Reduce GIF File Size Free on Windows & Online

I am sure you have googled the question of how to reduce GIF file size. No matter what problem you countered requires you to compress GIF, you can find the perfect solution here, and that is WorkinTool File Compressor. With this incredible compression software, you can customize the compression mode and level to shrink your GIFs to a suitable size. In this tool, you can select AI mode to automatically compress those files. Or you can manually enter accurate numbers into the settings box. It is free to use right now, download and experience all the magical features yourself.

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Mar 18 2024
How to Lower the Resolution of a Video on iPhone/Windows/Online

I know that higher video resolution means a clearer and sharper visual experience. But there are also a group of people trying to know how to lower resolution of video. Maybe it is for uploading to an online website, or for recreating the vintage video feeling. No matter why you want to do it, here comes the solution to reduce it, my friend. I recommend this powerful video compressing tool – WorkinTool File Compressor. With this amazing software, you can easily customize the video resolution all by yourself. It is adaptive, you only need to enter the height and the matching width will magically show in the box. Moreover, you can also learn how to lower the resolution of a video on iPhone or online. Just start to read it and pick a suitable tool for yourself!

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Mar 9 2024
PDF Compressor Free Online/Wins/Mac

PDF is the most popular office format for document sharing and information transfer. However, if your PDF file contains quite an amount of images and graphics, the size is also too large to transfer. In order to solve this problem, I am here to introduce to you a PDF compressor free – WorkinTool File Compressor. It is a professional compressor. It provides three customized compression levels for users to select from. Your PDF won’t lose the format or get stolen after using it. What’s more, it provides a free trial to use right now, go and experience it yourself.

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Mar 5 2024
How to Compress a PDF for Free 2024 | 4 Ways

Are you worried about how to compress a PDF for free? Do you want to easily transfer your PDF file to others or save it without taking too much storage space? You are so lucky to open this page! Here, I will tell you four ways to reduce PDF file size on Windows and online. Let’s take a brief look!
✅ WorkinTool File Compressor – The best decision for you to compress all kinds of files easily.
✅ UPDF – Compress your PDF file to the size you want.
✅ WorkinTool PDF Converter Online – Quickly reduce PDF file size online for free.
✅ Gorilla PDF – Four compression modes for you to compress the file without losing quality.

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Feb 26 2024
How to Compress a File on Mac | 5 Free Solutions

We always need a tool to compress our files, especially compressing images or videos. This can help us transfer files faster or save more storage space. Generally, the larger the storage space of a Mac computer, the more expensive it will be sold. When the storage space is insufficient, you need to spend money to expand the capacity. At this time, knowing how to compress a file on Mac will bring us great convenience. This post provides five tools to reduce file size. Read and choose the suitable one for yourself.
⛳ WorkinTool File Compressor — Fast compression speed with batch operations.
🥗 Oka Unarchiver — The only app in the Mac App Store that supports multi-volume zip format.
🎍 RAR Unarchiver — Protect your file with a password.
🌿 Unzip One — Compress files at high speeds.
🌳 ZipMaster — Easy to compress files without ads.

File Compressor Tips
Feb 26 2024
4 Practicle FREE Word File Compressor Software for 2024

Much as a DOC or a DOCX file is usually small in size, it could become large when it is a numerous-page file with tons of images. A helpful way to fulfill this goal is to use word file compressor software. Here are 4 Practical FREE Word File Compressor Software for Windows 2024, including WorkinTool File Compressor, NXPowerLite Desktop, MS Word File Size Reduce Software, and FILEminimizer Office. Please start reading to know more.

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Feb 3 2024
How to Reduce Picture File Size on iPhone/Windows/Mac Free 2024

WorkinTool File Compressor is a professional and effective tool that can reduce the picture file size in seconds. Only three steps you need to follow. It also supports batch processing, which can save your precious time to the greatest extent. It provides a free trial for all users to compress images within 200 KB. Most importantly, the compressing result is pretty good. With it, you can get a clear picture with a smaller size. What’s more, its online comes to the market very soon. Let’s see how to reduce picture file size with WorkinTool.

