Top 5 Best SSD Recovery Software FREE for SSD Data/File Recovery [2024]

Looking for the best SSD data/file recovery software for Windows and Mac? Luckily, this post will list the top 5 best SSD recovery software for readers to recover deleted files from failed SSD hard drives. WorkinTool Data Recovery stands out among them. It can easily recover 500+ file types from your formatted/deleted/failed SSDs. Just get a free download and make SSD data recovery instantly!
🔔 Recover up to 500 MB for free without time limits.
🔔 Just three clicks to get back what you want.
🔔 Various storage devices are supported.
🔔 High success rate.

Last updated on Dec 25, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Betty
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 Top 5 Best SSD Recovery Software FREE for SSD Data/File Recovery [2024]

Solid-state drives (SDD) are getting popular in the digital age due to their fast process and better storage performance. However, SSD is very fragile and delicate, so incorrect save or virus attacks will damage it and cause data loss. It’s a disaster to face all files erased from SSD hard drives. But don’t give up rescuing data. And if you have no idea how to recover files from SSD drives, this post will explain the top 5 best SSD recovery software for Windows and Mac to help you make an excellent SSD data/file recovery easily and quickly. If you are eager to learn the final answers, just continue reading.

Words before Knowing SSD Data Recovery Software

📝 What Is SSD?

SSD is short for a solid-state drive which is always used as an extension of computer storage space. Moreover, SSDs exert flash-based memory to store files, which is quicker than traditional hard drives.

Can You Recover Data From SSD?

Of course, you can recover files from SSD drives in most cases. For a more efficient recovery, you can use the following five best SSD data/file recovery software to restore deleted/formatted/lost files from SSDs. In contrast, WorkinTool Data Recovery leads ahead and won’t make you regret using it. However, if your SSD drives are physically damaged, you may need to seek help from paid professional SSD data recovery services.

ssd recovery software feature photo

Top 5 Best SSD Recovery Software FREE for SSD Data/File Recovery

  1. WorkinTool Data Recovery (Windows) ★★★★
  2. SysTools SSD Data Recovery (Windows) ★★
  3. Disk Drill (Windows/Mac) ★★★
  4. PhotoRec (Windows/Mac/Linux) ★★
  5. Cisdem Data Recovery (Mac) ★★★

#1 WorkinTool Data Recovery (Windows) – Our Choice 👍

Best and cost-effective choice for all Windows users

🏆 Overall Rate: ★★★★        💻 Platforms: All Windows Systems        🙋‍♂️ Level: Pros & Novices

Suppose you plan to recover lost files from corrupted/failed/formatted SSD drives on your Windows computer. In this case, WorkinTool Data Recovery is your best option. It is a free and comprehensive SSD data recovery wizard. No matter what the conditions of your SSD drives are, WorkinTool will use its six robust recovery functions to restore as many files as possible from SSDs.

Moreover, besides SSDs, it can also restore files from other major storage devices, like SD cards, USB drives, internal partitions, etc. Even though it has such excellent capabilities in (dead) SSD data recovery, it’s not challenging to use. With just three steps, you can quickly return everything you wish from SSD drives. Just download it and verify its incredible features with your eyes forthwith!

workintool data recovery v2.2

🤩 Why we like it:

01 High Quality and Efficiency: Because of advanced technology, it can scan your lost files within seconds without damaging the original data. Moreover, the recovery success rate is high. 02 Support All Brands of SSDs: Whether your SSD is SanDisk, Samsung, Seagate Technology, or other famous brands, WorkinTool can have good compatibility and effortlessly retrieve lost files. 
03 Recover 500+ Files Formats: It can quickly restore more than 500 typical file types from SSD drives, e.g., photos, emails, Excels, compressed files, videos, etc. Most files are previewable. 04 Six Powerful Recovery Modes: It has six robust recovery modes to apply to different data loss for better SSD recovery.

