How to Edit a PDF File on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Online Free 2023

Adobe as we know is always famous as the PDF creator. Of course, Its PDF editor is also quite professional and full of features. However, this professionalism and high price also shut many amateurs out. In order to satisfy the need of how to edit a PDF from this group of people, I offer several ways to do it on Windows, Mac, iPhone and online. Among all, WorkinTool PDF Converter is the most recommended software.
⭐ Easy to edit a PDF on Windows.
⭐ Modify PDFs while maintaining the original quality.
⭐ Provide various PDF editing tools.
⭐ Fast to process PDFs and export without watermarks.

Last updated on June 02, 2023 by Betty Written by Sebastian
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How to Edit a PDF File on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Online Free 2023

You probably notice that it is much more troublesome to edit a Portable Document File aka PDF than to modify a Microsoft Office document. That is because, at the beginning of the time when Adobe invented PDF, it wasn’t designed to allow editing at all. The goal of creating this PDF format is to move everything that you can work on-screen to paper.

As for the concern of information safety. You cannot change the content directly. Also, because it can not be edited, there are many times when changes need to be made to the content, and people often don’t know how to do it. Therefore, they need to know how to edit a PDF boosts. Luckily, this post will tell 6 fixes to edit a PDF on Windows, Mac, iPhone and online for free.

What you will learn about:

  • 1. How to Edit PDFs on Windows
  • 2. How to Edit PDFs on Mac
  • 3. How to Edit PDFs on iPhone
  • 4. How to Edit PDFs Online
  • FAQs

how to edit a pdf

How to Edit a PDF on Windows

Here in the article, we will provide several methods to teach you how to edit PDF documents. Whether you are a user of the Windows, Mac, or iPhone, I promise you that you can find a way that works. The most practical and fully functional tool that I am going to introduce is the WorkinTool PDF Converter. Most importantly, you can use all the functions without spending a penny. Now, come and see how to modify a PDF with the minimum effort.

📕 Fix 1. Using WorkinTool PDF Converter 

In order to retain the ability to edit PDF documents to the maximum extent possible, and to satisfy the user’s need for free software, I highly recommend this WorkinTool PDF Converter. It is a professional PDF software. Literally, every function that you can see on Adobe has them all. Ranging from converting PDF to Word and other office document formats to basic PDF process functions. For example, merging a PDF or splitting one into multiple files or pages will not be easier once you have tried this PDF editor.

advantages of workintool pdf converter

For the most important role of today – the editing option, you can find many built-in functions in it. With this easy software, you can customize it to change the content of an editable PDF now. It is equipped with drawing, signing, texting, image, and line inserting. In order to be able to meet the needs of users,  all the other features of the integrated page have been incorporated into this editing function. You don’t need to process the PDF file again after editing.

workintool pdf converter download icon

💡 How to Enable Editing on PDF with WorkinTool

Step 1. You need to go to download and install this powerful PDF Converter on your computer. So that you can feel free to modify the contents of the PDF file.

how to edit a pdf 3

Step 2. Open the PDF Edit function and put your desired PDF file into this process window.

how to edit a pdf

Step 3. [Add Text] After opening, you will see the PDF entity in the middle and pages on the side. All the editing options are on the top ribbon. Here I use the “Add text” as an example, of the basic function to modify a PDF. Tap that button and you will see another ribbon section popping out. You can modify the text font, size, and color, even the transparency and alignment. All you need to do is to create an area to enter your text and adjust these options according to your needs.

how to edit a pdf 2

  • [Other Editing Tools] Except for text, you will find many other tools to apply when editing. You can easily highlight the content, crop the document or create lines to connect data by different unique functions.

other functions

  • [Rearrange Pages] It also supports users to adjust their in-pages when editing. In this way, you won’t need to do the second process before exporting. Of course, if you have finished editing the PDF file and you are happy with the result, just click the “Export” button to save the file on your computer for later use.

other functions 2

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📘 Fix 2. Using Microsoft Word 

Sure, there is another way to edit the PDF file without downloading any software. It is directly using Microsoft Word to open your PDF files. This is one of the most convenient ways to modify PDF content. Check out how to do it in Word.

  1. Go to File > Open.
  2. Find your PDF file or directly pick your file using Browse just like below.
    edit pdf in word
  3.  Then there will be a window popping out telling you that it is a copy of your PDF, and the layout might change in order to display on Word. If you are fine, select OK. If not, select Cancel.

edit pdf in word 2

Reference to: Microsoft Support

🚨 Notice: As you can see, this way your PDF layout might change during the conversion to word format. Unless your PDF is full of text without images or tables, do not use it.

How to Edit a PDF on Mac for Free

Unfortunately, the Mac version of WorkinTool PDF Converter is still on the way. So, if your computer is a Mac system, you may want to shift your way of thinking when editing a PDF. Right here, I will also provide a way of doing it.

