/deleted photos, movies, documents, and more files from any storage device with minimal effort.

🥳 Pros:

01 Restore 500+ File Types: It can retrieve more than 500 file formats, such as pictures, videos, documents, compressed files, etc. Most files are previewable. 02 Supports Various Data Loss Cases: WorkinTool can provide a successful data recovery service from any data loss issue like deleted partitions, corrupted hard drives, dead USB flash drives, etc.
03 Flexible Scan and Custom Filter: Users can pause, stop and resume the scanning process anytime. And you can make a DIY recovery using the practicable Filter tool to select the desired parameters. 04 100% Safe & Sigh Success Rate: Taking a read-only scan method, WorkinTool will never damage or overwrite your original files. Additionally, thanks to top-tier technology, it can keep a high recovery success rate.

😰 Cons:

  01 Compatibility: It can only support Windows systems presently. 02 Limited Free Version: WorkinTool free version can only provide users with 500 MB of free recovery.

🎁 Bonus: Video Introduction

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (10/10)

The deleted file recovery is workable and smooth with WorkinTool. More specifically, after scanning the Desktop and Recycle Bin, all three files are found in the three scanned results, and WorkinTool performs excellently. Moreover, there are no crashes, slow responses, or ads during the recovery process.

2️⃣ Easy to Operate (9/10)

It has a simple and intuitive interface, even if novices can know how to use it to recover data and are clear about every button’s function due to the text interpretation. Furthermore, you can easily find numerous video and article guides on its website.

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (9/10)

It has two scan modes, including Quick Scan and Deep Scan, which you choose at your will. The former can scour all the files on a 100G storage device within 5 seconds. And the speed is quite faster than other rivals while digging out more files. While the Deep Scan can have a better recovery performance to search for more inaccessible data but only takes several seconds to scan because it is based on the Quick Scan results.

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Quick Scan Desktop/C drive 2 seconds 677,258 files (90 GB)
2. Quick Scan Recycle Bin 2 seconds 677,262 files (90 GB)
3. Quick Scan 466 GB D drive 8 seconds 1,093,952 files (464 GB)
4️⃣ Price (7/10)

It is not entirely free software, only with 500 MB free recovery. You can verify and experience all its functions before buying its PRO version. Moreover, if you decide to buy its premium plan, the pricing is cheaper than other similar recovery products, which you can see from the table below. Furthermore, users can get a refund within 30 days when finding unsolvable problems. All in all, it is an inexpensive and cost-effective tool with a free 500MB recovery.

recovery software workintool pricing

workintool data recovery download

 2. iMyFone D-Back for Windows

Use less time to find more lost files with iMyFone

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Win [Mac/iOS/Android]
🔎 Use Level: Super Easy    💵 Cost: 100M free or $59.95-399.95

best data recovery software imyfone

iMyFone D-back for Windows is also one of the best data recovery software. It can easily recover files from various situations and any storage device. Besides a file recovery tool, it can also repair your corrupted videos, recover files from crashed PCs and back up your data.

🥳 Pros:

01 Various File Types Supported: It can recover over 1000 file formats, like videos, office documents, archives, etc. 02 Powerful Preview Tool: It allows users to preview various file types and view multiple high-quality photos simultaneously.
03 Multiple Platforms Supported: Besides Windows, iMyFone D-back series recovery products support Mac, Android, and iPhone. 04 Money-back Guaranteed: It supports to refund within a month. Moreover, you can contact consumer services through chatbot, emails, or filling online tables.

😰 Cons:

  01 Cannot Select Scan Mode: Although it is designed with two scan modes, users cannot choose the desired mode. 02 Highly Expense: if you want to use it without limits, you need to spend at least $59.95 to buy the monthly plan.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (8/10)

Use iMyFone D-Back for Windows to scan the Desktop and Recycle Bin. All three files are only found in the former scan results. However, Recycle Bin recovery fails. Hence, its actual recovery capabilities can only be regarded as a good level, not the top.

2️⃣ Easy to Use (8/10)

You can easily use iMyFone to recover data from hard drives, SD cards, internal partitions or other devices without learning a steep learning course. With a simple and intuitive interface, you keep in a good mood to use it. However, on the scan result page, some buttons have no text tips, which consumers should try to click and use before knowing the functions. 

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (7/10)

It is equipped with two scan modes. However, the selection of scan modes is not at your will because they are configured in advance by the system. For example, when scanning the C partition and Desktop, it shows the Quick Scan and later uses the Deep Scan. While making Recycle Bin recovery, it only manifests in quick mode. As for the scan spend, it will take 4 mins to finish the 100G scan, while it takes half a minute to complete scanning a small storage device. See the table below for details.

