How to Find and Replace in PDF for Free Online/Offline | 3 Ways

If you need to replace incorrect information or update outdated content in a PDF file but don’t know where to start, this article can help you solve this problem. The software mentioned in this article can assist users in finding and replacing text, comments, annotations, and other content in PDFs. Whether you want to replace content in multiple files at once or manually edit and replace specific text, you can find suitable solutions here.
In this guide:
1. How to find and replace in PDF for free on Windows?
2. How to search and replace in PDF in Adobe Acrobat?
3. How to find and replace in pdf online free?
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How to Find and Replace in PDF for Free Online/Offline | 3 Ways


Finding and replacing text in a PDF provides a quick and efficient way to make widespread changes, correct errors, update information, ensure consistency, or extract data, saving time and effort compared to manual editing. However, editing PDFs requires specialized software. It is a challenging task to modify and edit a PDF due to the inherent limitations of this format. One common challenging task is finding and replacing specific text within a PDF.

how to find and replace in pdf

No worries. In this article, you will find various methods to effectively search and replace textual content within PDF documents, enabling you to make necessary changes in the easiest way and avoid the need for extensive manual editing. Some methods are completely free. By mastering these tools and techniques, you can streamline your document editing process and boost productivity in working with PDF files.

Table of Contents

  • 1. How to Find and Replace in PDF for Free on Windows?
  • 2. How to Find and Replace in PDF in Adobe Acrobat?
  • 3. Find and Replace in PDF Online free
  • FAQ


How to Find and Replace in PDF for Free on Windows?

To find and replace text in a PDF file for free on Windows, you can try WorkinTool PDF Converter. It can directly find and replace all specific text from multiple files in a single run. It also has a completely free PDF editor, enabling users to edit text, images, pages, signatures, interactive forms, shapes, stamps, and various elements without costing a single penny. Here are the detailed operation steps. You will only take a few clicks to locate and complete the text replacement.

How to Find and Replace Text in PDF via WorkinTool?

Method 1. Find and Replace all in PDF

1. Open WorkinTool PDF Converter and click Tool Box > Replace PDF Text to upload a PDF file or multiple files.

workintool replace pdf text

2. After that, input the text you want to find and replace. The blue + button allows you to add more text you want to change.

find and replace content configure

3. Press the Convert button to perform the modification. Wait for it to proceed. The converted PDF file will be quickly and automatically saved to your local folder.

replace text in pdf in batch


Method 2. Replace a Specific Word Manually in PDF

1. Go to View & Edit > PDF Edit to add a PDF file.

workintool pdf editor

2. Expand the dropdown menu of the Sign icon, click Content Editor, and then change the editable text to your wanted words.

find and replace specific text workintool

3. Click the Save & Close button to save your editing. When all editing finishes, click Download to export the PDF as a new copy.


Why Choose WorkinTool PDF Converter?

Apart from the text replacement tool, WorkinTool also offers additional capabilities for you to explore, such as image editing, page management, annotation, password protection, watermark adding/removal, PDF conversion/translation/compression, and more. You can manage, modify, and edit your PDF files without pressure.

In contrast to other PDF editing and converting software, which will impose fees after the trial period, lock advanced features for Pro users, or add watermarks on the edited PDFs,  WorkinTool PDF Converter is much better. It allows users to utilize all features without registration or subscription and will not add watermarks on the exported PDFs. As long as the file size is smaller than 0,5MB, users can try all features for free. Notably, the PDF editing tool offered by WorkinTool is entirely free, enabling you to make a variety of modifications to your PDF document without any limitations on file size.

The Best PDF Text Editor Software for Windows Offline
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  • Easily replace, delete, modify, redact, highlight, underline, recognize, and add text in PDF.
  • Replace text in multiple PDFs at once.
  • Replace a specific word or all of it in a PDF.
  • Provide all features for free for files less than 0.5MB.
  • Additional 30+ PDF editing and management tools
  • 100% safe to use, no ads or watermarks
  • Free online version available
workintool pdf converter functional page

workintool pdf converter download icon


Find and Replace in PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Is there a Find and Replace feature in Adobe? Of course. Adobe’s Find toolbar allows users to search the PDF body text, form fields, digital signatures, and layers with ease. You can also search for bookmarks and comments. However, only the Find toolbar includes a “Replace With” option.

Use The Find Toolbar To Search And Replace Text

  1. Press Ctrl+F (Windows) or Command + F (macOS) to open the Find toolbar.
  2. Enter the word you need to find. You can improve the search result according to options like Whole words, Case sensitive, Include bookmarks, and Include comments.
  3. In the Replace with box, enter the word you want it replaced with and click Replace.

find and replace specific text adobe


Find and Replace in PDF Online Free

As previously mentioned, WorkinTool offers an online version of its PDF editor. Users have the option to use the online PDF Text Replace tool provided by WorkinTool to remove unwanted text and insert new text. The only difference between the online version and the desktop version is the limit on the number of files that can be uploaded.

While the desktop version allows unlimited uploads of PDF files, the online version restricts users to a maximum of four files at a time. This limitation is in place to manage server load and ensure speedy file conversion. If you have a small number of PDFs to edit, this free PDF text editing tool can be helpful in replacing unwanted text, as long as the file size is below 0.5MB.

How to Change Text in a PDF Document with WorkinTool Online?

  1. Navigate to the WorkinTool Text Replace tool and proceed to upload your PDF files.
  2. Specify the text you wish to locate and replace within the files. You can add up to four files simultaneously by selecting the blue + button.
  3. Click the Convert button to initiate the modification process. After that, press the Download button to save the changed PDF file to your local folder.

change pdf text online



1. How do I change the text in a PDF document?

You can use the aforementioned solutions to replace text in a PDF document easily. The two desktop software, WorkinTool PDF Converter and Adobe Acrobat, also allow users to edit text directly using their PDF editing tools. The former is completely free. The latter offers a 7-day free trial.

2 How do I find and replace comments in a PDF?

WorkinTool PDF Converter and Adobe Acrobat PDF editing features can help users manage and search the PDF body text, comments, form fields, digital signatures, and more elements without effort.

3. How to find and replace in multiple PDF files?

WorkinTool’s online and offline Replace PDF Text tools can replace the word with another you need in multiple files with a single run.

4. How to find and replace all in PDF documents?

WorkinTool’s online and offline Replace PDF Text tools enable users to find and replace a specific word that appears multiple times in a PDF.

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