How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

Nowadays, how to convert PDF to JPG on Windows system is more and more frequently used in work. PDF is a widely used file format and the problem with this format is that you need a PDF reader or converter to open PDF files. However JPG is a photo format that can be accessed on almost any platform. So beginner’s guide for PDF to JPG on Windows 10 is here.

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How to Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

Are you looking for the way how to convert PDF to JPG, especially on Windows 10? Here is the direct and free solution for you.

As we all know, on the fifth anniversary of Windows 10, the number of its global users has exceeded 1 billion. Coupled with the requirements of using PDF in office software, the demand for processing PDF documents on Windows system can not be ignored, which is also the difficulty of daily learning and work.

PDF is a widely used file format, and the problem with this format is that you need a PDF reader or converter to open PDF files. However, JPG is a photo format that can be accessed on almost any platform. If you convert PDF to JPG and send it to others, the recipient may not need to download any software to open your file. They could be able to view PDF documents in JPG format in any image viewer application on their device. So this is why we should know how to turn PDF into JPG.

The following is a detailed introduction about converting PDF to JPG on Windows 10.

Get Free Access to WorkinTool PDF Converter online workintool pdf converter

offline workintool pdf converter

WorkinTool PDF Converter is one of the best tools to convert and read PDF on PC. It can help you to solve the common problems about PDF, including that how to transfer a PDF to JPG on Windows 10. The WorkinTool PDF Converter makes our work easier with all its required functions which help users to read, convert, organize, compress, and share PDF files directly and freely. Get started for FREE with a download of desktop application, or work online directly from your web browser using WorkinTool PDF converter online!

How do I Convert PDF to JPG on Windows 10

As mentioned above, first you need to download the software. After downloading, you can use the software to operate.

Here’s how to convert PDF to JPG on Windows platforms using the WorkinTool PDF converter. Please follow my steps to complete this quick operation.

  • Step1. Click the option“ convert from PDF”, then locate the “PDF to JPG” option that appears.

This is the entrance from the operation.

locate pdf to jpg option

  • Step2. Click the “Select PDF File” or drop files.

Choose the PDF file you want to export and upload.

drag the pdf file to workintool


  • Step3. Click the “Page to JPG” and click “Convert”.

The process of PDF to JPG will start to run autonomously. You can feel its fast and convenient. You can successfully convert hundreds of pages of PDF in a few seconds.

click the page to jpg and convert

process of pdf to jpg conversion

  • Step4. When the completion message pops up, you can Open file “the finished product”.

The following is the saved display after conversion. It can be seen that the conversion quality is good.



converted jpg image of pdf page


one converted and detailed jpg image from pdf


The above is all the steps to use WorkinTool PDF software to convert PDF into JPG. Do you think it’s very simple and fast? It can be achieved successfully without additional effort and time. You can download it now and have a try.


One feature of Workintool PDF to JPG Conversion

The excellence of WorkinTool PDF Converter is not just that it can satisfactorily complete the transformation process you need. It also provides an unexpected second security option. WorkinTool PDF Converter can not only convert each page of PDF into JPG, but also extract the pictures embedded in the content of PDF pages and convert them into JPG. The following is operation demonstration.

  • Step1. Click the “Extract JPG” and click “Convert”.

The above operation is the same. You also need to click the “PDF to JPG” option, and select the PDF file. But you should choose the “Extract JPG”, and will get all the embedded images of the PDF.

click the extract jpg and convert


process of images form pdf to jpg conversion

  • Step2. Completion message pops up, and open the finished file.

successfully extract images of pdf to jpg and open the converted file


extracted images of pdf


one extracted and detailed image from pdf

Open the file to view the extracted pictures. More importantly, each picture is named in the order of the source file name plus its page number and the number of pictures. You can know how many pictures there are, and which picture is the first one; You can also know which page of the file this picture is on.


Does This PDF to JPG Converter Workintool Work for Other Windows Versions?

Of course! The answer is yes. Not only on the latest Windows 10 platform that you can use this converter tool, actually it is compatible with windows.

This means that the Workintool PDF converter is applicable to all Windows systems, including Windows 7, 8 and 11. In the download options on the official website page, there are download channels for different systems. You can click to find the appropriate software link for your device.

download page of workintool pdf converter

Can I Use Workintool to Solve Other PDF Problems?

As mentioned, WorkinTool PDF converter has comprehensive and basic PDF document processing functions. It can effectively help save your time and increase your productivity.

If you’re looking for more than just a PDF to JPG converter, WorkinTool PDF converter is the omnipotent office software processor that can not be missed, and you should try to satisfy you.

Use WorkinTool PDF converter to quickly open and read PDF files, convert PDF to other file formats. You can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and JPG mentioned. Furthermore, convert PDF from other file formats, such as Word, Excel, JPG and PowerPoint, merge or split PDF files to one folder, add a watermark to the required PDF file, remove unwanted pages from the file, compress files to a smaller size.

Wrapping Up

Try WorkinTool PDF Converter Online directly from your web browser, or work offline with a free download of WorkinTool PDF Converter Desktop. No matter what your document goals may be, WorkinTool PDF Converter can help you accomplish your tasks quickly and safely.

The above is the conversion process of PDF to JPG on Windows 10, follow the simple steps to install the software, and you’ll convert PDF files to JPG in just a few seconds!

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