[FREE Method] How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 7

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Last updated on Mar 15, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Sebastian
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How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 7

The problem of accidentally deleting important files is nothing new, but it always haunts computer users. Especially for office workers, this kind of issue can be deadly. Of course, you can store a mountain of data in a computer and take whatever you need whenever you want. But not all things go your way. As long as you have a long history of using a computer, you will also experience some data loss. Even in the 10/11 version of Windows, Windows 7 is still very popular with computer users worldwide. So, do you know how toĀ recover deleted files on Windows 7?

The reason for the data loss is not simply because you accidentally hit the delete button. Sometimes there may be various other reasons, such as system formatting, software failure, computer viruses, etc. But no matter the reason it causes you to lose your data, nothing is more important than making you want your precious documents back as soon as possible. Here in this post, we will provide you with several ways to help you perform Windows 7 data recovery. Among all the methods, data recovery software is the best way to do it.


Recover Deleted Files on Windows 7 Using a Recovery Tool


Before you officially start working on data recovery, you need to know how Windows deletes files. After deleting a file or formatting a partition, the missing file is still physically on your computer, but you can’t access it. At this point, the file is in a very delicate state. As soon as you notice that your data is missing, stop working on your computer and take immediate data recovery action. As long as the files are not overwritten by other newly written data, deleting them can be eliminated with data recovery software. Our recommendation is to useĀ WorkinTool Data Recovery Software for better data recovery software.


workintool data recovery software


WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

WorkinTool data recovery tool is an all-in-one recovery tool that helps users solve all kinds of data loss situations. It has a manageable software design and valuable features. All users can use the six data loss scenario options to achieve the recovery of the file. Whether you have an early recovery experience or not, you canĀ restore deleted pictures, videos, and many other items within a minute. It is perfectly compatible with almost every Windows operating system on the market, including Windows 7. You can scan and identify up to 400 different file types and recover them based on the user’s choice.

Recovery software is not limited to restoring files on your computer. It can also help users recover lost external storage device content like your SD card or USB flash drive. You can even recover disk content that is already RAW. But the most exciting thing is that the data recovery tool is now 100% free and free of advertising. Below are six basic recovery options you can try out independently.


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Three Steps to Perform Windows 7 Data Recovery

1. Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery and selectĀ Deletion Recovery.

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2. Locate the disk partition where you saved your lost file before, then clickĀ Scan Now.

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3. Use theĀ FilterĀ andĀ File TypeĀ menu to find the desired illustrator file and clickĀ Recover.

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4. Finally, make the recovered file your saving path. Then you can wait for the recovery result to come out.


Restore Deleted Files on Windows 7 Without Tools


Except that you can use data recovery software to retrieve your data, there are three built-in ways to restore deleted files on Windows 7 without downloading tools. Let’s check out those three methods.

Method #1: Use the Recycle Bin

Like other data recovery methods, when you find out that your files are gone, you should first check the Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin is where you can store all the temporarily deleted files. If you still need to empty your files permanently, you will still get your chance to restore your files in one click.


Follow these steps to restore your lost files:

recover deleted files on windows 7

  1. OpenĀ the Recycle Bin on your Windows 7 desktop
  2. SelectĀ the files that you want to recover. You are allowed to convert multiple files at once.
  3. Right-clickĀ on the files and selectĀ Restore.


Method #2: Restoring Previous Versions


Windows 7 also allows users to restore their files to a previous version. This method will only work if there are earlier file versions before it is deleted.


To try this method, follow these steps:

recover deleted files on windows 7 2

    1. OpenĀ File Explorer and go to the file folder that you used to contain your required file.
    2. Right-clickĀ and selectĀ Restore previous versions.
    3. Then, select the version you want to restore.
    4. ClickĀ theĀ RestoreĀ button to recover the file.


Method #3: Using a backup


Of course, if you have backed up your computer before, you may also use the backup and restore feature on your Windows 7 to recover the older version of the deleted file.

recover deleted files on windows 7 3

  1. LaunchĀ your backup and recovery tool on Windows 7.
  2. FindĀ the file you would like to restore.
  3. Click theĀ RestoreĀ button to restore them back to their original location.


Data Recovery Software vs Basic Windows Tools

WorkinTool Data Recovery Software Using the data recovery tool, you can directly recover permanently deleted files and retrieve files from formatted drives or external storage devices.

Basic Windows Tools

Using built-in Windows tools, you can restore recently deleted files and bring files to older versions if you have a backup before. However, you won’t be able to recover permanently deleted files and data from other storage devices.


Bottom Line


Yes, in this article, we have given you a total of four ways to recover deleted files from a Windows 7 computer. Of course, by contrast, the most effective method is using data recovery software, such as WorkinTool Data Recovery software. It provides you with the best service to recover files. Even if you have completely emptied the recycle bin or formatted the disk, you can download this software free of charge and use it to retrieve your lost files. Come and experience it now.


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