How to Convert AVIF to JPG for FREE on Windows

Compared to the typical images like JPG or PNG, an AVIF file is rarely seen in your daily life. Therefore, it is essential to convert it to a frequently-used format like JPG if your primary purpose is concerning photo sharing via email or on social media. Today, we will discuss how to convert AVIF to JPG for FREE on Windows–using an offline tool–WorkinTool Image Converter (It’s convenient, simple and FREE) and using a built-in program in Windows–Microsoft Photos. Please strat your reading now to know the specific information.

Last updated on Feb 21, 2023 by Sebastian Written by Eric
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How to Convert AVIF to JPG for FREE on Windows

There are so many formats in the world of pictures and AVIF belongs to this vast clan. Compared to the typical images with the extensions like .jpg, .png or .bmp, a .avif picture is rarely seen in your daily life. Therefore, it is essential to convert it to a frequently-used format like JPG if your primary purpose is concerning photo sharing via email or on social media.

Today, we will discuss how to convert AVIF to JPG for FREE on Windows. Please read on to know the specific instructions.

Things to Know Before Your AVIF-to-JPG Conversion

πŸ“„What is an AVIF file?

AVIF, short for AV1 Image File, is a royalty-free and open-source picture format that was firstly introduced in 2019. Using the same containter format built upon ISOBMFF, it is considered the competitor of the HEIC file developed by Apple Inc. Also, it is generally smaller than JPG, PNG and WebP, so it gradually draws the attention of some business giant figures like Google, Netflix and more. Furthermore, an AVIF file adopts both lossless and lossy compression algorithms, so it now becomes the replacement of the mentioned formats, such as graphics or web images.

πŸ“„Why do you need to convert AVIF to JPG?

Much as AVIF is gaining more share in the image market, it remains less mainstream than JPG. Therefore, it can not be easily opened by most of the built-in programs in the Windows system. Again, if viewing photos and sharing them on social media platforms are your main aims, you’d better change your AVIF files to JPG images.

photos can not open avif

So please continue your reading to know how to do it.

How to Convert AVIF to JPG-The Easiest Way

Well, the easiest way is to resort to a handy and free image converter to help you with this request. Today, we will introduce you to a tool like this–WorkinTool Image Converter.

image converter download

πŸ“•How to transform AVIF into JPG through WorkinTool Image Converter?

1. Open the tool, find Feature Conversion > Convert Image and then click Add images to upload your AVIF file(s).

choose convert images and upload files in workintool
2. Select JPG in the drop-down box below Output Format and then hit Compress.

convert avif to jpg through workintool step 2
3. Click View now to retrieve your converted pictures.

convert avif to jpg through workintool step 3

Here is the result.

a comparison of the output by workintool


Batch conversion is available in WorkinTool. All you need to do is to select the targeted format (for example, JPG) in the drop-down box beside Output Format. Then you can make multiple converted files with just one click.

batch conversion in workintool

πŸ“£Additional Words

πŸ“ŒWhat is WorkinTool Image Converter?

WorkinTool Image Converter is a piece of powerful and all-around free image converting software. Inspired by both practical and lightweight ideas, its designers endow it with a simple interface but multiple valuable features. Also, there are some brief instructions on most feature pages, making it convenient for beginners to operate.

For most functions, particularly those concerning image conversion and compression, only a few clicks will assist you in completing your tasks and batch conversion is totally possible.

More importantly, WorkinTool Image Converter is completely FREE for users currently. Hence, all its features are accessible without a license payment or compulsory registration.

How to Save AVIF as JPG–An Alternative Way

There is definitely more than one solution to a problem, with no exception of AVIF-to-JPG conversion. In this chapter, we will present you with another FREE method to assist you in fulfilling this goal–Microsoft Photos.

Although Microsoft Photos can’t open AVIF with its basic settings, it is possible to view and edit it after an AVIF extension feature is installed. Therefore, this built-in program in Windows will become an excellent image editor when upgraded.

avif extension in microsoft store

πŸ“•How to turn AVIF into JPG via Microsoft Photos?

1. Open your AVIF image with Microsoft Photos.
2. Click the ellipsis icon () > Save as.

convert avif to jpg through photos step 1
3. Select .jpg in the drop-down box of the pop-up window and hit Save.

convert avif to jpg through photos step 2

Please see the outcome.

a comparison of output by photos

Here is the specific information based on our research.

😊Good News πŸ˜’Bad News
  • Lightweight interface
  • Simple conversion process
  • Batch conversion unavailable

Something More to Say

πŸ“ŒWhy should you choose WorkinTool Image Converter?

  • Lightweight and Simple: WorkinTool is lightweight enough to take up little PC space. Also, it boasts an easy-to-use interface with instructions on almost each feature page, so even beginners will find it simple and convenient to use.
  • Multiple Formats Supported: More than AVIF and JPG, WorkinTool supports 100+ input and output formats and makes their mutual conversions with minimal effort possible. Therefore, it is able to resolve nearly all your problems concerning image conversion.
  • Batch Conversion: WorkinTool allows you to export multiple AVIF files or other pictures simultaneously to the targeted formats with just one click, and you will expect your outcomes in a flash.
  • High-Quality Guarantee: The converted images via WorkinTool will be exported without losing quality.
  • Completely FREE currently: You are entitled to all the features of WorkinTool without any license payment and personal registration.
  • Green: There will be no advertisements in the course of your image transformation and no intrusive watermark added to the output.

Final Thought

Converting AVIF to JPG doesn’t have to be cumbersome if you have a proper solution. We sincerely hope you can pinpoint an ideal one after finishing this article. However, it is strongly advisable to give WorkinTool Image Converter a try.

Now, are you ready to change your AVIF files to JPG pictures?

image converter download

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