File Compressor Tips
Feb 1 2024
How to Compress MP4 Video File on Mac/Windows/Online

Although MP4 format video files have been compressed, they often still have a larger size, which greatly affects the speed of uploading videos or occupies a large storage space. To solve these problems, we need to know how to compress MP4 files. After compression, your MP4 file will be easily shared with your friends, or uploaded quickly to your device. This post tells four ways to reduce the MP4 file size, read it and pick one according to your needs.

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Jan 25 2024
Compress Video for Discord Mobile iPhone/Windows/Online

If you are wondering how to compress video for discord without any cost, this article will provide you with several new ideas. Most of the video compressors on the market are expensive. Today, I’ll recommend you a free and easy-to-use video compressor for Discord. Hope you can benefit a lot from it.

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Jan 23 2024
Best Image Compressor Free for Mac/Windows/Online

There are hundreds of solutions to deal with the problem of reducing image size. But not every method can work or is the one that suits you best. Some of them might be too hard to operate, some might be easy but need you to put in some investments. However, for this reason, I have listed the best image compressor for reference:
📌 WorkinTool File Compressor – Compress more images at the same time in seconds.
📌 Pixillion Image Converter – Supports multiple image formats.
📌 Squoosh – Reduce image file size by a few steps.
📌 TinyPNG – Shrink the size without downloading any apps.

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Jan 19 2024
How to Compress Video for Instagram Story | 3 Ways

Though Instagram has its own automatic compression feature. It is very unlikely to compress in the way you want and normally fails when uploading videos. So, it’s better for you to compress video for Instagram before uploading it to the platform. Well, in this post, we have covered three different but equally wonderful methods to help you get it done. The best of them all is to use WorkinTool File Compressor. It is a professional compressing software. The built-in compression allows the user to customize the various video parameters. Compression quality is guaranteed. Most importantly, the software provides a long-term free trial to compress image files within 200 KB and videos within 2 MB. Come on, give it a try.

File Compressor Tips
Dec 24 2023
Compress Audio File Free – Online/Android/Windows

It is essential to know several file compressors, whether you are a student or an employee, or else. We often need to reduce the file size. Whether it’s to save device space, comply with email transmission restrictions, or just to speed up upload. Among various types of file compression, audio compression is considered a common one. This article will introduce three methods of compressing audio files on different devices. You will know how to compress audio file online or on Android and Windows. Just start your reading right now.

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Dec 5 2023
Compress Video for Web Free | Windows/Mac

Video can give a person more than words to bring impact if put on the site to attract the attention of users, and retain customers. However, too large a video can slow down the loading of the entire web page. So this time the user needs to look for good compression software to compress video for web. Here, to save your efforts and time, we highly recommend that you use WorkinTool File Compress. With this, you can customize your video resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. More importantly, it provides a long-term free trial! So don’t wait up and go download it to experience its magic now.

File Compressor Tips
Nov 25 2023
How to Compress FLV Files | 3 Free Ways

Just like MP4 at present, FLV was once one of the mainstream video formats and is still frequently used as a media on the internet. However, your FLV videos can be large if they are saved as a file in 1080P and higher quality, which will result in difficulty in uploading them or sending them in an email. Hence, it is now essential to know how to compress FLV videos on Windows. In this article, we will introduce you to three ways to realize this goal: Compress FLV Videos Lossless with a Desktop Tool — WorkinTool File Compressor or Wondershare UniConverter and Reduce FLV File Size Lossless via an Online Video Compressor – Clideo. Please start your reading now to know the specific guides.

