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Add Watermark to PDF Online Free

WorkinTool PDF Watermark Adder Online allows users to add draft, confidential, script or other text watermarks to PDF files within several clicks for free. Moreover, you can create and insert custom watermarks by altering the text, size, position, rotation angle, and more.
Upload each PDF file within 0.5 MB.
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How to Add Watermark to PDF Online Free

First Step
Click the + button or drop the PDF file that you want to watermark.
Second Step
Press the Set Watermark button to customize your watermark. You can change the text watermark, font size, transparency, rotation angle, and position.
Third Step
Click Add it! Button to start inserting watermark into your PDF files.

Tips for Watermarking PDF Files Online

  • 1. Notice the Limits of the Watermark Add: First, you need to pay attention to the upload file limits or the function restriction. For example, whether the tool can add text or image watermark simultaneously or not. Otherwise, it's vain to upload file and find it cannot satisfy your demands.
  • 2. Preview the Watermark Effect : Before starting to watermark a PDF, you need to scroll the page to check and preview whether the watermark's position and transparency meet your requirements or not.
  • 3. Check the Watermarked PDF: After downloading the watermarked PDF file, you need to open and make sure that no brand watermark is automatically added to your export PDF file without your knowledge.
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Why Select WorkinTool to Add Watermark to PDF Online

Accessible and Fast to Watermark in PDF
Accessible and Fast to Watermark in PDF
WorkinTool has a simple and convenient user interface for everyone to watermark PDF online through WorkinTool PDF watermark maker. A few steps can give you a watermarked PDF file. From now on, you don't have to worry about how to add a watermark to PDF.
Make a Customized PDF Watermark
Make a Customized PDF Watermark
WorkinTool PDF Watermark Adder provides various options for adding watermark to PDF, such as font style, size, rotation, position, and transparency. Whether you want to create a text watermark, make a confidential/draft watermark, or add a PDF logo, you can customize the watermark as you wish in a flash.
Free PDF Watermark Adder and Creator
Free PDF Watermark Adder and Creator
WorkinTool provides users with the best service to make and add watermark to PDF online free. No matter how often you use WorkinTool, watermarking PDF with zero cost is still feasible.
Safely Add Watermark to PDF
Safely Add Watermark to PDF
WorkinTool will provide 100% protection of your privacy. And all the files will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, and no one can read or download them. So you will have no worries about data security.
Watermark PDF with Registration
Watermark PDF with Registration
There won't be any registration or log-in requirements in WorkinTool. You can directly add a draft watermark to PDF without entering your email or phone number. Moreover, you will not receive disturbing spam news from WorkinTool.
Copyright PDF Anywhere, Any time
Copyright PDF Anywhere, Any time
You can visit WorkinTool PDF Watermark Adder services as long as you can access the Internet. No worry is needed about how to copyright a PDF or limited by time or place. For example, you can watermark on PDF files on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc., at any time.

Bonus: How to Watermark a PDF Online

Way 1. Insert PDF in PDF on Windows

If you want more options to add watermarks to PDF files on Windows, you can use WorkinTool PDF Converter offline. Besides text watermarks, you can add image watermarks and draft stamps to all PDF pages with minimal effort. Let's check how to put watermark on PDF with WorkinTool.

  • Step 1. Once installing WorkinTool software, go to Tool Box > Add Watermark to upload the PDF.
  • Step 2. Choose the wanted watermark mode: Place text or Place image. Then set the watermark parameters.
  • Step 3. When all is ready, press the Add Watermark button to get the stamped PDF instantly.
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Way 1. Insert PDF in PDF on Windows

Way 2. Watermark PDF Files on Mac

Adobe Acrobat is an excellent PDF watermark editor, creator, and remover for Mac pros and novices. In Adobe, you can insert logos, stamps, image watermarks, or text copyrights into PDF easily. Moreover, you can update and remove watermark from PDF as well.

  • Step 1. Open your PDF file in Adobe software. Then navigate to Tools > Edit PDF.
  • Step 2. Locate the Watermark menu and choose the Add... option to insert wanted text or image watermarks.
  • Step 3. Click File > Save As to keep the PDF file with watermarks.
Way 2. Watermark PDF Files on Mac

Desktop Software VS Online Tool

Desktop Software
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7
Data privacy and information security are ensured
Faster processing speed and better quality outcome
Provide 20+ PDF tools after watermarking PDF
No limitations to file quantity and use times
Easily add multiple watermarks to PDF files
No ads or watermarks
No file size limit using PDF Edit & PDF Reader
Online Tool
Explore Now
Don't download any software to insert watermarks into PDF
Whenever and wherever to copyright PDF
Three moves to put PDF watermarks
Stable converting speed
Outstanding exporting quality
Remove uploaded files permanently after 24 hours
Support each file within 0.5 MB at a time

Words After: Why Do We Need to Add Watermark to PDF?

Protect Author's Copyright
Protect Author's Copyright
As the Internet develops rapidly, sharing and obtaining PDF files online is easier. Hence, it's necessary to add watermarks to PDFs to show the files' ownership and protect your copyright.
Secure PDF Files
Secure PDF Files
If you don't want readers to copy or re-share your PDF files, you can add confidential or not-copy watermarks to your PDF files to secure your PDF from editing or copying.
Make Your PDF More Professional
Make Your PDF More Professional
By watermarking your PDF file, you can make your PDF files more professional and convincing for readers or viewers.

People Also Ask

Can I add a watermark to a PDF?
Yes, you can certainly add a watermark to a PDF. And if you want to streamline the PDF watermarking process, you can make full use of a PDF watermark creator, like WorkinTool, to insert a watermark online with several clicks.

What is the free program to add watermark to PDF?
Are you seeking a free tool to watermark your PDF files? Below lists some popular and free PDF watermark adder online programs. You can select one for your preference.
  • WorkinTool PDF Watermark Adder Online
  • iLovePDF
  • Sejda
  • PDF24 Tools

How do I add a non-removable watermark to a PDF?
You can exert WorkinTool PDF Converter offline to add a non-removable watermark to a PDF. And if your PDF file is within 2 MB, watermarking is free of charge.
  • Firstly, head to Tool Box > Add Watermark to upload the target PDF file.
  • Secondly, select the wanted PDF watermark mode and then adjust the parameters as you want.
  • Lastly, hit the Add Watermark button to get the watermarked PDF files within seconds.
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PDF Watermark Adder

Add Watermark to PDF Free Online!
Only three moves to create and insert draft, confidential or other text watermarks to PDF files for free online. Moreover, you can customize your watermarks by changing the watermarks' size, style, transparency, and position. Just take a try and see the magic with your eyes!
Free Download For Win 11/10/8/7