How to Password Protect PDF for Free | 3 Strong Solutions

This handy guide provides three different methods to password protect PDF files, including encryption on Windows 10, on macOS and with WorkinTool PDF converter. All of them are easy and quick. But always remember to keep the password in a right place when you encrypt a PDF file, just in case you forget it.
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Last updated on May 12, 2022 by Eric Written by Orlando
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How to Password Protect PDF for Free | 3 Strong Solutions

Adding a password to protect your PDF files before you share them is important. You can easily use WorkinTool PDF converter to encrypt your document.

To begin with, PDF files are the most used file format to convey information at present. In fact, in many workplaces, daily routine may involve sending and receiving confidential commercial documents. For individuals, there are also occasions where they deal with PDF files with personal information, and they demand a protection to it. In all these cases, they require an encryption to protect PDF files.

Herein, this guide will introduce three approaches to password protect your PDF documents. We will explain how to password protect PDF on Windows 10, how to encrypt PDF on macOS and how to use a WorkinTool PDF converter to add a password-protection.

How to Password Protect PDF on Windows 10

Most Windows users are using Windows 10. In this operating system, there is a solution to PDF security issues via Microsoft Word. You can make a file lock in Word for Microsoft 365, Word for the web, Word 2021 and Word 2019. The whole procedure is simple in this method:

  1. Firstly, open Word, and open your PDF file in Word.
  2. Find File in the main menu and click it.
  3. Stay in Info.
  4. Click Protect Document.
  5. Select Encrypt with Password in the drop-down box. password protect pdf on windows 10
  6. Type a password, then type it again to confirm it. create a password to protect pdf windows 10
  7. Finally, save the file and check whether the protection takes into effect.

There are some issues you should concern if you add password protect to PDF in Word.

  • The passwords are case-sensitive, but may not support special characters.
  • Maximum of 15 characters in length.
  • Word is not available for a password recovery. If you forget your password, your file may be locked permanently.
  • Make sure you back up the password in a safe place or set a password that you can remember.

Because this approach includes opening PDF in Word, it relies much on Word’s readability on PDF files. If you can’t open the PDF file in Word due to technical issues, you are not able to use Word to lock your PDF files. In addition, if you are using Word for older versions like Word 2007, you don’t have access to protect document in this method.

In these conditions, we suggest you apply a third-party PDF related software to make an encryption to your PDF.

How to Encrypt PDF on Mac

Compared with Windows, things seem relatively easier on macOS. You can just open the PDF file from Preview or Finder Feature and add password-lock to the PDF file on Mac.

To password protect PDF on Mac:

  1. Firstly, open the PDF file you want to encrypt from Preview or Finder.
  2. Choose File and Click Export as PDF.
  3. Click Show Details and then select Encrypt.
  4. Set a password and type it again to make a verification.
  5. Finally, click Save.

There are two useful tips for making encryption to PDF files on Mac:

  • If you want to keep the original PDF unencrypted, you can create a new name for the encrypted file before you save.
  • Apple provides a removal feature to unlock your password-protected PDF file. To remove the password, do the same precess to export the PDF but turn off the encryption option.

You can also add password to a PDF file via Edit Permissions feature on Mac. This is like a customized encryption, allowing you to select actions that requires permission, for example, only to read.


How to Password Protect PDF with WorkinTool PDF Converter

There are a lot of third-party PDF experts to cope with PDF issues. The most famous name for PDF must be Adobe. WorkinTool PDF converter stands out from other counterparts for its competitive functions and free accessibility. This PDF converter provides a quick and easy solution to password protect your PDF files. With its feature-Protect PDF, it can be used as free PDF encryption software.

To encrypt PDF documents with WorkinTool PDF converter:

  1. Firstly, download WorkinTool PDF converter.workintool feature
  2. Open WorkinTool PDF converter, and find Protect PDF in Tool Box.password protect pdf by workintool
  3. Drag your file you want to protect or select PDF file.
  4. In this window, enter your password and input it again. encrypt pdf by workintool
  5. Finally, click Protect PDF.

There are three other tips you may concern:

  • The password is case-sensitive and supports special characters.
  • The maximum of password is 128 characters, so you can make a very long and complicated password if you need.
  • You can add more files to encrypt multiple PDF files. In this concurrent encryption, these files will share the same password.

WorkinTool also provides an easy way to remove password from PDF.

You can also simply insert a watermark into your PDF file to protect your copyright.

What If I Forget the Password?

There are many other solutions to unlock your PDF file, but only if you have the correct password.

This means if you forget your password, you can do nothing with the encrypted PDF file but wait until you can recall the password. There is barely a tool for you to retrieve a password, as PDF lockers will not back up any information of your password.

Therefore, make sure you use very familiar passwords. Keep them in a safe and accessible place.

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