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Default Mode 100G C drive 3 mins 58 secs 3,341,194 files (932.58 GB)
2. Default Mode Desktop 2 mins 11 secs 3,609 files (3.69 GB)
3. Default Mode Recycle Bin 31 secs  441files (510.97 MB) 
4️⃣ Price (6/10)

You can only take a free trial of 100M, which is limited and insufficient to retrieve a large folder. And if you plan to have more recovery privileges, you need to cost at least $59.95 per month, which is a little bit expensive.

recovery software imyfone pricing

3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

A handy tool to recover files from various data loss cases

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Win11/10/8/7 & mac OS  
🔎 Use Level: Super Easy    💵 Cost: Free 2GB or $69.95-169.95

best data recovery software easeus

When you search for the best file recovery software on Google, you must have seen the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard name. It is a well-known and comprehensive recovery program. Moreover, it can quickly retrieve lost files due to formatting, deletion, system crashes, virus infection, etc.

🥳 Pros:

01 Support 1000+ File Types: It can restore lost 1000+ commonly used files without breaking a sweat, like photos, documents, videos, emails, etc. 02 More than Recovery: Besides restoring files, it can also protect your data, back up files, check disk health, etc.
03 Repair Tool: Besides retrieving data, it can fix damaged photos, videos, and documents using its file repair functions. 04 Safety and Reliability: When you download from its website, it will show you the TLS, SECTIGO, and PCI safety certifications which shows EaseUS is highly reliable.

😰 Cons:

  01 Limited Free Version: If you want the advanced crashed PC recovery, you need to upgrade to PRO. And users can only enjoy 2GB data recovery for free. 02 High Price: You need to cost $69.95 at minimum to use its full functions. And the license can only support one device.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (7/10)

Only the deleted DOC document is found after searching for the C hard drive, Desktop, and Recycle Bin. However, there is no freezing or stop in the course of recovery.

2️⃣ Easy to Operate (9/10)

It’s super easy to use all its functions to recover what you lost from internal or external hard. And the interface and navigation is intuitive which you can quickly find what you want in EaseUS. 

3️⃣ Speed Scan/Modes (6/10)

It has two scan modes, but you cannot make a selection because both will be employed to scan during the whole scanning process. As to the scan speed, it is fast than ordinary recovery tools. It takes less than 4 minutes to perform Quick and Advanced Scan. And once you enter the recovery page, you can click any button without crashing. However, it will take several seconds to organize found files and load the scan result page. 

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Default Mode 100G C Drive 3 mins 50 secs 1,275,090 files (277.22GB)
2. Default Mode Desktop   2 mins 47 secs 270,677 files (387.97 GB)
3. Default Mode Recycle Bin 1 min 28  secs 541,788 files (93.7 GB)
4️⃣ Price (6/10)

The price varies from $69.95 to 169.95, which is more expensive than other recovery rivals. Moreover, it only offers three plans for home users, not including business users. However, it supports 30-day money back and has a refund tutorial which is beneficial and convenient for consumers.

recovery software easeus pricing

4. AnyRecover Data Recovery Tool

All-in-one solutions for data recovery on any device with AnyRecover

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Win/Mac/iOS/Android  
🔎 Use Level: Easy    💵 Cost: 200MB Free or $39.95-109.95

best data recovery software anyrecover

If you want to recovery software that multiple platforms can use, Anyrecover is your first choice. It can be compatible with Windows, mac, Android, and iPhone at the same time. Moreover, within several clicks, it can recover 1000+ file types from the four platforms or other commonly-used storage devices.

🥳 Pros:

01 Multifunction Tool: Besides recovery, it can repair corrupted video files and restore data from crashed computers. 02 Small Range Scan: For your convenience, it supports specific location scan, like Recycle Bin, Desktop or particular folders.
03 Reminder after Completion: It has a warm and convenient setting that it will pop up a dialogue box to tell you the scan process is over in the software background. 04 Save Scan Results: It can save the previous scan results for later recovery, which is time-saving and convenient. 

😰 Cons:

  01 Limited Free Version: You can only get a 100MB free trial in the AnyRecover free version. Although you can get one more free recovery, it’s still insufficient. 02 Default Scan Mode: The scan modes have been configured in advance, and users cannot freely select the quick or deep scan.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (6/10)

The overall file recovery with AnyRecover is smooth and easy. There is no ad or crash to interrupt users’ restoration. However, it can only find the erased DOC document in the Desktop and C partition scanned results.    

