How to Electronically Sign a PDF for Free [2023 Solutions]

Need to electronically sign a PDF without any cost? This free WorkinTool PDF Converter does a great job. It allows you to add your handwritten signature, image signature and text content to your PDF document. It is:
✅ 100% free to convert and edit PDF documents
✅ Various signature types to insert
✅ Storage e-signature for using it next time
✅ Download the edited PDF without any limits
✅ Free of watermarks, ads, pop-ups, etc.

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How to Electronically Sign a PDF for Free [2023 Solutions]

How to Electronically Sign a PDF for Free [2023 Solutions]

The PDF format file is one of the most frequently used files in the current office. Still, at the same time, it is also one of the unfriendly files because it is defined as an unmodifiable file format, and also It is really impossible to modify it directly. So in many cases, we need to use additional third-party tools to process PDF files. The use of electronic signatures in PDF documents can guarantee the security, validity, and authenticity of PDF electronic documents to a certain extent. This guide will show you how to electronically sign a PDF document with helpful and free PDF editing tools.

🧐 What is an Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, are an effective and legal way to sign electronic documents quickly. Signing with an e-signature is faster and more accessible than traditional signatures created on paper with a pen. With the widespread use of online documents, e-signatures are increasingly required. Electronic signatures are often in the form of the signer’s handwritten signature, picture signature, and so on.

How to Electronically Sign a PDF for Free on Windows

To e-sign a PDF document on Windows, powerful PDF editor software is essential. However, there are seldom totally free PDF editors in the field. This WorkinTool PDF Converter deserves a try compared to dozens of PDF editors. It is entirely free to cope with all PDF conversion and editing issues and is suitable for both professionals and beginners. With it, you can effortlessly add an electronic signature to the PDF contract and other crucial files. In addition, it will also store your signature for direct use next time.

Apart from that, it also allows you to add images, texts, lines, etc., to your PDF file. To convert PDF, you can use it to transform PDF format, compress PDF file sizes, manage PDF pages, and more. All features are free to access without any hidden catches. The desktop software is now compatible with the Windows system. You can download it from the official channel below.

WorkinTool PDF Converter

A free and comprehensive solution for PDF editing and converting

  • 100% free to convert and edit PDF documents
  • Various signature types to insert, handwriting, image, or text
  • Storage e-signature for using it next time
  • Download the edited PDF without any limits
  • Free of watermarks, ads, pop-ups, etc.
  • An intuitive user interface, suitable for beginners to use

free download the software

workintool pdf converter webpage


How to electronically sign a PDF with WorkinTool PDF Converter

Step1. Download and install WorkinTool PDF Converter. Launch the software and select View & Edit> PDF Edit on the menu bar. Then select your PDF to upload or drag the PDF file directly.

edit a pdf

Step2. Click the sign icon on the top toolbar. Suppose you want to add an image or text signature; select other tools in the toolbar. Then write your signature manually. Decide the signature color, then press Done.

electronically sign a pdf with workintool

Step3. Adjust the signature size and drag the e-signature to the proper position, then press the Download button to save the edited PDF.

save the e-signed pdf

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How to E-sign a PDF for Free Online

Apart from the desktop version, WorkinTool also explored an online PDF signer to add e-signature to a PDF file. Compared with the desktop version, the online tool is easier to access and supports all systems and platforms. But on the contrary, the online signer provides limited features, allowing you to add e-signature to a PDF only but not to insert images, texts, etc. In addition, the online version permits you to import 50 MB files at a maximum. Windfalls and downsides exist together. Select a more suitable tool according to your practical needs. Check out how to operate the online PDF signer below:

How to electronically sign a PDF online for free with WorkinTool

Step1. Go to the WorkinTool online PDF signer webpage and upload your PDF document.

online pdf signer

Step2. Click the Sign button to draw your signature. Paste the Done button when you finish.


electronically sign a pdf online

Step3. Put the signature where you need to add a signature, then hit the Download button to save and download the PDF document.

save signed pdf online

How to Electronically Sign a PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is said to be the most comprehensive PDF editor in the industry. It is available on various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and online. It is a piece of cake to sign a PDF in Adobe. To add a signature to a PDF, Adobe allows you to design your own signature or directly type in and choose a preferred font. By logging into your Adobe account, you can also request an e-signature. However, converting, editing, and e-signing a PDF is not free to access in Adobe. New users can get a seven-day free trial. After that, you have to activate its pro version, which costs highly.

How to electronically sign a PDF using Adobe Acrobat

  • Step1. Open Adobe Acrobat on your device and select File> Open to add your PDF document.
  • Step2. Click on the Sign icon on the top menu bar and select Sign yourself > Add signature.
  • Step3. Type your name or email address, and then select a font type. Or you can draw the signature yourself. Then press Apply and paste the signature to the appropriate position. Press File> Save/Save As to preserve the edited PDF with signature.

sign a pdf with adobe

Comparison of Three Methods


 Features/Solutions  WorkinTool PDF Converter  Online PDF Signer  Adobe Acrobat  The Better One
Price  Free Free Seven-day free trial for new users WorkinTool desktop & online
  Log in No need No need Require WorkinTool desktop & online
  Type of signature  Handwriting, image, text Handwriting only Default text style, handwriting Adobe
 File Limit No Up to 50 MB No WorkinTool desktop & Adobe
 Functions  Multiple Single Comprehensive Adobe 
  Operations Easy for beginners Easy to use A little complicated for new users WorkinTool desktop & online


Wrapping Up 

Using the effective and efficient tools above, you can easily electronically sign your PDF file. Different PDF editors may provide different functions and plans. You can compare their product features carefully and then select one as your long-term PDF assistant.


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