How to Remove Background from Video Free [2023 Tutorial]

It is fairly easy to remove background from video and replace it with another one if you use the newly published video editing software – VidClipper. WorkinTool has specifically developed this video editor to address users’ daily needs for video editing. With its powerful function, you only need to insert your video and pick the background to replace the old one. You can add BGM to the video if you need it. More importantly, this video editing tool is 100% free to use. So, don’t wait and go to try it right now.

Last updated on Feb 03, 2023 by Eric Written by Sebastian
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We can see from many behind the scenes that the most in the case that actors actually act in front of the green screen during the shooting. This makes it easy to change the whole film background, all the tech group needs to do is to create a vivid background material by computer. Then they remove background from video and replace it with the new one. This trick is specifically suitable for popcorn movies like Marvel or historical documentaries.

However, we won’t be like those professionals to film our life from a big green screen. It isn’t realistic and unnecessary. But sometimes the annoying background just ruins our perfect video clips. Are you willing to give up your sweet memory just because of that?  I know most of you would firmly say hell no. But is there a remedy to save it?

Well, there is actually. And that is to use a powerful video editor – VidClipper. With it, you can easily remove background from video and composite it with different backgrounds. Now let’s dive into the details and see how it works.


How to Remove Background from Video – WorkinTool

workintool vidclipper

The video editing tool we are going to introduce today is VidClipper. It’s a new desktop video editor tailored to the latest needs of users. WorkinTool has dedicated its heart to making it more user-oriented. It has the cleanest interface and the most informative functions. Compared with Adobe Premiere Pro, it won’t leave you to a strange interface and let you try by yourself. On the contrary, every function is equipped with a detailed introduction for users to understand how to use it. But more importantly, unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, which shouts many people out with its expensive fee, you can experience the same editing service in VidClipper for free payment.

Its powerful features are also a bright spot. With it, video editing becomes a piece of cake. You can make a video clip in seconds and get your film productions added to subtitles. Simple enough to meet the user’s basic needs for video editing. Of course, you can as well remove background from video and replace it with other various materials. VidClipper supports users to upload their own backgrounds if the templates aren’t enough. Except that, you can add new background music at the same time. Isn’t that cool?

Specific steps are as follows, you cannot miss them.


ğŸŽ¥ Add Video Materials

  • First, you need to download and install this video editor on your computer first.
  • Then open it and go to “Video background remover” on the main page. You will see a window like below. This is where you can customize to remove and change the video background.
  • You can click the “Add” button or directly drag and drop your desired video into the button section. After that, you need to wait for the software to automatically process it. The processing time is decided due to the video length. However, it won’t take long to take your main element out for the next step.

remove background from video

  • After processing, you can see the main project on a black canvas. There are four different buttons for individual functions. You can delete, copy, mirror, and control the size of the project. Right in the right section, you will see three steps to complete it. A time setting will allow you to trim it as well. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can replace the video by selecting another one.

remove background from video 1


ğŸŽ  Remove Background from Video

The next step comes to the main theme of this article. We need to remove its background and pick a beautiful material template to replace it.

  • Right on the bottom, you can see many pre templates for users to apply to their videos. You can choose any one of your favorite templates and it will adaptively populate your original video. Of course, you can hit the “+” icon to add material templates from your videos. It is totally up to you.
  • Click play to preview the video after you change the background.
  • On the right side of the software you can see the background you inserted. If you feel that the size ratio of the template is not good enough, you can set it in the box yourself.

change video background


ğŸŽ¼ Add Background Music

The most gratifying thing is that apart from the main function of replacing the background, you can even replace the background music (BGM) for the theme video here. This is a feature that real users can use.

  • First, we need you to look down at the background template section, there you will see the “Choose BGM” option. Click that and you will be surprised that there are more than three hundred pieces of music waiting for you to decide if you want to add to your video. Same as before, you can add your collection from the local computer as well.
  • Then go to the right side of the software. It tells you if there is any music in the original video. You can adjust the volume of the music by the two options in the section.

change video bgm


📺 Export

Before you get your hands into real exportation, there are some settings you might want to modify yourself.

  • Click the “Settings” button, you can customize the output video and audio. Then change the saving folder.
  • If everything is done, you can hit “Export” to get the processed video into your local computer now.

remove background from video 2


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After this thorough tutorial on how to use WorkinTool Video Editor – VidClipper to remove background from video and change to another, I’m sure you can operate this video editing process by yourself now. And you must have known how easy this could be to replace the background if you use this software. Go download and experience its magic yourself. I promise it won’t let you down.

Well, we hope you can have a great journey on the path of video editing. If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us any time.

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