How to Retrieve Deleted Arlo Videos | 2 Possible Ways

Regularly, retrieving deleted Arlo videos is not an easy task. The most reliable way to perform Arlo video retrieval is with third-party data recovery software. And that is workable only when a USB drive is connected to your Arlo base station. Otherwise, even if you have subscribed to the advanced plans that can store Arlo videos for 30 days, you can’t get back the deleted videos after the expiry date. The third-party recovery tool is recommended for the following features.
💙 Retrieve 500MB of files for free.
💙 No special skills are required.
💙 High scan and recovery speed
💙 High success rate.
💙 Cover versatile file formats and devices.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Arlo Videos | 2 Possible Ways

“Why did my Arlo videos disappear? When I was away on business, I found an intruder ransacked my house and damaged my car. But why can’t I see my Arlo recordings when I get home? Is there a way to get back the missing footage from Arlo?”

Netgear Arlo produces wireless surveillance cameras for home or business monitoring. It keeps continuous recordings in case you need the video footage one day in the future. However, video loss from smart security cameras is not new due to various reasons, such as accidental deletion, expiry of the storing time, expiry of the subscription, and device corruption. It is devastating to find the videos of the required date disappear from the Arlo camera. You must panic when you discover important Arlo videos are missing.

No worries! This post shares possible solutions that you can try to recover lost videos on your Netgear Arlo cameras. Read the text below to learn how to retrieve deleted Arlo videos.

Where are my Arlo videos stored?

To begin with, we should know where your Arlo videos are. That determines whether the videos are recoverable.

  • By default, Arlo saves all the recorded videos in the cloud for 7 days for free. On the eighth day, the older videos will be erased, and the camera will start to record new data from day 8. Users can take its premier plans to extend the storing time on the cloud. Its subscription plans allow 30 days of storage time in the cloud and support an unlimited number of cameras installed in different locations.

arlo subscription plans

  • However, if you got a USB drive in the base station, then you can back up recordings locally. Arlo automatically saves recordings to USB, unlike the cloud, which only contains manual recordings. The USB device you connected to the Arlo base station should be within 2TB and use the FAT32 file system. When you need to view the videos residing on the USB flash drive, you should first eject the USB drive and then connect it to your computer. You can’t view the data stored on a USB drive directly from the Arlo app.
Note The local USB drive is not an alternative to cloud storage. It works simultaneously with the cloud.


How to retrieve deleted Arlo videos?

That depends on how you store your Arlo videos. Are you only using cloud storage, or do you have a local mirror hooked up to your Arlo base station? There is no way to recover deleted recordings that only reside on the cloud server. However, if you lose videos from the local USB drive or SD card, you can try the following two methods to get the deleted footage back.

How to recover deleted videos from Arlo cloud?

Since the USB drive is used along with the Arlo cloud storage, you can log in to your Arlo account to check if the cloud storage contains deleted items. The free version keeps videos in the cloud for 7 days. Therefore, videos that fall off the end of the free plan might be recovered by subscribing to the Secure plan, which only costs $2.99 (single camera) or $9.99 (unlimited cameras) a month. If you don’t want to pay for that, try the method below.

How to retrieve deleted Arlo videos from the local backup?

Suppose you connect the USB drive to a Windows computer and delete something by mistake. In that case, Windows automatically erases the data on external storage devices instead of moving it to the recycle bin. But professional data recovery software like WorkinTool Data Recovery can handle deleted and formatted issues without obstacles. Those seemingly permanently deleted files can be recovered as long as they have not been overwritten.

Therefore, if you accidentally deleted important footage from the local USB device, you can try WorkinTool Data Recovery to rescue lost data. It is the easiest way to recover lost Arlo videos from USB devices. You can also try it to recover deleted Vivint video clips. For safety, you can always keep a mirror image of the videos on a USB flash drive. Once the videos are missing, multiple methods can save the critical situation.

Is WorkinTool Data Recovery trustworthy?

workintool data recovery website homepage

WorkinTool Data Recovery is a professional USB data recovery tool. In addition to USB devices, it can also handle data loss on internal computer disks, memory cards, digital cameras, camcorders, dashcams, etc. It offers free recovery capacity for every user. Users don’t need to worry about its safety or reliability. In addition, its premium plans, starting at $23.99/month, are easy to get as well. Its more features are as follows.

  • 500MB Free: Users can retrieve their Netgear Arlo videos on USB drives and handle any data loss situation within 500MB. 
  • Cover Versatile FilesWorkinTool can recover hundreds of file formats, including videos, pictures, music files, documents, archives, etc.
  • A Modern Interface: No special skills are needed. Users can quickly start Arlo video recovery with the streamlined and clean interface.
  • High Success Rate: There are two scan options, quick scan or deep scan. The advanced algorithms it uses can bring lost files back from any device in minutes.

workintool data recovery download

How to retrieve deleted Arlo videos with WorkinTool?

Using the WorkinTool USB recovery tool to get back missing footage from Arlo only takes a couple of clicks.

Step 1. Safely eject the USB drive from your Arlo base station and connect it to a Windows computer. Then launch WorkinTool Data Recovery and select your USB drive.

select external drive

Step 2. Select a scan method and press Scan Now to perform a scan. Wait for a while till the result page pops up.

workintool data recovery scan method 2 2 1 0

Step 3. Go to the navigation pane, where you can find all the deleted Arlo videos that have not been overwritten. Then tick the checkbox before the target videos and hit the Recover button to bring them back.

recover files workintool


🧩How to access Arlo cloud?

Launch the Arlo app and tap Library. All cloud content is there. Or you can log in to your Arlo account at to get the recorded videos.

🧩How to get old videos from Arlo?

Arlo only keeps recorded videos for 7 days on the cloud. If you back up Arlo videos using a USB drive, then you can check the old videos there. If not, upgrade your subscription to the Secure plan and see if the old videos show up.

Bottom Line

It is nearly impossible to recover Arlo videos that are not in the cloud if you don’t back them up with a USB drive. The two ways above are possibly helpful. If you are wondering how to retrieve deleted Arlo videos for free, WorkinTool Data Recovery is the answer. Anyway, we recommend downloading Arlo videos proactively and storing them locally in case of future use.