How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on PC and Mobile

Suppose you have saved the YouTube video or the original video clips to your computer, you can use WorkinTool Data Recovery to recover deleted YouTube videos. Within seconds, you can get it back and re-edit or re-post it to your channel. Reasons to select WorkinTool are various:
1. 100% free to recover and download video files
2. No limits on the recovery file size
3. Rapid scanning and recovery process
4. Easy for beginners to use

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How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on PC and Mobile

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on PC and Mobile

YouTube is a great video-sharing platform for music videos, vlogs, educational content, gaming videos, commercials, and more. Individuals and companies increasingly prefer to create their channels and share videos on YouTube. However, what if you mistakenly deleted a very critical video from your computer during video editing, sharing, or uploading? Or what if you want to retrieve a video you shared on YouTube a long time ago? The post will focus on how to recover deleted YouTube videos on a PC and mobile phone. Solutions for different situations and platforms are provided here. We will discuss the following contents in detail:

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on PC

  • Recover YouTube Video Files Made or Saved on a Computer
  • Retrieve a Video Deleted from YouTube

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on Android and iPhone

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on PC

There are two situations when you need to recover deleted YouTube videos. One case is that the target YouTube video files are saved on your computer. Another situation is that you directly delete the video from your YouTube channel without downloading it or saving the original video file. There are different solutions for different cases. We have listed more detailed steps here.

🎯 How to Recover YouTube Video Files Made/ Saved on a Computer

Suppose you made the video on your computer and then posted it to your YouTube channel, or you have ever downloaded the video to your computer; you can select data recovery software to increase the chance of deleted YouTube video recovery.

WorkinTool Data Recovery is among the top tiers of file recovery software. Most beneficially, it is completely free to recover deleted files from Windows. It provides no hidden requests and catches like free usage times, the maximum amount of recovered data, watermarks on the retrieved videos, etc. With its intuitive dashboard, beginners can navigate to the target file in seconds. It allows you to quickly scan or deep scan various drives and areas on your computer. Then it permits you to filter files by file format, deleted time, and by customizing. The whole scanning and recovering process remain fast.

data recovery software icon

How to recover deleted YouTube videos with WorkinTool

Step1. Download and install the program from WorkinTool official website and launch the software. Select Deletion recovery then pick the save path you preserve the YouTube video before.

recover deleted file with workintool

Step2. Filter the scanned file and select the target YouTube video. You can also directly search for the name of the video, but during the deleting process, the original file name may be changed.

scan deleted videos

Step3. Click the Recover button to retrieve the video. Then select the new save path to download it and press Sure.

save recovered video


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🎯 How to Retrieve a Video Deleted from YouTube via

Suppose you directly remove the video from your YouTube channel and never save the video file to your computer; data recovery software cannot help you to get the video back. But don’t get discouraged. There is still a chance to recover deleted videos from YouTube. WayBackMachive on provides a way to get back deleted YouTube videos by pasting the video link. Don’t worry if you don’t remember the video link. Generally, after uploading a video, there will be an email containing the video information in your YouTube Email. Therefore, if you deleted the video from your channel and didn’t back up it, you could turn to the WayBackMachine for help.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos with link

  • Step1. Check your email messages to get the link to the deleted video. The email address is the one you used to log in to the YouTube channel.
  • Step2. Go to and paste the link to it. Pick Search archived websites. If the URL is crawled and preserved by, you can re-download it successfully.

recover deleted youtube videos with link

How to Recover Deleted YouTube Videos on Android and iPhone

Many people would like to make YouTube videos on their mobile phones. If you ever saved a published YouTube video or the original video file on your phone, you can search for it in File Management or a photo album on your phone.

If failed, you can ask the data recovery app for help. Dr. Fone is a handy file recovery application for Android and iOS phones. It is professional in recovering deleted videos, photos, and documents, which existed on your phone before. It is not challenging for new users to operate. With a few clicks, you can find back the deleted or lost files easily. However, similar to most data recovery apps on the market, Dr.Fone is not free to use. You have to activate its membership then you can download the recovered files. It costs nearly $9 per month. You can download it for free from Google Play or Apple Store.

How to recover deleted YouTube videos on Android or iPhone with Dr.Fone

  • Step1. Install the application and open it. Select Recovery on the bottom menu bar.
  • Step2. Filter recently deleted files and pick videos. Check whether there is a target YouTube video. If there is, click Recover Now to restore the video to your photo album.
  • Step3. If you cannot find the video in the recently deleted files, choose to recover videos from the deep scan. Then select the video to recover.recover deleted video on phone


Wrapping Up

Using the methods outlined in this post, you can recover deleted YouTube videos with no effort. Generally speaking, if you saved a video file on your device, you can use data recovery tools. If not, you can recover it with a video link. After recovering, you can re-edit or post the video again. To avoid this kind of trouble, think twice before you delete a video on your YouTube channel.

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