2️⃣ Simple to Use (8/10)

It’s very friendly to greeners who have never used the software before. Users can follow the clear navigations to finish a hard drive or file recovery.

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (5/10)

It is designed with two scan modes, Quick Scan and Deep Scan. However, they cannot be selected by users. And it sets in default to perform a quick scan before a deep scan.  

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Quick Scan 100G C Drive 3 mins 53 secs 3,686,000 files (989.64 GB)
2. Quick Scan Desktop   2 mins 7 secs 4,122 files (4.16 GB)
3. Quick Scan Recycle Bin 30 soc 446 files (511 MB)
4️⃣ Price (6/10)

Generally, the price is in the middle among various data recovery tools. And the Mac version is the highest, and the iPhone version is the cheapest among the four platforms. If you want to see the detailed info, you can watch the following price table. Moreover, users can enjoy 30 days of money back privilege and the service for return and exchange.

recovery software anyrecover pricing

5. Disk Drill Best Data Recovery Software

Instantly perform file recovery on Windows/Mac with Disk Drill

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Win11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista, mac OS
🔎 Use Level: Easy    💵 Cost: 500M free or $89-589

best data recovery software disk drill

Disk Drill is a good option if you intend to recover data from both Windows and Mac. It is a versatile and reliable file recovery tool for novices and pros. Moreover, it can effortlessly restore deleted/formatted/lost files on Windows and Mac, including Office documents, emails, compressed files, media files, etc.

🥳 Pros:

01 400+ File Formats Supported: It can recover deleted over 400 typical file types with minimal effort, such as XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, MP4, MP3, PSD, JPEG/JPG, etc. 02 More than Recovery: Besides restoring files, it can also protect your data, back up files, check disk health, etc.
03 Precise Filter: You can use the Filter tool to select the minimum file size, deleted time, and recovery chances to target your wanted files precisely. 04 No Double Purchase: If you decide to buy the PRO version for both Windows and Mac, you only need to buy one while obtaining two memberships.

😰 Cons:

  01 Slow Deep Scan: Suppose your 100G partition needs a deep scan using Disk Drill. In this case, you will spend more than an hour which is really long. And its scan speed is up to 50 MB/sec. 02 Poor After-Sale Service: If there are some terrible problems with Disk Drill after buying the membership, you cannot refund, and it’s hard and time-wasting to contact the officials through emails.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (5/10)

After using Quick Scan and All recovery methods (Quick & Deep & Allocate existing data), there are no traces of three deleted files using the search box. However, it can dig out tons of files deleted long ago. 

2️⃣ Simple to Use (7/10)

The interface is simple and straightforward. And users can learn how to recover files without tech help. However, when you want to find and check the exact file, you need to open the file path one by one, which is not convenient. 

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (6/10)

It is designed with several scan modes: Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Allocate existing data, all recovery methods, etc. As for the scan speed, the Quick Scan can quickly scan the files within seconds. However, the deep scan mode is unstable from 10 mins to several hours. Moreover, every time you want to use a filter or click the file type, it will take over 10 seconds to load the results, which is very torture for users. 

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Quick Scan 100G C drive 13 secs 214,035 files (4.61GB)
2. Deep Scan 100G C drive 11 mins 50secs 1,577,185 files (530 GB)

Note: It cannot scan the small range of Desktop and Recycle Bin. Hence, there is no data.

4️⃣ Price (5/10) 

It doesn’t provide various plan options for consumers. You only buy either the standard plan or the lifetime plan. And the cheapest option is $89, which is $30-50 higher than other products. However, the price is relatively cost-effective if you have both Windows and Mac devices. 

recovery software disk drill pricing

6. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool makes file recovery easier!

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Windows 11/10/8/7
🔎 Use Level: Easy    💵 Cost: Free 1GB or $69-99

best data recovery software minitool

Since being released in 2020, MiniTool Power Data Recovery has enjoyed large popularity among recovery users. According to the download.cnet.com data, the total downloads of MiniTool have reached 2,727,243. Hence, it’s a popular and reliable restoring program to recover various deleted files. 

🥳 Pros:

01 Preview 70 File Formats: Preview is always available for users to use for free. With the Preview tool, you can view 70 file formats and check the detailed info before the final recovery. 02 Setting before Scan:You can configure the file types, file systems, and whether to show search result during scan before starting scanning. This settings will save your time.
03 Two File Sort Methods: Once the data scan finishes, the file are sorted by two ways. One is file path and the other is file type which is beneficial to target the desired files. 04 Various User Guides:It supplies video guides, article tutorials, and FAQs for users to solve download, install and use problems.

