How to Create a PDF on Computer 2022

PDF files are common in daily life and work, mainly because they are more convenient to transfer and view. Unlike Word, PPT, or other formats, we cannot create an editable PDF file directly. If you need to create a PDF document, might as well convert other formats to it. WorkinTool PDF Converter is completely free to use without any limits for users, try to create a PDF document from Word, images, PPT, Excel, etc. with it.

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How to Create a PDF on Computer 2022

How to Create a PDF on Computer 2022

Compared with other formats of files, the PDF format is not only safe but also easy to read. The files saved in the PDF format are not easy to modify by others, and the format is fixed, so the PDF format is sought after by more and more office workers. So is there an effective way to create such a multi-benefit PDF file? This post will mainly cover how to create a PDF on a computer and on mobile phones. Methods of creating a PDF from a Word and a photo with powerful PDF converter software, making a fillable PDF with Adobe, etc. are available here.

How to Create a PDF on a Computer

In the following, several solutions for creating a PDF on a computer are attainable, including desktop and online tools. Let’s check the exact operations.

1️⃣ Save the File as a PDF on Windows with WorkinTool PDF Converter

WorkinTool PDF Converter can be called one of the most comprehensive PDF converters. With this, you have access to convert PDFs from/to nearly all mainstream file formats like Word, PPT, Excel, images, HTML, etc. The conversion results are pretty good without losing the file formatting and lack of text. In addition to converting PDF, it also realizes editing the PDF with various tools, reducing PDF file size, adding watermarks to PDF, adding PDF pages, etc. Nearly all the PDF issues can be solved here easily and quickly. Prominently, it is free to use for all users, with no limits on file size and usage times for the desktop version. It is compatible with the Windows system right now. Also, there is an online counterpart of it that is suitable for any device.

How to Create a PDF File from a Word

One effective way to make a PDF file is to create it from an editable Word document. One benefit of this solution is that it can create a negative PDF file that is searchable and editable. This free and easy online PDF converter can convert your Word documents to PDF in just a few steps. No file size limit or watermark on it at all, so you can use it with ease.

Step1. Open the software, click Convert to/from PDF> Word to PDF, then upload the DOC or DOCX file you want to create to PDF.

word to pdf conversion

Step2. Upload more if necessary, then press Convert.

create a pdf from word

Step3. Open the converted PDF file to check.

open file to check

How to Make a PDF from a Photo

This software can also make a PDF from a photo in JPG, PNG, WebP, etc. Easily convert images to PDF files with the ability to change page sizes, decide on orientations, or set margins. This way, you can make a scanned PDF file that cannot be searched or edited.

Step1. Choose Image to PDF under Convert to/from PDF toolbar, then import a photo. It supports uploading multiple image formats here like JPG, PNG, WebP, etc.

create a pdf from photo

Step2. Select the PDF page size, orientation, and margin size. Then press Convert.

decide page size

Step3. Click Open File to check the converted PDF file.

open the converted file

2️⃣ Make a PDF File from Other File Formats Online

As I mentioned before, WorkinTool has also explored an online PDF Converter that can easily convert PDF to/from other formats, like Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, and more. In comparison, it is more convenient to use free of installing extra programs. Wish to create a PDF online, you can have a trial of it. However, there are several limits that exist for the online version. For example, you can import up to four files to convert, and the total file size must be within 50 MB.

Step1. Launch WorkinTool PDF Converter Online. Select the online tool you wish to use.

pdf converter online

Step2. Select a file or multiple files to upload, then paste Convert.

create pdf from word online

Step3. Download the converted file to the local folder.

download the file

3️⃣ Create a Fillable PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat DC is undoubtedly the most sophisticated PDF processor in the industry. With its built-in OCR tool, it can highly recognize the text in PDF and then make a PDF fillable. It is available on Windows, Mac, mobile phones, etc. Eager to create a fillable PDF on Mac, it may be the best choice. Multiple modes are optional, like creating a single file from Docx, XLSX, or TXT files, combining multiple files into a PDF, turning web pages, and clipboards into PDFs, creating a new PDF with a blank page, etc. However, it is not free. Want to possess its OCR feature, you have to subscribe to it. If you are a new user of it, you can attain a seven-day free trial.

Step1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC, and then find Tools> Create PDF.

create a pdf in adobe

Step2. Decide whether to generate a single PDF or multiple files. It is also feasible to make a webpage a PDF by filling out the URL. Creating a blank PDF file is also available.

choose the mode

Step3. Select the file you want to transfer to a fillable PDF from your folder. You can edit and make some changes to the PDF directly. Then choose File> Save As to download the PDF file.

save the edited pdf


I’m convinced that after your reading, you have figured out how to create a PDF on a computer. Two different ways are available to achieve your target. On one hand, it is feasible to use the PDF converter to transform other file formats to PDF. On the other hand, you can make a blank and fillable PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC. Considering Adobe is not designed for free, the first option is what I’d like to recommend. You can edit the text in a Word document first, then convert it to a PDF file. If you need to re-edit it, with WorkinTool PDF converter, you can convert it back to Word to edit as well.



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