External Hard Drive Recovery – Retrieve Data for Free

WorkinTool is proficient in external hard drive data recovery. Apart from other charging software, it is 100% free to scan, recover and download files. In general, it is feasible to:
1️⃣ Quick and deep scan of the external hard drive
2️⃣ Target files without the hassle and recover them without watermarks
3️⃣ Easy for beginners to operate with a simple dashboard
4️⃣ Suitable for various external partitions, like HDD, SSD, USB, memory cards, etc.

Last updated on Feb 03, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Orlando
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External Hard Drive Recovery – Retrieve Data for Free

The external hard drive is commonly used to restore files in daily office and life. However, damage to the external hard drive will render the user no longer able to access the data. Many external hard drive users may have encountered this case. This problem can be caused by the following factors: interruption while transferring files, virus attack or malware infection, hard drive sector corruption, corrupted file system, etc. Whatever the cause of external hard drive damage, what the user should do first is to repair the corrupted or formatted drive and recover the lost data. This post will set eyes on external hard drive recovery. Versatile solutions are available below.

📌 How to Recover Damaged External Hard Drive

There are various factors that may cause an external hard drive. Basically, there are logical damage and physical damage. If your external hard drive is in the following conditions, it is likely to be a logically damaged one:

  1. When reading a file or running a program, the external hard disk repeatedly reports an error and makes noise. This may be caused by bad sectors on the hard drive.
  2. When the external hard disk is connected, it shows that the hard drive is in a raw state and the file cannot be read. This may occur due to file system errors.
  3. When starting the hard disk, if fail to run the system, it is likely to be a problem with the boot sector of the hard disk.

On the other hand, physical damage to the external hard drive may be caused by dust pollution, damage to the hard drive surface, circuit board damage, etc. Thanks to external data recovery software, you can back up the data in a logically damaged external hard drive and then fix it. But for physically damaged external partitions, there is a minimal chance to recover them. You may need to switch to an external hard drive recovery service near your place.

Logically External Hard Drive Recovery with Data Recovery Software

When it comes to the best external hard drive data recovery software, we recommend this WorkinTool Data Recovery Software. It is a free file recovery tool compatible with the Windows system, which is rare in the industry. Most external hard drive recovery software and service cost highly. Since WorkinTool is new to the field, its explorer provides a long-term free trial version to access. It can not only retrieve lost and occasionally deleted files from your PC but also can recover data from external hard drives, SD cards, USBs, memory cards, etc.

As for the scanning and recovery process, WorkinTool performs well. It helps you find and recover data from an external hard drive without bothering to wait. Its quick scan feature allows you to find files back within seconds. This software is easy to grab all things for beginners. Within a few simple steps, you can back up your data from the damaged hard disk. We have listed the detailed instructions for external hard drive recovery in the following:

How to recover data from logically damaged external hard drive with WorkinTool

Step 1. Back up your data on a damaged external hard drive

  1. Download and install WorkinTool Data Recovery and launch it. Select Disk & Partition Recovery on the first user interface.hard drive recovery with workintool
  2.  Select your external hard drive to scan. Search for the scanned files by filtering the file name, size, format, deletion time, etc. Or select all scanned files to back up. If there are no target files you need to recover, click the Deep scan button to further scan your hard disk.scan external hard drive
  3. Pick the files you need to restore and press Recover. Then select a new folder to preserve them and press Suresave recovered files

Step 2. Format the dead external hard drive

After recovering the data and saving it to your computer, you can format the damaged external partition to repair it.

  1. Connect the damaged external hard drive to the computer.
  2. Open the file manager and click This PC. Find the target hard disk and right-click it, then press Format> Start. This way, you can fix the corrupted external hard drive.
  3. Drag the recovered files back to the fixed external hard drive if necessary.

format raw partition

data recovery software icon

📌 How to Retrieve Data from a Formatted External Hard Drive

In addition to the damage to the external hard disk, the mis-formatting of the hard disk also occurs from time to time. Don’t panic if you format the external hard disk by mistake. WorkinTool is also effective in formatted external hard drive recovery.

Step1. Open WorkinTool Data Recovery and hit Formatted Recovery on the dashboard.

formatted external hard drive recovery

Step2. Scan the formatted external hard drive and filter and pick the files you want to restore.

filter files before recovering

Step3. Press the Recover button, then determine the save path of the recovered data.

recover formatted external hard drive

Note: WorkinTool Data Recovery Software can recover data from logically damaged and formatted external hard drives, including HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, etc. It is now not suitable for recovering data from a mobile phone. To do so, you can give the Disk Drill a try, which helps you connect to your mobile phone and recover data, but it is not for free.

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💡 How to Avoid External Hard Drive Recovery

Though the data recovery software permits you to recover data from an external hard drive, the success rate may not be 100%. For daily use, we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the external hard drive. To avoid your external hard drive being damaged, you can:

  • Operate the external hard drive properly; Pull it out correctly
  • Regularly check if viruses infect the external hard disk
  • Keep your external hard drive away from dust

Final Words

This post mainly talked about external hard drive recovery. To conclude, to recover a logically damaged and formatted external hard disk, you can use data recovery software directly. To repair a physically damaged one, you have to ask the hard drive recovery service for help. If you cannot distinguish, you can choose the software first. After all, the WorkinTool Data Recovery Software is free to use right now.

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