How to Sharpen an Image With or Without Photoshop

Blurry and unfocused images can be irritating to look at and disappointing when they don’t turn out as intended. Unsure of how to sharpen your photos and make them look crisp and polished? Worry not. You can revive dull photos with the right tools and techniques and bring out stunning details. Check out this post for the best solutions to do it with Photoshop and the exceptional alternative tool: WorkinTool Image Converter. Download now and learn to sharpen your images right away.
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Last updated on Dec 24, 2023 by Sebastian Written by Sebastian
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How to Sharpen an Image With or Without Photoshop

When it comes to photography, having sharp images is really important for the quality of the final image effect. However, there are times when our photos may not be as sharp as we would like them to be. Many times when you capture a great moment, but due to problems like camera settings or movement, it just ruins. But don’t worry. You can fix it. Plenty of tools, like Photoshop and WorkinTool, can help us sharpen our images and bring out more detail. So, in this article, we’ll be looking at different ways you can enhance the sharpness of your photos, whether you have access to Photoshop or not. Let’s get to the point of how to sharpen an image right now.

Understanding Image Sharpness

To start off our discussion on how to sharpen images, it’s essential first to understand what we mean by “sharpness.” When we talk about sharpness, we’re really talking about how clear and detailed an image looks, and the contrast between the pixels in the picture primarily influences this. Increasing this contrast can make the image look sharper and more defined. However, it’s essential to be careful not to overdo it since too much sharpening can actually end up creating unwantedĀ visual distortionsĀ or noise in the image.

image sharpness

How to Sharpen an Image With Photoshop

No doubt that Adobe Photoshop is the first industry-standard software for image editing. It can provide various tools and techniques to users to sharpen images. Here, we will cover three popular methods that you can use to sharpen an image and make it look better with Photoshop: Smart Sharpen, High Pass Filter, and Unsharp Mask.

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#1: Smart Sharpen

Smart Sharpen is a powerful and easy-to-use tool in Photoshop that allows you to apply targeted sharpening to your images. Now, follow these steps to make blurry content clear again:

  • First, open your image in Photoshop.
  • Right-click on the layer and select ‘Convert to Smart Object.
  • Then, go to ‘Filter‘ > ‘Sharpen‘ > ‘Smart Sharpen‘.

smart sharpen

  • Make sureĀ RemoveĀ is set toĀ Lens Blur in this dialog box.Ā Then you can adjust theĀ AmountĀ andĀ RadiusĀ sliders to achieve the desired level of sharpness. TheĀ AmountĀ controls the intensity of the sharpening effect, while theĀ RadiusĀ determines the width of the edge contrast.
  • Lastly, click OK to apply the sharpening effect.Ā 

#2:High Pass Filter

The High Pass Filter is another method to try to sharpen Photoshop images. Here’s how you should do this:

  • Open your image, right-click on the layer, and select ‘Convert to Smart Object.
  • Choose ‘Filter‘> ‘Other‘> ‘High Pass.’

high pass filter sharpen images

  • Then, you will see the picture turn gray. Continue to set theĀ Radius value. A lower value will result in a subtler effect, while a higher value will produce more pronounced sharpening.
  • Change the blend mode toĀ Overlay, Soft Light, orĀ Hard Light, depending on the desired intensity of the sharpening effect.
  • Click OK to apply theĀ High Pass filter.

#3:Unsharp Mask

Unsharp Mask is a classic tool to sharpen images. It allows you to control three parameters:Ā Amount,Ā Radius, andĀ Threshold. The Amount controls how much contrast is added at the edges. Radius controls how far away from an edge the tool will apply to sharpen. And Threshold controls how subtle shades are sharpened. Check out how to use Unsharp Mask to bring out details and make an image appear crisper:

  • Same as before, open the image and right-click to select ‘Convert to Smart Object.
  • Go to ‘Filter‘> ‘Sharpen‘> ‘Unsharp Mask.

unsharp mask photoshop

  • Adjust theĀ Amount,Ā Radius, andĀ ThresholdĀ sliders to fine-tune the sharpening effect in the Unsharp Mask dialog box. The Amount controls the intensity, the Radius determines the width of the edge contrast, and the Threshold helps to prevent noise and artifacts by excluding low-contrast areas from the sharpening process.
  • Last, click ‘OK‘ to apply the ‘Unsharp Mask.