File Compressor Tips
Nov 24 2023
Compress WMV – WMV Compressor on Windows/Mac/Online Free

The WMV video, though less commonly seen as an MP4 file, remains one of the mainstream video formats. Therefore, it is still essential to know the skills of compressing a WMV video. Today, we will discuss how to compress WMV files for FREE on Windows, both offline and online. The offline way is to use a piece of useful desktop compression software–WorkinTool File Compressor (It is powerful, easy and free.) and the online method is to try Clideo. Please start your reading now to know the specific information.

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Nov 17 2023
Compress Video for WhatsApp Free in 2024 | 5 Easy Ways

WhatsApp has a 16 MB restriction on the size of videos, which causes many troubles. However, the target files are generally very large nowadays, especially for videos. That’s why there’s an urgent need to figure out the best way to compress video for WhatsApp. Fortunately, I’ve got you a comprehensive compression software, WorkinTool File Compressor, to help you compress videos without losing quality. Download and install it now!

File Compressor Tips
Nov 15 2023
How to Change the Resolution of a Picture | 4 Easy Ways

How to change the resolution of a picture? I believe you have definitely encountered this problem. It’s not difficult to achieve this goal, there are many ways to do it, but it’s not easy to choose a useful tool. This post introduces four image editing tools for Android, iPhone, Windows, and online. They are all free and easy to use. Read this article and pick one tool according to your needs.

File Compressor Tips
Oct 27 2023
Compress PNG Files on Windows – 3 Practical Methods in 2024

Of all the formats, PNG is definitely the most common one presently. Compared with JPG, it witnesses a larger size, which will take up more space on your PC. In order to save your PC space, you need to know how to compress PNG on Windows in 2023. Today, we are going to present you with 3 practical methods of PNG compression in this blog: a Desktop File Compressor called WorkinTool File Compressor, Adobe PhotoShop and Paint. Please start reading now to learn.

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Sept 26 2023
Best Free Video Compressor for Windows in 2024

As the demand for video content inspired by video marketing is on the rise, a video compressor becomes more indispensable to shrink a video in order to be quickly and conveniently uploaded onto social media platforms or the official website of your company. Today, we are going to introduce you to the best FREE video compressor for Windows in 2023, including WorkinTool File Compressor, Free Video Compressor, Wondershare UniConverter and Movavi Video Converter. You will know how to use each of them to compress a video and the reasons why you should choose or decline it. Please start your reading now.

File Compressor Tips
Sept 12 2023
How to Compress a Folder Free | 2024 Guide

There are many situations in life where compression software is needed, such as sending emails or uploading images or videos to social media platforms, which have file size restrictions. Or if your device is running out of storage space and files cannot be deleted, you can only save storage space by reducing the file size. Read this article to learn how to compress a folder.

File Compressor Tips
Sept 8 2023
Batch Compress Images: Reduce Photo Size Simultaneously

A simple and easy-to-use image compression software that can make your life very easy. Whether uploading photos to social media platforms or transmitting them to others, compressed photos will not receive any restrictions. The following are several tools that can batch compress images at the same time, which are suitable for Windows, Mac, or online. Come and choose the software that best suits you!

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Aug 23 2023
How to Compress a Video on iPhone and Windows Free 2024

Video is undoubtedly an important medium for both personal and business use in the modern world typical of digital technologies. Therefore, it is definitely essential to learn some video editing techniques. In this article, we focus on how to compress a video on Windows. You will find information on a practical video compressor called WorkinTool File Compressor, including how to use it to compress a video and its additional features. By the way, you will also be introduced to an alternative way to reduce video file size. So please start your reading now.

File Compressor Tips
Aug 18 2023
How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

Do you know how to reduce PDF file size on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and online for free? Check out this post for the best solution, and get a suitable tool to make your PDF job easier than before. They may have the following advantages:
😍 1. Long-term free trial to use all the features with NO ads.
🤩 2. Easy interface for users to edit and convert PDFs in THREE STEPS.
😎 3. Quickly edit and convert PDF files the way you want.
🥳 4. Multiple PDF features for users to operate without limit.
😊 5. Available for all office file format conversations.

