How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Windows and Android

I know when downloading TikTok videos, the jumping TikTok watermark can be really annoying. And you want it gone. That is why I recommend you to try this totally free and super easy-to-use software – WorkinTool Watermark Remover. With this handy software, you can easily remove the TikTok watermark from your download video clips on Windows. And it won’t leave any trace of editing nor change the original video file. More importantly, it is 100% FREE to use all the functions. Come download and try the magic yourself now.

Last updated on Feb 02, 2023 by Betty Written by Sebastian
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How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Windows and Android

How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Windows and Android

If you are making videos on TikTok and also using Instagram, you have probably started sharing some of your TikTok videos on Instagram Reels, which is a great way to save time. But you may have noticed that the videos with a TikTok watermark are not getting you as many views as videos without that TikTok watermark. And that is ranking down videos that have a TikTok watermark. Because Instagram wants users to have a better experience, low-quality content is clearly out of the list now. I know you have probably searched for methods of how to remove TikTok watermark from original clips.

Here in this article, we will show you how to download the TikTok video correctly and how to remove TikTok watermark on Windows and Android in two quick and easy ways. Even though I do have to say the best practice to match the rules of both platforms is to create new and original content. However, on the other sides, I also know how hard it must be to begin a high-quality video clip. The cost is too much if it doubles the time to create another hours-spending video. And that is why we recommend two tools to erase TikTok Watermark. One is to use WorkinTool Watermark Remover on Windows. And there is another Andriod software WorkinTool Video Eraser that you can use. Let’s find out.



How to Download TikTok Videos

Before telling you how to get rid of the TikTok watermark, I will give you two tricks for downloading them. When you know how to download them, you can save them to your phone or computer, and it is easier to share. In this way, whether you want to watch them again or edit them for a better viewing experience before uploading them again, they are all accessible. But both the two methods I am going to introduce come from the native function that is built-in TikTok. So, the TikTok watermark will remain in the corner of those videos.

Standard Method

TikTok only allows users to download videos by its application, and downloaded videos will remain the watermark. So the first method is to use the “Save Video” option to download a TikTok video as a standard video file. This is the easiest way to download it. However, it is only for video clips that the creator has allowed viewers to download. Follow me to see how it works:

  1. First, open the TikTok app on your phone and log in.
  2. Then find a video clip that you want to save.
  3. Look to the left navigation bar and go to the “Share” button (Normally, it is shown as a white arrow.)
  4. After that, you will see “Save Video” down the screen. Click it to save the video to your phone.

save tiktok video

📣Notice: There is a chance that you won’t be able to find this button. And that is because the creator has banned the download function. If you want to save the video, you have to find another way.


Save as Live Photo 

Another option we want to share is to make them Live Photos. In this way, you can save all the TikTok clips. But be aware that only videos can be saved in GIF format, so audio is not supported. Plus, after downloading them, you need to reverse their format to standard video formats like MP4 or MKV. Let me show you how to save a TikTok video as a Live Photo.

  1. Step one and step two are the same as the first method. You open TikTok and find your desired video.
  2. And then what are you going to tab in the “share” button is not “Save Video.” You will see “Live Photo” and “Share as GIF.” Choosing either one is ok.
  3. Last, after saving the video on your phone, please find it and convert it back to Video format.

tiktok live photo


How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Windows

Regardless, due to TikTok’s policy, all the videos that are downloaded by the two methods we have covered still have the annoying TikTok watermarking popping in the corner. And that is why my friend, I am going to welcome this fantastic tool – WorkinTool Watermark Remover. With WorkinTool Watermark Eraser, you can magically make any unwanted watermark disappear, whether it is text or images. Let’s check out how to operate it.

Cropping It out

The first way to remove the TikTok watermark is by simply cropping it out of your video altogether. This can be a little tricky, but it is possible. Just follow these steps:

Option one to remove the TikTok watermark is by the “Resize Video” function to crop unwanted parts out of your video. Unlike other cropping software, WorkinTool offers users a customized box to adjust the area that they want to leave. You can precisely enter the height and width or drag the selection box to shape your video area. This tool even thoughtfully gives you ratios that are already set for different purposes.

  • Open This tool and go to “Resize Video.”
  • Select or drag and drop your downloaded video into this window.
  • From here, you can customize your video. Just drag the selection box to shape the video area to crop out the TikTok watermark.
  • After you have adjusted the video, click “Resize Now” to save your video.

how to remove tiktok watermark cropping

Rubbing It Out

The downside of removing a watermark is that it can also crop out essential parts of the frame. And if you also mind that cropping might affect the video viewing experience, you can try the watermark deleting function. It is definitely the easiest way to rub out the TikTok watermark. You only need to box the watermark area and set the time right. Let’s see how it works:

  • Open Watermark Eraser and go to “Remove watermark from the video.”
  • Put in your video and click “Create selection” to box the watermark.
  • On the bottom of the window, you can set the watermark removing the area’s start and end times. And you can create multiple selection boxes to delete.
  • Click “Save” after you have erased the unwanted TikTok watermark.

how to remove tiktok watermark rubbing


How to Remove TikTok Watermark on Android

Since it removes the watermark of TikTok, most users are certainly more inclined to work directly with the phone. Above, we talked about a Windows desktop software to remove watermarks, so here we provide you with the second option: using an Android application to get it done: WorkinTool Video Eraser.

how to trim a video app

Basically, the features of this mobile app are not that different from that of the desktop. Both are perfect for removing unnecessary elements from a video or image. And the experience on the phone is no worse than on the computer. What’s more, though, the software is focused on adding or removing watermarks. But if you have primary photo or video editing needs, it can help, too. It also allows users to trim a Youtube video and crop the clip screen. All you need to do is upload a video and customize the logo to add it. As a mobile app, the software offers unlimited free access to users on some features. For other parts, users get one free day at a time. Of course, if you’re happy with the experience, you can also upgrade to a pro account for unlimited features.

Instructions to Remove TikTok Watermark on Android:

  1. Open the app and find the Remove Watermark option on the main page.
  2. Upload the target video and add a selection box.
  3. Cover the TikTok logo area with eh selection box.
  4. Click on Done and decide if you want to save it to your photo album or share it with others.

More to Share

If you are using the approaches we have shared to download, remember to transfer them to your computer to cut the watermark off. WorkinTool Watermark Remover won’t alter the original video if you have already saved it before properly adjusting these videos. You can change the saving path by the “settings” button. And since we are talking about removing the TikTok watermark, typically, there will only be one watermark in one video. And the watermark will stay from the beginning to the end So, so it won’t be necessary to set the timeline and create several selection boxes precisely.
If you have read here, you must realize how easy to remove the bothering TikTok logo from your videos using this easy watermark tool. With this fresh interface, even a beginner without knowledge about video editing can understand how to operate these steps. Plus, it is totally free to use now. There is no cost to try, right? Take the first move to enjoy all these great functions.

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