😥 Why we dislike it:

01 Limited Free Version: Free version users can only recover at most 500 MB files from SSDs for free. 02 Compatibility: WorkinTool currently only supports Windows systems at present.

🛒 Pricing:

recovery software workintool pricing

workintool data recovery download

#2 SysTools SSD Data Recovery (Windows) 🎄

Specialized SSD recovery software for Windows users

🏆 Overall Rate: ★★        💻 Platforms: All Windows Systems        🙋‍♂️ Level: Pros & Novices

You might have guessed from its name that SysTools SSD Data Recovery is a professional and all-in-one solution to dead SSD data recovery. It can easily make Raw file recovery from internal and external SSD drives. Of course, you can retrieve various commonly-used file formats from SSD with SysTools, e.g., images, audio, emails, videos, documents, etc. 

ssd recovery software systools

🤩 Why we like it:

01 Any Data Loss Cases Supported: It can perform excellent data recovery from any data loss cases, e.g., shift deletion, formatting, virus attacks, etc. 02 Keep On-Disk Folder Hierarchy: For the user’s convenience, SysTools will maintain the original folder structure while recovering and saving lost files.
03 Custom Filter for Recovered Files: You can use the Filter tool and Preview to target desired files more precisely. So it’s practical and space-saving for us to select some of them to recover.  04 Auto Detect Connected External SSD: SysTools can automatically detect any external SSD drive attached to your PC. Therefore, you can find and select the desired SSD hard drive to recover files.

😥 Why we dislike it:

01 Tough to Use: The operating steps are not easy for novices to follow to recover lost SSD files. 02 Risk of Data Loss: The overall recovery process is not smooth and will freeze once in a while due to unknown bugs. Hence, it might cause the original data loss.

🛒 Pricing:

ssd recovery software systools pricing

#3 Disk Drill (Windows/Mac) 🔔

A reliable choice for Windows and Mac users with a high budget

🏆 Overall Rate: ★★★       💻 Platforms: Windows & mac OS        🙋‍♂️ Level: Pros & Novices

If you want to restore deleted files on both Windows and Mac, Disk Drill is most suitable for you. With it at hand, you can recover 400+ files from failed SSD hard drives with minimal effort. Moreover, it supports not only any kind of SSDs but also other devices, like SD cards, internal hard disks, external USB flash drives, etc. 

ssd recovery software disk drill

🤩 Why we like it:

01 Preview for Free: You can view your lost files in advance using the free Preview tool. That’s to say. You can view lost documents, watch deleted videos and preview other files before recovery. 02 Complex Data Loss Situations Supported: It can fulfill SSD data recovery excellently even in complex data loss cases, e.g., system crashes, raw file systems, failed SSDs, etc.
03 Detail Guides on Software: If you don’t know how to use its functions, just watch the video instructions in the software or find how-to articles on its website.  04 Two for One: If you have Windows and Mac laptops simultaneously, you can get both memberships by buying only one premium plan.

😥 Why we dislike it: 

01 No Fast Speed: You could spend at least half an hour on a large SSD data recovery because the scan speed will not exceed 50 MB/sec. 02 Relative Expensive License: If you want to upgrade to the PRO version, you will cost at least $ 89, which is higher than other paid recovery tools.

🛒 Pricing:

recovery software disk drill pricing

#4 PhotoRec (Windows/Mac/Linux) 🎄

Tailored to Pros with skilled recovery techniques and high demand for platforms

🏆 Overall Rate: ★★        💻 Platforms: Windows & mac OS & Linux         🙋‍♂️ Level: Pros & Novices

If you have no spending plans for SSD file recovery, PhotoRec is suitable for you. It is an utterly free and open-source SSD data program. Its robust recovery capabilities and formidable operating system compatibility make thousands of fans use it. Besides SSDs, it can also restore files from various storage devices like USB memory drives, CF cards, MMC, Microdrive, etc. 

ssd recovery software photorec

🤩 Why we like it:

01 Broad Compatibility: It holds wide compatibility, running under various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, OpenBSD, etc. 02 Recover Various File Types: PhotoRec can retrieve over 480 commonly used file types, e.g., videos, images, documents, archives, etc.
03 Ignore File Systems: PhotoRec can ignore different file systems to recover deleted files from SSD, e.g., FAT, HFS+, ext2, exFAT, etc. 04 Price and Ad Free: It truly realizes 100% free for users to exert all its functions. Furthermore, no ads will pop up to interrupt or disturb your SSD data recovery process.

