How to Translate a Video to English Online and on Windows

Want to know how to translate a video to English, Spanish, French, or any other language you need with high accuracy? Refer to the content below! In this article, we share free methods that enable you to extract and translate text from a video.
In this post:
1. How to translate a video to English online for free
2. How to translate a video to English on Windows
3. FAQs on video translation

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How to Translate a Video to English Online and on Windows


Translating videos allows users to break language barriers and understand wider cultures across different countries. By using excellent digital media translating tools, whether individuals or institutes can effectively communicate with audiences who speak different languages. It is not hard to see that these video translators online and on the desktop have been enhancing education, marketing and promotion, entertainment and media, information sharing, as well as localization.

how to translate a video

Therefore, this post offers methods of translating videos through online platforms and Windows operating systems. Whether you want to expand your audience, reach international markets, or access tutorial videos or TV series, you can quickly equip yourself with tips and video translators to translate your videos into English or other languages effectively.

Table of Contents

  • How to Translate a Video to English Online Free
  • How to Translate a Video to English on Windows
  • FAQs


How to Translate a Video to English Online Free

By using an online video translator, you can bridge the language gap anywhere and anytime you need. However, the translation quality and accuracy may vary depending on the complexity of the video content and the capability of the video language translator. There are multiple free and online video translators. But for data security and translation effect concerns, you may consider using professional video language converters like WorkinTool online video-to-text tool to ensure the best quality results.

This online video translator is completely free and requires no signup. Powered by real artificial intelligence technology, it achieves automatic text recognition and extraction with high accuracy. It can recognize multiple languages, enabling you to translate videos into English, French, Japanese, Russian, and up to 20+ languages. Moreover, eight mainstream video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MPEG, RMVB, VOB, and WMV, are supported. You can export the translated video content as TXT, SRT, as well as DOCX files as desired.

Let’s explore the steps involved in translating your video to English and other languages with the assistance of WorkinTool video translator online.

How to Translate a Video to English for Free with WorkinTool Online

workintool online video translator

  1. Click the blue + icon to upload a video.
  2. Configure options like Target Langauge, Output Format, as well as Applied Area, and then hit Convert to begin the automatic video transcription.
  3. Press Download to save the video transcript.

ūüďĘNote: For network speed and translation speed concerns, the maximum file size this online video language converter supports is up to 20 MB. Therefore, to translate larger videos, please try the desktop version software, which also supports more languages.


How to Translate a Video to English on Windows

Sometimes, translating video to English subtitles or plain text files online for free is unsuitable for users who prefer faster processing speed and more stable features. Many users concerned about data security would also like to use video subtitle translators on desktops. No worries, the video translator in this part provides the best practices to translate a video language on Windows operating systems. This highly reliable video translation tool is WorkinTool TranslateAI.

workintool translateai

As the desktop version of the WorkinTool video-to-text tool, TranslateAI is more stable and effective. It is an all-in-one translation tool that can help users extract text from and translate videos, audio, images, as well as Office documents easily. With an intuitive interface, you can experience all embedded features without a learning curve. It enables users to translate any files to another language in a few clicks. Compared with the online tool, TranslateAI supports 100+ languages. Moreover, the batch conversion feature enables you to translate multiple files in a single run. You can get translated files immediately when you hit the Translate button.

free download

Apart from these features, Translate AI also comes with a plethora of practical features. You can refer to the sheet below to know more details about this tool.

Specifications and Additional Features of TranslateAI


  • Trial version: Available
  • Pricing: $10.99/Month, $29.99/Year, $39.99/Lifetime
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Supported File Formats: PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, images, videos, audio, etc.
  • Available Features: 100+
  • Supported Languages: 100+

Additional Features

  • Text Converter: 6 converters
  • Speech Converter: 5 subsidiary features
  • PDF Converter: 13 conversion tools
  • PDF Reader & Editor: 15 features
  • WPS Converter: WPS to/from Word/Excel/PPT/Image
  • DWG Converter: 4 modes
  • Image Converter: 5 modes
  • File Compressor: 6 supported file categories
  • Recognition Tools: 12 models
  • Photo Restoration: 4 subsidiary features
  • ID Photo Creation: 9 modes

How to Translate Videos to English via TranslateAI

1. Download and launch TranslateAI and then go to Translation > Video Translation.

video translation workintool

2. Click the Add file(s) or Add folder(s) to upload your videos.

3. Expand the drop-down menu to configure the source and target languages, set your save path, and then press Translate All.

mp4 translation select langauge

4. After that, press Open Folder to find your translated video file(s). The files will be in DOCX format by default.

translation completed



Can Google translate a video to text?

Unfortunately, Google Translate does not support video translation. It is limited to translating text, images, web pages, and Office files.

How to translate audio from a video?

If you want to translate a video on YouTube, you can directly click the CC button in the toolbar below the video to translate the video’s subtitles. If you want to translate the audio on your local video, you can use a professional video audio translator. TranslateAI is a tool that offers this functionality.

Is there a way to translate a video into text?

Yes. You can use WorkinTool’s online video-to-text converter to extract and translate the text within the video. The translated text can be saved in TXT, DOCX, or SRT format. Additionally, TranslateAI allows you to conveniently extract and translate the audio from videos in just one click.

How to translate a video from English to Spanish

Both WorkinTool’s video-to-text converter and TranslateAI support multilingual video translation. Whether you want to translate a video from English to Spanish or translate a video from Spanish to English or any other language, both tools can perfectly meet your needs.

free download

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