File Compressor Tips
Jun 26 2023
How to Compress Images on iPhone/Android/Mac/Windows

Compressing images has almost become one of the essential skills in people’s daily life or work. Whether you want to quickly upload image files, send a large number of images to others through email, or save device storage space, we all need to reduce the size of the images. So how to compress images? This article introduces four methods for compressing images, which are applicable to different devices. WorkinTool File Compressor can meet the needs of both Windows and Mac users. Give it a try!

File Compressor Tips
Jun 13 2023
How to Compress a Video on Mac | 4 Ways

For users new to Mac, complex gesture manipulation is really daunting, let alone compressing a video. Therefore, four easy-to-use video compression software are used to solve the problem of how to compress a video on Mac. WorkinTool File Compressor would be a better option due to its specific page, smooth operation steps, and easy-to-eliminate pests.
👍 100% free for Mac users to use all features without limits.
👍 Export compressed videos without watermarks or quality loss.
👍 Fast compression speed with batch operations.

File Compressor Tips
May 28 2023
How to Reduce Image File Size on Mac & Windows

Are you still staying up late to upload photos because the photo size is so large that the upload speed is slow? Read this article to learn how to reduce image file size! Among these methods, I most recommend using WorkinTool File Compressor. You can quickly compress your multi-format photos with only three steps. Just download it and give it a try right now!
🤩 100% free for Mac users.
😆 Support Windows and macOS systems.
🤩 Fast compression speed with batch operations.
😆 Support GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.

File Compressor Tips
May 27 2023
How to Compress a PDF on Mac Free | 5 Ways

Are you worried about the large file size and want to know how to compress a PDF on Mac for free? This post introduces five easy ways to reduce your PDF file size. Select one to make your files smaller and can be quickly uploaded or sent to other platforms.
⛳ WorkinTool File Compressor — Compress your file without losing quality.
🎑 Sejda PDF Desktop — Shrink PDFs with easy clicks.
🥗 UPDF — Provide different compression modes.
🎍 Cisdem PDF Compressor — Decide the size and quality of your PDFs.
🌳 WorkinTool PDF Converter Online — Select a suitable mode to compress PDFs online.

File Compressor Tips
May 18 2023
How to Compress a PowerPoint Free | 5 Ways

Are you going to make a presentation with your PPT file? Is your file so large that you can’t share it with your group members? It’s important for you to learn how to compress a PowerPoint right now! After reducing the file size, you can quickly send it to others. Also, you can save the memory space of your USB disk. This post lists five PPT file compression tools. All of them are free and easy-to-use. They also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read it and select the one that suits you best!

File Compressor Tips
May 17 2023
5 Ways | How to Reduce PNG File Size on Windows/Mac/iPhone

How to reduce PNG file size on Windows/Mac/iPhone? This post introduces five workable ways to answer this question. And WorkinTool File Compressor is the best option among these solutions mentioned in this post because it has strong operating compatibility, robust PNG compression, and a free trial. Just get a free download and instantly reduce PNG size.
🏆 Free trial and ad-free.
🏆 Only three steps to reduce PNG file size.
🏆 Batches operation with zero quality loss.
🏆 Perform flexible compression at a fast speed.

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Feb 17 2023
Top 5 Free Best File Compression Software for Windows/Mac [2024]

Want to know the best free file compression software for Windows and Mac? Luckily, this post will tell the top 5 best free file compression tools. Among them, WorkinTool File Compressor stands out for its long-term free trial, powerful compression functions, and easy steps. Just download it and instantly reduce the file size!
🏆 Long-term free trial and ad-free.
🏆 Only three steps to compress the files.
🏆 Batches operation with zero quality loss.
🏆 Perform flexible compression at a fast speed.

File Compressor Tips
Feb 16 2023