😰 Cons:

  01 Support Limited File Types: MiniTool only supports more than 100 file formats, like videos, audio, archives, images, etc. 02 Slow Speed: MiniTool will take around 10 minutes to scan a large storage device. Moreover, It will take half a minute to update the file lists after scanning.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (7/10)

The whole recovery is smooth with MiniTool. However, only the DOC file was recovered successfully after searching in the Recycle Bin and C drive. And there is no local file loss after using this free data recovery software.

2️⃣ Simple to Use (8/10)

The design of the user interface is very simple and user-friendly. Even novices can know the next steps and recover deleted data with several clicks. Moreover, it provides various videos and articles for users to learn the using skills on its website.

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (5/10)

Among various file recovery software, its performance in scan speed is not excellent. When you scan the large partition around 100G, it will take about ten minutes to end the scanning process. Moreover, it is only designed with one scan mode, and users have no other choice.

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Default Mode 100G C Drive 10 mins 43secs 2,050,386 files (399.73 GB)
2. Default Mode Desktop   9 mins 27 secs 294,986 files (130.72 GB)
3. Default Mode Recycle Bin 8 secs 222,104 files (7.83 GB)
4️⃣ Price (6/10)

It is a bit higher than other restoring tools because the cheapest plan requires $69.95. However, it supports major payment methods like PayPal and credit cards. Moreover, it provides 8 plans for both home users and business users to select.recovery software minitool pricing

7. Recuva Best Data Recovery Software

Recuva can satisfy all your basic demands for file recovery!

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Win 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP
🔎 Use Level: Moderate  
💵 Cost: Free without advanced tools or $19.95

best data recovery software recuva

Recuva is a well-known and valuable recovery program for Windows users. If you don’t want to enjoy the advanced features, you can use Recuva without charge and limits. Moreover, although it was launched in 2007, it is still used by many fans because of its free price and powerful recovery functions in its free version. 

🥳 Pros:

01 Unlimited Use Time: You can use Recuva free version without restrictions on recovery size or time. 02 Cheap Price: Even if you want to buy its PRO version, you only need to spend $19.95 per year, which is extremely lower than other competitors.
03 Two Scan Modes: It has two useful scan modes, including Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Moreover, the former will take advantage of saving time. In contrast, the latter can dig out more inaccessible files using a longer time. 04 Various Storage Devices Supported: It can retrieve lost files from multiple storage devices like internal hard disks, emptied Recycle Bin, MP3 players, memory/SD cards, etc.

😰 Cons:

  01 <100 File Types: It can only restore less than 100 file types which is not an advantage among various newly-launched recovery tools. 02 Outdated Interface: Since the Recuva developers have seldom upgraded Recuva, its interface is obsolete and not beautiful.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (5/10)

Neither Quick nor Deep Scan can successfully find the three deleted files. However, there is no crash during the whole scan process. 

2️⃣ Simple to Use (6/10)

The recovery steps are not sophisticated for novices. However, the search box is not good to use because it will show some unrelated results when you enter a keyword. Hence, it’s difficult for us to find the particular files to recover. 

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (6/10)

It had two scan modes – Quick Scan and Deep Scan. You can choose the scan mode before recovery. Additionally, you can easily set the file type, location, and whether to use Deep Scan before scanning to optimize the workflow.

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Quick Scan 100G C Drive 30 secs 218,529 files
2. Deep Scan 100G C Drive 1 min 4 secs 761,002 files

Note: Recuva doesn’t support Desktop and Recycle Bin recovery. Moreover, it will not show the detailed size of scanned files.

4️⃣ Price (9/10)

If you only want to make advanced file recovery without tech support, or auto-update, Recuva is completely free. However, provided that you like to enjoy the above privileges. In that case, you only need to speed $19 to buy the professional version, which is extremely cheap. Moreover, it supports various payments, like Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, etc.

video recovery softwrae recuva pricing

8. iCare Data Recovery

Use iCare to get back your missing files with unlimited times!

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Win [iPhone]
🔎 Use Level: Moderate     💵 Cost: Free without advanced modes or $69.99

best data recovery software icare

If you want to restore photos, videos, and other files on Windows with unlimited times, iCare Data Recovery is suitable for you. All its basic tools are free to use without limits. And it has a mobile version to recover deleted data from iPhone devices. Moreover, it’s a popular tool with a long history. According to download website data, it was launched in 2009 and has received 327,990 downloads.

