How to Recover LOST DIR Files from SD Card

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How to Recover LOST DIR Files from SD Card

How to Recover LOST.DIR Files from SD Card FREE

Seldom has situations that require users to open up an android dictionary to view stored documents in the background. But there are times when you need to look specifically for a specific file. That’s when you see a folder named LOST.DIR on your SD card. You won’t see anything except inaccessible files with numbers once you open this folder. Some Android users may take it as a virus and delete the folder. Well, it is not a virus. LOST.DIR is a directory that the system creates to store files that didn’t save in the right way. It can be used to recover those files. But do you know how to recover LOST DIR files from an SD card?

What is the LOST DIR Folder on an SD Card?


Although you may need to learn what the Android LOST DIR folder is or what will happen if you accidentally delete it. It can play an important role when you want to recover lost files on your mobile device. Let me explain to you what LOST.DIR folder is and how it works.

You can think of it as the recycle bin in the Android operating system. In the event of an emergency, such as a system crash or an upgrade, it will automatically save the required files. Users can use this folder to recover the collected files when needing them.
What if you accidentally deleted the LOST DIR folder? You don’t have to worry if there could be any error that affects your device. It is OK to delete the folder. The only consequence is to have nothing to restore when you experience a system shutdown and lose your files. In such a case, you might feel depressed. If you already have everything you need, there is nothing to worry about.

However, even though we said that users could feel easy to use it to recover files and documents, there are no direct buttons to one-click restore them right away. In most cases, people would need to realize there is a way to make data loss recovery. In this situation, we will go over the details of the methods and tools how to recover LOST.DIR files from SD Card for free.


How Could LOST DIR Folder Be Missing?

Typically, when an Android phone suddenly encounters an issue or shuts down, it will create a LOST DIR folder to collect files and documents that are not saved correctly. So, what problems could make that happen?


  • 💀 Deletion Mistakes: Most people don’t know the LOST DIR dictionary. They might think it is some virus or just an empty folder for nothing. Even I deleted this folder before I knew what it was for when I was young. So, it is standard for others to deliberately delete this folder for more storage space.
  • 🩹 SD Card Formatting: Often, people may format their SD card due to some unknown issues. However, formatting an SD card can also make the LOST DIR folder disappears. It won’t be a concern if you can remember to back up your important files before formatting.
  • 🔌 Improper Removal: If you frequently unplug the SD card without ejecting it, it may cause severe data loss and other issues. It is also highly possible that the LOST DIR folder gets missing as well.
  • 💣 Unexpected Crash: A sudden blackout, system breakdown, or an unexpected upgrade can also lead to the end of LOST.DIR dictionary. Not to mention other files and data in it will be lost too. The whole folder could be gone.


How to Recover LOST.DIR Files from SD Card?

Even though the LOST DIR folder is missing, it is physically there. You cannot see it. That is the reason you need methods to recover it. The first thing you need to do is to connect the SD card to a computer. You should know that now most PCs and laptops are already equipped with one or more card readers. You only need to plug the card right into them. If there are no readers on your computer, try to use an external card reader to help you access the SD card.


Method 1: Recover LOST Data with Data Recovery Software

To recover deleted files from all kinds of storage devices, the best way to do is to seek help from data recovery software. Even though there are tons of data recovery tools on the market for users to pick from, finding one that is functional, convenient, and also free to use is not an easy job. That is why we recommend you use WorkinTool Data Recovery Software.



workintool data recovery software

WorkinTool Data Recovery Software is an all-in-one recovery tool that is well-experienced in restoring lost data from a variety of storage devices. Of course, it is suitable for data loss recovery due to a series of situations. WorkinTool has designed it to be clean in interface and single in operation. Whether you have ever used a similar data recovery tool before, it allows you to retrieve documents, videos, audio, pictures, files, and other data in three clicks. But most importantly, it is totally FREE TO USE all the features. And there won’t be NO ADS at all during your use. Come and check this out.


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How to use WorkinTool data recovery:


1. Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery and click USB/Memory Card Recovery. Select the SD card you connect. Then click Scan Now.

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📣 Notice:

Remember to connect your SD card to the computer, recognize it, and ensure it is accessible. Otherwise, it won’t be able to recover the LOST DIR folder as well as the data in it. After reading this storage device, click Refresh again and continue to the instruction.

recover data from the flash drive 1

2. After scanning, there will be categories of files that you can recover. Use the Filter feature to find the LOST DIR folder and click Recover.

how to recover uninstalled programs on windows 10 1

3. Lastly, set your location to save your recovered file and wait for the recovery process to be completed.


Method 2: Add Filename Extension to Restore


The second method is to recover LOST.DIR files by adding a file name extension. However, it is only sometimes available and will take more time to try.

As we said, every file in the LOST DIR is backup data that needs to be appropriately saved. They are mainly used for recovery. Usually, they are supposed to be closed. But, some of them can be opened by correcting their extension. Therefore, in order to make them accessible, you need to go into the folder and recognize and rename each file’s extensions. If you make it readable, copy it back to somewhere out of the LOST DIR folder. Just like changing the extension of picture files into JPG or PNG.

But as you see, this method can only work when the LOST. DIR is still there. Even if it is still not your best choice considering, manually renaming each file can take a period of time.


Step 1. Find LOST.DIR folder on your Android phone.

Step 2. View and rename the extension of your desired files.

Step 3. Check if they can be opened correctly. Once it works, please remove it from other locations.


Bottom Line


First, after this post, you should know what LOST DIR is and what will happen if it is missing. ( It is a folder to store files that are not saved correctly. It won’t affect your device even if it is gone.)
Then, we introduce you to two methods to recover this folder and the data saved in it. Suppose you can still find LOST.DIR folder in your Android SD card, and I am OK with spending more time recovering your files. You can change the file extensions one by one. However, the best method to recover your files is to use recommended WorkinTool Data Recovery Software. It can scan through the entire SD card and locate every lost file in it. Only three clicks can take you to your desired data and recover them in one piece.


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