😥 Why we dislike it:

01 Unfriendly Interface: PhotoRec resorts to a text-based interface comprising only command lines. Hence, it’s obscure and unfriendly to the first user. 02 Non-Tech Support: The authority doesn’t offer tech support or detailed tutorials on its website.

#5 Cisdem Data Recovery (Mac) 🔔

Popular with its Preview feature and powerful Mac-based SSD recovery capabilities 

🏆 Overall Rate: ★★★       💻 Platforms: mac OS        🙋‍♂️ Level: Pros & Novices

Feel regretful to delete your SSD files by mistake on Mac? It doesn’t matter because Cisdem Data Recovery will compensate for your error and quickly help you retrieve lost files from SSD drives. To be more specific, it can restore photos, videos, emails, documents, and more from Mac-based devices, such as SSDs, HDDs, Time Machine backup drives, cameras, etc. 

ssd recovery software cisdem

🤩 Why we like it:

01 Restore 200+ SSD File Types: Cisdem can easily get back more than 200 types of files from SSD drives, e.g., Keynotes, videos, photos, raw file types, etc. 02 Support M1, M2, and T2: It can recover deleted SSD files from Apple Silicon M1 and M2 series. Moreover, it’s easy for Cisdem to recover failed SSDs from T2-protected Macs. 
03 File Preview Feature: The Preview feature allows all users to look at recoverable files in advance, like listening to the audio, etc.  04 Backup Recovery: Cidems will extract data from Time Machine and iTunes backup files in order to make SSD recovery easier and shorter.

😥 Why we dislike it:

01 Only Preview for Free: If you don’t buy a recovery license, you can only enjoy the Preview function, but fail to save and recover files. 02 Tricky to Install: To install the Cisdem package, users need to learn steep and complex guidance at first, which takes time for novices to follow. 


ssd recovery software cisdem pricing

Quick Comparisons among SSD Recovery Software 

comparisons among ssd recovery software

FAQs for SSD Recovery Software

🙋‍♂️ Is it Safe to Use SSD Data Recovery Software?

If you select a reliable and professional SSD data recovery tool, it’s certainly safe to recover SSD files. Otherwise, you are at risk of losing files. 

📚 What Happens to the Data on a Solid-State Drive When the Power Is Lost? 

The answer depends on different cases. Firstly, if your SSD drive works with the PLP mechanism (Power Loss Protection), you will have no or low risk of file loss on SSD drives. However, suppose the capacitor in the PLP mechanism fails to work. In this case, your data might be removed from SSD drives when the power is lost. 

🔐 How to Reset SSD to Factory?

Suppose your SSD runs slowly and you want to reset the SSD to the factory, you can securely wipe SSD data from BIOS. Step 1. Find the system BIOS/UEFI tool at first. Step 2. Select your SSD drive and then click on Secure Erase or Data Wipe.

👀 How to Recover Deleted Files/Data from SSD Hard Drives?

Recovering deleted files from SSDs with WorkinTool Data Recovery is super easy. First, download and open it. Then select the failed SSD hard drive. Second, choose one recovery mode. Lastly, filter and one-click on the Recover button. 

workintool data recovery download

The Bottom Line

In short, this article is centered on the top 5 best SSD recovery Software for Windows and Mac. Of course, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, you can pick one for your preference. Suppose you are hesitant and cannot make the final decision. In this case, you can have a free trial of WorkinTool Data Recovery at first, which will not allow you to regret usage. All in all, just download it and make an SSD data recovery today!