How to Resize a PDF Image for Free on Windows/Mac/Online

Unlike Word documents, PDF files are difficult to edit and make changes in most circumstances, not to say resize PDF images. But don’t worry! This post covers three free methods to resize a PDF image on different platforms, including Windows, Mac, and online. The first Windows tool is highly recommended for the features below.
💙 Completely free.
🤍 Easy to use.
💙 Versatile features.
🤍 Both desktop and online versions are available.
💙 No need to register.

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How to Resize a PDF Image for Free on Windows/Mac/Online

How to Resize a PDF Image for Free on Windows/Mac/Online

You take a lot of time to save multiple text and image materials in a PDF file. But the images in the PDF file don’t fit snugly into the layout of your document as you imagined. If the pictures in a PDF file are not well-positioned or well-sized, they may influence the formatting and disorganize the entire PDF page. Apart from that, some reasons for resizing PDF image dimensions and aspect ratios are listed below.

  1. 🕐The PDF image size exceeds the required size of your assignment or presentation.
  2. 🕕You want to crop out unwanted parts of the images.
  3. 🕔The PDF images are too large or too small for the page size.
  4. 🕓You want the photos to fit the layout of the PDF.
  5. 🕒The image size is not fit for printing.
  6. 🕑You want to stress or understate specific images in a PDF file.

It can take some finesse to resize PDF images to fit perfectly the way you want. But there are a few ways to enlarge or shrink images in your PDFs without degrading the quality in this post, working across Windows, Mac, and online. If you have the same reasons and needs as above, follow these methods below, and you can learn how to resize a PDF image for free to fit any circumstance perfectly.

How to Resize a PDF Image for Free on Windows

Since PDF files are not directly editable, we have to think about how to resize a PDF image without losing quality and which tool to use. WorkinTool PDF Converter is a tested and trusted PDF editor that provides one-stop services, enabling users to read, convert, create, and edit PDFs in seconds. It provides an easy and efficient way to enlarge or shrink PDF images without quality loss. You can also resize a PDF easily with this PDF editor.

💡Key Features of WorkinTool

100% Free. WorkinTool PDF Converter offers all features for free. There are no ads, watermarks, paid features, or premium plans. Users can read, convert, protect, create, and edit PDF files without costing a penny.
Versatile Features. WorkinTool is not only a PDF image resizer but an all-in-one PDF tool. Its features include but are not limited to converting PDF to/from other formats, inserting PDF files into PPTs, adding/removing passwords from PDFs, redacting PDF files, organizing PDF pages, merging/splitting PDFsadding annotations to PDFs, etc.
Easy to Use. An intuitive interface and clearly-label features will bring users friendly experience. Everyone of any skill level will find this PDF image resizer easy to use.
Quality Ensured. Many online PDF editors will cause quality loss or mess up formatting when converting PDF files or editing PDF pictures. But you can trust WorkinTool’s advanced and mature algorithms. It will always keep your files in the original layout and quality.

free download the software

📝How to Resize a PDF Image for Free with WorkinTool

  • Step 1. Launch this PDF image resizer and navigate to Convert to/from PDF PDF to Word. Upload a PDF file and click Convert. You can add unlimited PDF files here. This freeware supports batch conversion.

pdf to word

  • Step 2. In the converted Word document, you can easily drag the edges of each picture to adjust its size and aspect ratios, crop PDF images, rotate photos, reposition pictures, and remove the background from pictures.

resize a pdf image in word

  • Step 3. After editing, go to File > Save as, select a directory for the revised Word document, choose PDF in the file type bar, and then click Save.

export word as pdf

Afterward, you will get well-positioned images with perfect dimensions in a PDF file.

How to Resize a PDF Image on Mac

Preview is the default PDF and image viewer and editor on Mac. It can rotate, crop, and edit images quickly. However, no tool in Preview can resize an image in PDF. Users can download third-party software like Adobe Acrobat to resize PDF images. Although Acrobat offers its features for at least $12.99 a month, it also presents a 7-day free trial. If you use PDF editor sparingly, its free version can meet many of your requirements. When things come to Adobe, the creator of PDF file format, its professional PDF editor Acrobat can realize many things that its competitors can’t do.

If you edit PDF files frequently or need a completely free PDF image resizer online, skip to the next section to resize PDF images online.

💡Key Features of Adobe Acrobat

Versatile Features. It is needless to mention how practical Acrobat is. With all-around features, it can create, edit, convert, and annotate PDF files with everything you can imagine.
Clean Interface. Each functionality is well-organized in its Tool pane. Some features are hidden deeply. But there are complete online tutorials for reference.
Fast and Convenient. You can crop, mirror, flip, rotate, and replace images in this PDF editor. No need to convert it to editable form in advance.
Compatibility. Adobe Acrobat is available on desktops, tablets, phones, and web browsers on different systems.

📝How to Resize a PDF Image in Acrobat

  • Step 1. Open Adobe Acrobat. On the top toolbar, go to Tools, and then select Edit PDF to upload a PDF file.

adobe acrobat edit pdf

  • Step 2. Click Edit in the secondary toolbar and hover your cursor over the image you want to edit. You can use the tools in the right-hand pane to flip, mirror, rotate images, etc.

edit a pdf image

  • Step 3. Drag the image corners to enlarge or shrink it. You can also click the center of the image to move it around. (If you need to keep the original aspect ratio, press and hold the Shift key while resizing it.)

resize a pdf image in acrobat

How to Resize a PDF Image Free Online

WorkinTool PDF Converter also offers a range of online PDF editing tools. You can visit the WorkinTool online PDF tool page to try some of its features, such as the PDF to long image toolPDF OCR tool for scanned documents, etc. The online and the desktop version are much the same. The only difference lies in file size. Some online features set limitations on file size for the sake of uploading and downloading time. You can try the desktop one to change the PDF image size for free without any limits.

You need to convert the PDF file into a Word document, enlarge or shrink images in the Word document, and then convert it back to PDF format, just like the process in the desktop version. Three simple steps can get the conversion done. Go to the online PDF to Word converter, upload your PDF files to convert, and then download the converted files.

resize a pdf image online


Whether you plan to resize PDF images for printing or presentation, you can easily have the work done using the methods in this post. The most convenient software for PDF image resizing is Adobe Acrobat, which comes at a certain cost after a 7-day free trial. Acrobat alternative—WorkinTool PDF Converter, desktop and online, is also simple to use. What’s more, all of its features are free. You can pick one according to your needs.

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