How to Sharpen an Image Without Photoshop

However, you don’t need to use Photoshop. There are numerous other image editing tools on the market. If you don’t know what you should use, we recommend that you try WorkinTool Image Converter. It can be an outstanding alternative available that you can use for sharpening images. And also it can help you solve other annoying problems once and for all.

WorkinTool Image Converter

workintool image converter

image converter download

WorkinTool Image Converter is one of the top image editing tools, perfect for sharpening and polishing your photos. It is an AI-powered, all-in-one photo editor that allows you to enhance your images like a pro. WorkinTool Image Converter empowers you to sharpen details and bring out textures in your photos. You can boost clarity and define edges with just one clicks. Adjust sliders to refine contours and smooth skin tones until your subjects look remarkably refined.

But sharpening and enhancing are just the start. You can also edit photos and convert over 100 different image formats, simultaneously applying edits to multiple photos. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or just getting into editing, WorkinTool Image Converter provides an easy yet powerful experience. WorkinTool Image Converter, tapping into your creative potential is simpler than ever.

  • 100 +image formats conversion available
  • Customize to enlarge or compress images
  • Add or remove photo watermarks
  • Change or remove the image background
  • More than 65 image filters to apply

šŸ’³ Price

Free-trial Plan: Up to five image conversions and compression in bulk with watermarks.

Premium Plan: $10.95/month, $29.95/annual, $39.95/lifetime.


šŸ¤© Pros:

  • Cheap compared with other image editor tools
  • Fast format conversion
  • Batch conversion available
  • Image detail adjustments
  • Various photo editing features
  • No ads or pop-ups

šŸ¤” Cons:

  • Temporary only Windows
  • Weak toolbar distribution



How to use it:

1. Open WorkinTool Image Converter and navigate to the Photo Restoration option.

how to sharpen an image workintool

2. Choose ‘Fix facial blur’ and add your blurry image.

how to sharpen an image workintool 2

3. Then, wait for the AI algorithm to process your image. It should be within 5 seconds.

how to sharpen an image workintool 3

4. After it is finished, check out the result on the canvas. Switch theĀ Before/AfterĀ button to see the contrast. If it is satisfactory, clickĀ Save Now.

sharpening contrast

As you can see from this comparison, the blurred words in the image have been restored to their original appearance. Even the reflection in the mirror is polished. And all of this can be had with a single click usingĀ WorkinTool Image Converter. From now on, you can say goodbye to the complicated operation of Photoshop.

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Online Tool to Sharpen an Image

Except for desktop tools like Photoshop and WorkinTool, there are also several online tools available that you can use to sharpen images. By using them, you will be able to enhance your photos without installing any software. Here will list some practical online image editing platforms that offer sharpening tools include:

adobe online page

It is ok if you don’t want to download any desktop tool because WorkinTool and Adobe both have the online service to sharpen an image as well. To sharpen an image using one of these online tools, upload your image, select the sharpening tool, and adjust the settings as needed. Then download the edited image to your computer.


If you choose to use an online tool, you must know that every online tool requires you to upload images to the Internet. There could be risks of personal information leakage. There are also some online sites, especially those that offer free use of online features, which will make limitations on the format and size of the images they upload. Some even require users to log in to the account or force a watermark on the output image.


Getting clear, sharp, and stunning pictures is crucial to photography and editing photos. Whether you prefer using Photoshop or WorkinTool or exploring other desktop tools and online services, plenty of tricks are available to help make your photos look brilliant. Once you learn a few of these techniques, you’ll be able to guarantee that your photos always seem their finest and stand out from the crowd.
Getting the details crisp and distinct allows photos to really pop. Edges become more defined. Textures become more vivid, and eyes can see deeper into the subject. Little details that might otherwise go unnoticed come alive when photos are tack-sharp. Subjects that are in focus grab attention and draw the viewer in.

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