How to Create a Meme Video for Free | Viral Template

More than a billion people share memes on Instagram every day. But if you want to be cooler, be the popular meme creator. Check out this article for the best suggestions on making your own meme video and how to make it go viral. We also offer you the most convenient and free video editor-the VidClipper tool. You can use it to make any meme you want. Now it’s time for you to enjoy all these fabulous features and create your own unique meme videos.

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How to Create a Meme Video for Free | Viral Template


Instagram’s worldwide reach is evident. According to Instagram’s own post count, users shared more than a million memes daily in 2020 alone. This number is crazy enough to show how popular memes are among netizens. In 2024, it’s only going to get bigger. The endless events and the imagination of netizens give meme vitality. Like Will Smith’s famous slap at the Oscar Awards in 2022, various memes about it continue to go viral on the Internet today. You look at those memes that are so strange and funny. Do you also want to make some of your own? Therefore, how to create a meme video like those hilarious ones?

The generation and spread of memes are based on actual social events or life experiences, representing people’s views on the existence of the facts. It can be cheerful and severe. Or it can be casual, even sarcastic. No one prescribes what structure they must be. Of course, as the fastest spread, the most widely used network carrier, memes are very suitable for promoting products, brands, or personal images. More and more brands are willing to turn their attention to meme video production, whether positive brand advertising or self-deprecating advertising. The number of potential users will skyrocket if you get more attention. The more novel and unique you are, the more connections you can make with customers.

If you are a sales manager or a personal creator of a brand, and you’re considering ways to get the attention of the younger generation, try posting memes on your promotional site or social media like Instagram or TikTok. Advertising doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. Make your account more personal and communicate with the comments so as to be more popular among modern youth. In the text below, we will show you how to create a meme video for free. Let’s move on.


How to Create a Meme Video for Free


Put it this way, my friend, if you are learning and looking for a meme video-making tool to help you solve those problems, then you are lucky to read this article. Here we will introduce you to the perfect video editor that can help you get your own meme edited for free and the tips for producing perfect memes that go viral on the Internet.

workintool vidclipper


The first step to creating a popular meme video is to have a good video editor. With it, you can get the best video meme effect. However, video editing software on the market today is mixed with good and evil. You may only be able to meet your needs if you specify them on the download site. To reduce your selection time, we recommend using an effective software – WorkinTool VidClipper. It is a very professional video editing software that can do almost any video editing work. The reason we recommend you to use this software is that it is feature-rich and easy to understand the operation. More importantly, from converting MP4 to AVI and making a split screen video to text-to-speech narration, you can use all the built-in features and sources free of charge. How amazing is that? 

Now, let’s go into the detailed steps of making a meme video:


#1: Upload Your Video Clip and Edit it

convert avi to mov 1


First, download and open this WorkinTool Video Editor and start the video editing function.

Click “+ New Project” and import the target videos that are used to create a meme video.


#2: Adjust the Video Details

how to make a meme video 1


The next step is to adjust the details in your video to get a better vision. For example, a standard video might be slow to get a good meme, so you’ll need to speed it up. In addition, there is image coloring, facial beauty, and more. All of these can be customized here if you’d like. But you should know these steps are optional, of course, and you can move on to the next step if you don’t feel the need. Some meme videos put text underneath the image, while others go directly into the picture. If you use the first approach, you must zoom in and out of the video image before adding text.


#3: Add Text to Your Video Meme

how to create a meme video


The soul of a meme lies in its ability to convey the imagery of the image in its text. So you must add the correct text at the right time and place so that memes can express the exact emotion. Use WorkinTool VidClipper to add text:

how to make a meme video 3


  • Click on the Text option and pick one text template that works just right (104 different text templates are available for you to select).
  • Enter the text content you want to add and drag the text box to the right place of the GIF image and timeline.
  • Then adjust the text styles in the aspect of font, color, size, opacity, and so on.


#4: Export and Share with Others


Before you export this well-made meme, you can view it on the real-time screen and adjust it anytime.

how to create a meme video 1. gif

Once you are done editing, you can click on the Export button to save it to your computer and share it with others.

will slap rock at oscar


Tips for Creating Viral Memes


🔥 Create with humor and real content.

If you want your meme to be something that makes people laugh, you must make sure that the meme video makes you laugh first. So try to focus on specific areas and events that you are familiar with. And try not to pick the kind of content that only a small group can understand. Only when you delve into a particular area can you generate relevant thoughts and create meme videos that are instantly accessible to the expert.

💾 Build a source library of your own.

You may often see some exciting video clips, but at this time, you have yet to learn of memes. But make sure you get the content. Then you can save it to your own meme media source library. When you need to find intriguing content at a certain point in time, browse through the library, and you may find something useful. If you need help finding fascinating meme video clips, you can search on Twitter, Instagram, and Giphy.

⏲ Post at a great time. 

Information travels more than 100 times faster than it used to. But simultaneously, the speed with which things become obsolete also accelerates. If you want your meme videos to remain in the popular ranks, you must seize every opportunity. Create the current video when it’s most popular and publish it. The best-case scenario is to anticipate the next hot event and even make a meme accordingly. Audiences always like updated things, especially now that they are 2024. Remember, timing is essential.