📒 Fix 1. Using Preview on Mac

If you are working with a Macbook, the best way to edit PDFs is to exert Preview for free. As we all know, it is a free and defaulted PDF editor on Mac PC. And it holds some essential PDF editing tools for us to make changes to PDF with minimal effort. Let’s check how to do it in Preview first.

💡 How to Edit a Downloaded PDF in Preview

Step 1. Duble-click your PDF, which will open with Preview by default if you don’t download other PDF editors. Then click the Show Markup Toolbar button with a maker-looking icon.

click show markup toolbar in preview

Step 2. Use editing tools like adding text, shapes, signatures, etc., to modify your PDF file.

edit a pdf in preview

Step 3. Once you have completed the modifications to PDF, tap File > Save to keep the changes.

save the edited pdf in preview

How to Edit PDF on iPhone

📗 Fix 1. Using Nature Files App on iPhone

In this age of rapid technological development, we can modify PDF documents even without a computer and make it on iPhone conveniently as well. The Apple built-in Files App can help us not only manage device files but also edit documents on iPhone without downloading other PDF applications. You are accessible to insert or remove PDF pages and write and highlight on PDF in File. And the steps are simple and friendly to novices. Hence, if you are an iPhone user, this method is most suitable for you.

💡 How to Edit PDFs with Files App on iPhone

  • Step 1. Touch the Files App and open the PDF document you want to edit.
  • Step 2. [Optinally] Slide from left to right to activate the PDF thumbnails. Then long press one page. Next, select Scan PagesRotate Left, Rotate Right, and more in the pop-up window.
  • Step 3. Click the pen-looking icon on your upper-right. Then you can use the built-in brushes and erase to make changes to PDF for your preference. After you finish, click Done to save the new PDF on your iPhone.

edit a pdf on phone

Reference to: Apple Support

How to Edit PDF Documents Online Free

📘 Fix 1. Using WorkinTool PDF Converter Online 

If you think the Files App tools are not used smoothly or conveniently, you can exert WorkinTool PDF Converter Online for free with more advanced PDF tools. Here, you can sign, add images or standard text, and protect and unlock PDFs without a penny. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the uploaded file safety in the WorkinTool server because WorkinTool uses HTTP to protect data security and delete files forever after 24 hours.

💡 How to Edit a PDF Document with WorkinTool Online

Step 1. Find WorkinTool PDF Converter online page and click PDF Content Editor > PDF Editor.

click pdf editor in workintool online

Step 2. Tap + icon to select your PDF file. Then you can choose text, brush, insertion, signing, and commenting functions on the toolbar. And change the brush parameters to edit in PDF with your style.

edit a pdf in workintool online

Step 3. Click the Download button to keep the edited PDF file on your device.

download edited pdf with workintool online

📕 Fix 2. Using Google Drive/Google Docs

Google Drive is well-known for its backup and cross-platform working functions. Generally speaking, you cannot edit a PDF in Google Drive directly. However, you can turn PDF into Google Docs at first and then edit a PDF in Google Docs because it can make PDF editable and searchable. In Google Docs, you can change text on PDF, add additional comments, and do more with exporting as PDF format at last.

💡 How to Edit a PDF in Google Drive/Google Docs

Step 1. Go to Google Drive online and log in to your account. Then click the + New button below the Drive logo. Next, select File upload to upload a PDF file.

upload pdf to google drive

Step 2. Right-click the uploaded PDF and choose Open with > Google Docs.

open pdf in google docs

Step 3. When it opens in Google Docs format, you can edit the text and images as you like. Lastly, click File > Download and choose PDF document (.pdf) to save the edited Google Docs in PDF format.

edit a pdf in google docs


✅ How to edit PDF in Adobe Acrobat?

If you want to edit PDF documents using Adobe PDF Editor, you can follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

  • Firstly, open a PDF file with Acrobat Acrobat.
  • Secondly, tap Edit PDF on your right side. Then you modify PDF documents as you want.
  • Thirdly, click File and choose Save to keep the changes on the PDF.

Reference to: Adobe Support

✅ How do I edit a PDF?

If you like to edit PDF files on Windows, WorkinTool PDF Converter is a good option. Just click View & Edit > PDF Editor, upload your PDF files, and then you can easily make PDF changes. On the other hand, if you use a Macbook, Preview is the best option for editing PDFs.

✅ How do I convert a PDF to edit it?

If you plan to edit the text and image on PDF, you’d better turn PDF files into editable forms like Excel, Word, and PPT. Just use WorkinTool PDF Converter to convert PDF to Word/Excel/PPT using corresponding conversion functions.

workintool pdf converter download icon

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After reading this article I am sure that you must have known the tricks of how to edit a PDF file on Windows, Mac, iPhone and online for free. In comparison, the best and most practical method is to use WorkinTool PDF Converter. It has the same PDF editing functions as Adobe but doesn’t pay the highly user fees in return. I don’t think there’s much more to say. Just go download and experience the magic right now.

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