How to Compress a File on Mac Free | 5 Ways

We always need a tool to compress our files, especially compressing images or videos. This can help us transfer files faster or save more storage space. Generally, the larger the storage space of a Mac computer, the more expensive it will be sold. When the storage space is insufficient, you need to spend money to expand the capacity. At this time, knowing how to compress a file on Mac will bring us great convenience. This post provides five tools to reduce file size. Read and choose the suitable one for yourself.
⛳ WorkinTool File Compressor — Fast compression speed with batch operations.
🥗 Oka Unarchiver — The only app in the Mac App Store that supports multi-volume zip format.
ğŸŽ RAR Unarchiver — Protect your file with a password.
🌿 Unzip One — Compress files at high speeds.
🌳 ZipMaster — Easy to compress files without ads.

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How to Compress a File on Mac Free | 5 Ways

Do you still have enough storage space on your Mac? Do you want to know how to get more space without spending money? The easiest way is to learn how to compress a file on Mac using a free tool. Many Mac users will encounter similar problems. When purchasing a Mac, in order to save money, the storage space of the purchased model is not large enough, which leads to a lot of trouble due to insufficient storage space during later use. Whether it’s a new Mac or expanding the original Mac, it will cost a lot of money. If you have an excellent tool to compress your files, you can get rid of these concerns. This post tells you five apps for Mac to compress different kinds of files. Select the best one for yourself based on your needs.

How to Reduce File Size Using WorkinTool

WorkinTool File Compressor is an all-in-one tool that lets you compress files in batches without losing quality. It supports Mac and Windows systems. Fortunately, it is 100% free for Mac users without any limits or hidden costs. You can easily shrink videos, photos, PDFs, PPTs, and Word files on it within simple steps. It still has the following features:

  • Export compressed files without watermarks.
  • Support GIF, JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP image file styles.
  • Support video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, and FLV.
  • Compress multiple files simultaneously in seconds.
  • Provide different compression modes.
  • No registration or spam.

🏃‍♂️ Steps on How to Compress a File on Mac:

Step 1. Download and open WorkinTool File Compressor on your Mac and select a file style, such as Video Compressor.

how to compress a file on mac workintool

Step 2. Import your target file into the program.

add a file to compress

Step 3. Select different compression modes in different situations as per your needs. Choose a file folder. Then click Compress.

give more settings for compression

How to Compress a File on Mac with Oka Unarchiver

Oka Unarshiver is the only app in the Mac App Store that supports multi-volume zip format. You can quickly shrink your files by dragging and dropping them into the program. It supports the Finder Right-click menu, which can make your compression more convenient. In addition, you can set up a password to protect your files. It must be beneficial when you need to compress and save some important files.

🏃‍♀️ Guide to Compressing Files Using Oka:

Step 1. Download it from your Mac and open it, then click Add File to import the file you want to compress. You can also drag your file into it directly.

how to compress a file on mac oka

Step 2. Select your target file and click Open.

import your file from folder

Step 3. Set a new name and select the folder. Enter your password and choose a compression strategy, then click Compress.

set information and enter password

How to Shrink Files with RAR Unarchiver

RAR Unarchiver is a professional file decompression software. It allows you to decompress dozens of archive formats, such as Rar, Zip, Tar, Lha, Bz2, etc. It is also easy to compress various kinds of files. You can select which format you want to compress the file into. In addition, you can also set up a password to protect your files, so you don’t have to worry about the leakage or loss of essential files.

🏃‍♂️ Steps on How to Compress a File on Mac Using RAR Unarchiver:

Step 1. Choose Compress and then click Add File(s) to import the file you want to shrink.

how to compress a file on mac rar

Step 2. Click Start Compress to begin the process.

click it start compress

Step 3. Set a name and select the file folder, then click Save.

set the name and folder

How to Compress a File on Mac Using Unzip One

You can also use Unzip One to decompress or compress files quickly. This is a software known for its speed. It works so quickly that it saves more time for users. It supports more options like multiple compress or decompress types. Furthermore, it can compress and split the big file into more files with the specified size and even encrypt with your password. Its exterior design is very suitable for girls.

🏃‍♀️ Guide to Reducing File Size:

Step 1. Click + or drag your file into the program.

how to compress a file on mac unzip

Step 2. Tap Compress.

import file to the program

Step 3. Set a name and file folder, select the archive format, then click Compress.

select the archive format

How to Shrink a File with ZipMaster

It is a very streamlined compression and decompression software. There are no redundant feature options or fancy page designs. The only thing you can do is import your file and decompress or compress it. Your zipped files can be encrypted and shared with others. It is very user-friendly for beginners, and the simple and easy-to-use operation allows anyone to learn how to compress files quickly. If you are compressing files for the first time, you can give it a try.

🏃‍♂️ Steps on Compressing Files:

Step 1. Select Archive and click + or drag the file into the program.

how to compress a file on mac zip

Step 2. Tap Archive.

import your file and click archive

Step 3. Set the compression format. Adjust the level and file folder. If you want to protect the file, select Yes from Encrypt. Then click Archive.

adjust the level and set name


🙋‍♀️ How do I compress a file on a Mac?

Give WorkinTool File Compressor a try. It supports compressing videos, photos, PDFs, PPTs, and Word files. Just download it and open it on your Mac. Select the file type and import your file into the program. Set compression parameters. Lastly, click Compress to reduce the file size.

🙋‍♂️ How do I compress multiple files into a zip file on a Mac?

If you want to compress multiple files into a zip quickly, you can try RAR Unarchiver. Add all your files to it and select Zip in the Compressed to. Then you can get a zip file.

🙋‍♀️ Does compressing a file on Mac reduce quality?

It depends on which compressing software you use. If you want to keep the file quality, you can try WorkinTool. It is an excellent app for all users to compress files without losing quality.


Compression software is one of the most accessible tools in our daily life. It is essential to choose compression software that suits you and learn how to compress a file on Mac. Most of the compression software is relatively simple, and there are no redundant compression parameter settings, which is more suitable for novices. If you want to pick a program that has rich compression functions and can perform specific compression according to different file types, you must try WorkinTool File Compressor.

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