🥳 Pros:

01 Unlimited Use: Except for the Deep Scan, and RAW/Deleted Partition recovery, all other basic functions are 100% free to use with no limit on use time. 02 Support Various Data Loss Cases: It can restore files from various complex situations like raw files, formatting, deletion, etc.
03 Recover Data from Any Storage Devices: It can make a file recovery from various storage devices like external USB disks, memory cards/USB thumb drives, etc. 04 Search Files Tool: You can use the Search Files feature, equal to the Filter tool in other software, to select the search location, Type, Date, Size, and Other Parameters.

😰 Cons:

  01 Obsolete UI: Due to a few updates since 2020, its design and function are still stopped at the old style, which is not delightful to users’ eyes. 02 Software Crash: When users use iCare to restore files, they might meet slow response, freezing, and crashes situations which are unpleasant for consumers.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (4/10)

Three test files failed to recover after C partition recovery using iCare Data Recovery software. It is not as good as it said on its official website. However, the Advanced File Recovery mode can dig out more files to increase the recovery chance.

2️⃣ Easy to Use (6/10)

The steps are easy to operate but it’s hard to find the precise file because the scanned files are divided into file paths. Moreover, although the search tool has several options, the actual utility is small and hard to use.

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (5/10)

Two scan modes can be found in iCare Data recovery, including Deleted File Recovery and Advanced File Recovery. However, both modes are not very fast. In fact, the former takes about 3 minutes, while the latter takes more than 9 minutes.

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Deleted File Recovery 100G C Drive 2 mins 48 secs 211,626 files (5.09 GB)
2. Advanced File Recovery 100G C Drive 9 mins 38 secs 3,367,060 files (562.26 GB)
4️⃣ Price (7/10)

iCare Data Recovery free version is 100% free without recovery limitations. However, if you want to experience more advanced features, like deep recovery, you need to cost $69.99 per year, which is in the upper middle level. And you can enjoy a 1GB free recovery using the PRO version before buying. 

recovery software icare pricing

9. IObit Undelete

100% free to retrieve your deleted files on Windows!

🤩 Recommended Ranking: ⭐⭐ 🖥️ Platforms: Win 10/8/7/Vista/XP 
🔎 Use Level: Moderate 💵 Cost: 100% free

best data recovery software iobit

If you are still looking for a 100% free recovery tool, IObit Undelete can satisfy your demand. It is an utterly free and comprehensive data recovery software for Windows users. You can use it to recover deleted images, music, videos, etc., safely.

🥳 Pros:

01 100% Free: Unlike other highly-paid software, it is absolutely free to us without any hidden cost. 02 Powerful Deep Scan: It can take Deep Scan to track down more buried photos, documents, videos, and more.
03 Small Download Package: It is only a 2.4 MB package to download without installation, which is space-saving. 04 Two Scan Methods: You can perform a file recovery through a file type or file location that is convenient and labor-saving for users.

😰 Cons:

  01 Hard to Find Access: On the IObit website, it’s tough to find access to IObit Undelete. And the easiest way is to search for its name on Google directly. 02 No Win 11: Due to no upgrades in recent years, it fails to follow the pacing age and cannot support the latest Win 11 system.

👩‍💻 Using Experience

1️⃣ Recovery Performance (4/10)

It takes more than 10 minutes to scan the C partition but fails to find the tracks of the three deleted files. The found file number is far less than other products. Hence, at this aspect, it will not score high. 

2️⃣ Accessible to Use (6/10)

The interface is simple and easy to understand. Therefore, users can easily get back files from various storage media. However, without Filter tool, it only has the search box to find the desired files.

3️⃣ Scan Speed/Mode (5/10)

It has Quick Scan and Deep Scan at the same time. However, users cannot select them, and the method is set in advance. Moreover, as for its scan speed 

🔎 Scan Mode 🎯 Location ⏱️ Scan Time 📂 Scanned Files
1. Default Mode 100G C Drive 13mins 35secs 213,781 files

Note: IObit fails to support a scan of the Desktop and Recycle Bin.

4️⃣ Price (10/10)

The 100% free price is the overwhelming advantage of IObit Undelete. Users can use all its recovery functions without a penny. If you are without a budget, it is a suitable data recovery tool.

recovery software iobit pricing

Quick Comparisons among the Best Data Recovery Software

comparisons among best data recovery software

📢Note: The recovery rate is only a reference, and the actual recovery effect needs to be determined based on the specific situation.

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Final Verdict

Finding suitable and reliable data recovery software in the vast restoration market is time-consuming. However, this post makes it easier by explaining the 9 best data recovery software for Mac/Windows. If you cannot make a final decision, you can first take a free trial of WorkinTool Data Recovery for its easy steps, 100% safety, and high success rate. Just get a free download of WorkinTool and retrieve lost files today!

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