WD External Hard Drive Recovery – Recover Data from WD My Passport

Have you ever lost data from Western Digital hard drives? Are you seeking proven methods to perform WD external hard drive recovery? You are on the right page! This article offers everything you need about WD data recovery. After reading, you will know:
1. What WD hard drive recovery software you should utilize.
2. How to perform Western Digital hard drive data recovery using this software?
3. Three FAQs about WD external hard drive data recovery

Last updated on Oct 09, 2023 by Eleanor Written by Eleanor
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WD External Hard Drive Recovery – Recover Data from WD My Passport, My Book, and More


“How do I recover data from WD external hard drive? I saved 16G valuable videos and pictures on that drive. But when I connect it to a computer, all the files are gone. Can I recover Western Digital hard drive data for free by myself? Is there any reliable WD My Passport data recovery software?”

wd external hard drive recovery

If you are searching for a reliable method to recover WD external hard drive data, you are on the right page. This post shares a proven WD digital disk recovery tool, enabling you to restore deleted, formatted, and even logically corrupted data from your My Passport, WD Elements Portable, My Book, and more.

Table of Contents

  • WD External Hard Drive Recovery Software Download
  • How to Perform Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery via Software
  • FAQs on WD External Hard Drive Recovery


WD External Hard Drive Recovery Software Download

Suppose your data loss on the WD external hard drive is not caused by physical damage, like overheating, exposure to moisture, or problematic mechanical elements. You can use data recovery software to retrieve lost files. WorkinTool Data Recovery is a professional data recovery tool that helps users restore deleted, formatted, and even logically corrupted files with a high success recovery rate. It works well for various data loss scenarios, such as accidental deletion, formatted hard drives, virus attacks, sudden power outages, as well as system errors.

It is able to recover data from a wide range of devices, such as external hard drives, internal HDDs, USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, and more. Whether you want to recover videos, pictures, documents, audio files, or archives, you can filter, locate, as well as get them back effortlessly. With an intuitive and clean interface, you can get started easily with this Western Digital data recovery software. Only three clicks can restore what you need. For more features that make this digital hard drive data recovery stand out, refer to the following.

workintool data recovery website homepage

workintool data recovery download

WorkinTool Western Digital Data Recovery Software Free Download Full Version

  • Reliable WD hard drive recovery rate
  • Support recovery of 500+ file types
  • Three scan methods, Quick/Deep/Formatted Scan
  • Preview and filter files effortlessly
  • 500MB of free recovery capacity
  • High scanning speed compared with most rivals on the market
  • Low WD data recovery cost, starting at $23.99


How to Perform Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery via Software

Let’s see how to perform WD external hard drive data recovery using WorkinTool. To get started, you need to connect the external hard drive to a computer. Ensure that the computer, USB port, and USB cable run well and have no physical errors. Otherwise, the operating system cannot recognize your WD external hard drive. Now, follow the steps below to initiate a WD external hard drive recovery.

1. Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery, locate your external hard drive, and click the pop-up Scan button on your drive. If the WD drive doesn’t show up, click Lost Partition and refresh the software to find your missing drive.

scan a drive

2. Select Quick Scan from the three scan options and press Scan Now to initiate scanning. You can also save the scan results and try Deep/Formatted Scan later if the software fails to find your files with the Quick Scan.

workintool data recovery scan method 2 2 1 0

3. Filter to find your files or sort your files using the left-hand navigation pane. Click to preview the files you wish to recover. If there are no problems, select them and hit Recover to save these files to a safe location.

recover files workintool


FAQs on WD External Hard Drive Recovery

1. Does WD provide data recovery?

Western Digital doesn’t have an official data recovery service. However, they’ve partnered with Ontrack to provide recovery services for data loss due to drive failures, virus attacks, software issues, etc. It requires that you afford a warranty fee to their official website when you buy the external hard drive. You can refer to the WD data recovery plan for details.

The pricing ranges from $9.99/2 years to $14.99/3 years. For a low, one-time fee, you can enjoy the in-lab data recovery service, shipping cost to and from Ontrack, and, in most cases, a warranty replacement device. If you haven’t bought a warranty plan, however, the WD passport data recovery cost can range from ~$1,000 – $2,000.

western digital data recovery plan

2. How to recover deleted files from a WD external hard drive for free?

If there is no physical damage to the external hard drive, you can perform Western Digital external hard drive data recovery by yourself using online data recovery software. Most data recovery software can retrieve deleted and formatted data from external hard drive devices. After testing and comparing, we find that WrokinTool Data Recovery Software is the one that offers the most cost-effective services. With pricing ranging from $23.99/month to $49.99/lifetime, it provides users with the most affordable WD data recovery cost.

3. How do I fix my WD external hard drive not recognized?

A drive may become unrecognizable due to drive errors, driver issues, connection errors, as well as computer problems. You can fix the unrecognized external HDD by checking the connection, running a WD external hard drive repair tool, creating a new volume, assigning a new drive letter, or recovering data and formatting the hard drive.


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