How to Compress MKV Files Without Losing Quality FREE

Finding a video compression software that meets both the practical and the affordable requirements can be extremely difficult. Well, lucky you, my friend, here I highly recommend WorkinTool File Compressor, which will satisfy all your potential needs. Using it to compress MKV video, you can not only customize the resolution but also convert it directly to MP4 format. What’s more, it’s completely free to use for Mac. What are you waiting for? Let’s experience it now.

Last updated on May 18, 2023 by Orlando Written by Sebastian
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🎉 How to Compress MKV Files

MKV, as a very common video file format, is often used to store high-quality movie videos and soap operas. If you’re an addicted video hoarder, this format is no stranger to you. However, this video format usually contains HD movies, including subtitle tracks. So, it would be fine if only a few movies were stored on a computer. If the amount once excessive, then there will be a burden on the storage disk. Add to that the financial burden of using cloud storage and the problem of file security can not be guaranteed. For all these reasons, it is a good idea to find a way to compress MKV.

If we want to compress MKV video files correctly and don’t affect the quality within, then undoubtedly the most effective way is to find video compression software. But I don’t need to specifically let you know there is a good deal of software that is intermingled with good and bad on the Internet. Not to mention how hard it would be if you want to find the perfect tool that is functional and practical. So, to spare our efforts, I’m here to offer you the easiest method to compress MKV video files, compared with the corresponding compressors. Let’s check this out.


How to Compress MKV Files – Free Way

The first compressing tool that I highly recommend is WorkinTool File Compressor. We all know that there are more and more TV movies, and Blu-ray movies have become the first choice for video collectors. But the minimum storage size for a 4K movie is 25 gigabytes, and it would be Scheherazade to store movies that size on a computer unless you paid for an external hard drive specifically for storage. But the cost would be bottomless. Well, this is where WorkinTool File Compressor comes to the rescue.

This video compression software has two built-in exclusive compression sections. One is General Settings. Here users can choose whether they want a compression priority or a video quality priority, and according to the MKV video, the software will automatically start to process depending on different compression proportions. And another one is Additional Settings. It allows users to customize the resolution, and bit rate in videos and audio. Additionally, the software supports batch compression. So the quantity of the video is not a problem. Moreover, it is totally free for Mac or provides a free trial foe Windows. Isn’t it intriguing?


🎊 The Simplest Steps to Get MKV Files Compressed

1. First, go to open this tool and add your MKV files in the Video Compressor section. Even if MKV is not written in the supported format, it is feasible and the effect is not affected.

how to compress mkv

2. Then you can get your videos ready for compression.

(📣 Notice: As mentioned above, the user can choose two different compression modes according to the requirements. If you are new to this, General Settings are recommended. If there are specific requirements, then Addition Settings are recommended instead)

compress mkv 1

3. Last, after hitting Compress, wait a couple of seconds to check the result. Here is the ultimate comparison of the before and after compression. As you can see, the video was significantly reduced in size when I chose video quality first, which symbolizes that this video compressor really works.

compress mkv 2


💥 Why Choose WorkinTool File Compressor

  • Batch Compression Supported: It allows users to upload videos to compress as many as they want. The sky is the limit.
  • FREE for Trial: There is no registration or built-in function restriction, 100% FREE for Mac users. It also provides a long-term free trial for Windows users. You can compress video files below 2 MB without time limits.
  • Simple and Clear Interface: Simple design for people of all ages to use.
  • Totally Safe for Output Files: There will be no trace of usage, and no one will have access to your files but yourself.
  • All-in-one Compression Functions: Except for WKV compression, it is available for compressing images, shrinking the size of MOV files, reduce the size of Word documents.


How to Reduce MKV Sizes – Alternative Solution

Of course, if you want to compress videos, you can do it with the VLC media player to compress MKV as well. But you should know, its main body is a video player software, compression function is hidden in the settings deep. If you’re new to this and want to find and use it, it may not be that easy. Here’s how to use it.

🎊 The Alternative Solution to Compress MKV Files

1. Media > Convert/ Save…

vlc conversion 1

2. File > +Add… > Convert / Save.

vlc compress mkv

3. Video codec > Resolution > Scale > Save.

vlc compress video 3


Something You Should Know Before Compressing

🔔 Why Are MKV Files so Big?

Generally speaking, the MKV F format video will be larger than MP4. Because it usually holds more audio and subtitle tracks. It’s often used to store high-definition, high-volume videos like 4K and 8K Blu-ray.

🔔 How Do I Convert MKV to MP4?

If you want to convert MKV Video to MP4, you can do so with the WorkinTool File Compressor. There is an option in the General Settings that allows the user to convert the output video to MP4 format.

🔔 Will I Lose Image Quality if Converting to MP4?

Converting to MP4 format doesn’t cause any loss in picture quality. In fact, after converting to MP4, the overall size of the video becomes smaller, the pressure on the player becomes smaller, and the probability of playback problems is reduced with it.

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As stated above, if you want to find practical and useful video compression software, it is going to be extremely difficult. But thankfully, you have found this article on how to compress MKV video files. By properly using WorkinTool File Compressor, you will get a satisfactory compression result as you wish. So, what are you waiting for? Just go download and experience the major by yourself. I’m sure you won’t regret the decision.

Are you ready to join the ride for video compression now?

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