How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive Free in 2022

If you are looking for a truly effective and free external hard drive data recovery tool, then you can have a trial of WorkinTool Data Recovery. It is friendly to new users. It can scan your disk quickly and automatically. The result is great as well. You can recover data from your external hard drive without losing the quality of your original file. Download it right now to get back the deleted files.

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How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive Free in 2022

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive Free in 2022

How to recover deleted files from a hard drive? In the current life, many people often use hard disks as data storage devices. External hard drives are also more convenient in the process of use. However, many people will inevitably encounter some unexpected situations in the process of use, which will lead to the loss of internal data. So once the disk faces an accidental deletion of files during use, how can we restore it? In this post, I’ll show you step by step how to recover data from external hard drive with free and effective hard drive recovery software – WorkinTool Data Recovery.

What Makes Data on External Hard Drive Lost

What causes the disappearance of folders and files from the hard drive? Here are some of the reasons I conclude that you can refer to.

  • If the hard drive is intact and the files in the hard disk suddenly disappear out of thin air, a virus has likely invaded your external hard disk. After the computer virus invades the mobile hard disk, the files will be deleted or hidden (The screen displays that the hard disk space is occupied, but the files cannot be seen). No need to worry, as long as the deleted data is not overwritten, it is possible to retrieve lost files.
  • In addition to virus attacks, logical bad sectors on the hard disk are also one of the reasons for file loss. If we suddenly pull out the mobile hard disk when reading and writing files, a logical failure will occur inside the hard disk, and the files may face the risk of a sudden disappearance.
  • The last case is easier to deal with, that is, you accidentally deleted the files on the external hard disk, which is the easiest to get back through scanning the hard drive.

📌 How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive for Free

After some files on the hard disk suddenly disappear, it is recommended to stop using the hard disk as soon as possible. The reason is to reduce the possibility of newly written data occupying the storage space and to prevent the files that need to be recovered from being overwritten by the data, making it impossible to recover. After deactivating the mobile hard disk, we can use the data recovery tool to recover the external hard drive data. To improve the success rate of data recovery, I highly recommend that you use WorkinTool Data Recovery.

WorkinTool Data Recovery is a desktop tool that is designed for deleted file recovery. It is free and easy to use. In just a few steps, you can retrieve accidentally deleted or suddenly lost files. Though it is new to the market, it has attracted many users. What makes it prominent among numerous data recovery tools is that it is completely free to use. There are no limits to the recovery times or file numbers. You can use it with ease. In addition, the recovery result is pretty good. With this tool, you can deeply scan your hard drive and retrieve the file to the original format and quality. Batch operations are available as well. That means you can recover all the deleted data from external hard drive with only one click. More detailed information of this software you can refer to the following video:

✅ External Hard Drive Recovery with WorkinTool 

Now let’s see how to recover data from the external hard drive for free with WorkinTool Data Recovery Software.

Step1. Launch the data recovery tool, then click Deep Scan to retrieve the hard drive data.

deep scan hard drive

Step2. Select the document format that you want to get back by clicking the settings icon.

select data to recover

Step3. Choose the disk you want to scan, then press the scan button.

scan the disk

Step4. Pick the scanned file that you want to recover or select all the files, then click Recover.

recover data from external hard drive

Step5. After recovering, click the folder icon to open the file to check.

check the recovery result

📢 As you can see, the operation steps of using it to recover data from external hard drive are very simple, and the scanning process is also very fast. Although there are many files on the hard disk, it only takes a minute or two to complete the scan. If you are eager to learn more tutorials about it, here is a more detailed video about data recovery with WorkinTool Data Recovery Software. You can check it out.


Why Choose WorkinTool Data Recovery 

The quality of external hard drive recovery software on the market is uneven. It takes time to find a completely free and practical tool. Here are some of the outstanding features of WorkinTool Data Recovery that I have summarized. You can decide whether to use it according to your actual situation.

  • 100% free without hidden charges ✅
  • Recover deleted files without losing quality ✅
  • Easy to operate with a beginner-friendly interface ✅
  • No limits on usage times ✅
  • Quick and deep scan of the disk ✅
  •  Batch retrieving multiple files ✅

Final Thought

If you accidentally delete or lose files due to interruptions in use, you can use WorkinTool Data Recovery to recover data from your external hard drive. However, if the hard disk is corrupt, it will be more troublesome to deal with. Therefore, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of the hard disk in the normal use process.

  • Handle the portable hard drive gently. Be gentle with any storage device. After crashing or dropping, the hard drive may have irreversible physical damage that can lead to loss of data.
  • After reading and writing the disk, eject the hard disk correctly. If the mobile hard disk is still reading and writing data, wait for the read and write process before pulling out the hard disk to avoid failures caused by forced interruption of the read and write operations.
  • Regularly disinfect the mobile hard disk. Computer viruses may cause irreversible damage to the data on the hard disk. It is a good habit to check and kill viruses regularly.

After careful reading, you may have figured out how to recover data from external hard drive right now. WorkinTool provides you with a long-term free trial. Just download it to retrieve the files.


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