How to Add Video Transitions, Effects, and Animations Free

Video transition is a very important part of video editing. For one thing, it makes the switch between two shots seems more natural. And for another thing, it tells the audience that this is where the next scene is about to start so that they can focus. So here I highly recommend you use this powerful video editor – VidClipper. With its user-friendly interface and complete transition templates, I am sure you can get the job done in no time. Moreover, it is 100% free to use all the functions within without any limitation. Come and experience its magic right now.

Last updated on Feb 03, 2023 by Eric Written by Sebastian
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Let’s imagine that you are new to movie making and start to make your first movie. But here comes the question, you have several video clips in your hands but don’t know how to use them. Let me put it this way, these clips don’t fit together very well. If you just combine the two clips together crudely, then suddenly jumping from one shot to another will make the process seem abrupt and unnatural.  In that case, you might need to get some extra spice on your pie. Adding video transitions becomes the best solution you can do.

Well, here I am going to introduce a product that can easily help you make your video spark. It is relatively easy compared with other video editors online. It allows you to add exceptional video transitions, including title and ending animations.  And you can customize to make these transitions and animations to give it your own personal touch. It will definitely level up your video quality. Moreover, it is totally free to use all the functions within. Let’s dive in now.


How to Add Video Transitions – VidClipper


workintool vidclipper

The production that I highly recommend is WorkinTool Video Editor – VidClipper. It is a newly published video editing software. Though it is new software, it contains all the practical editing features that users may actually need. And with the cleanest interface and user-friendly navigation, no matter you are a beginner to this video editing area, or a professional movie editor,  you’ll be able to pick it up quickly and use it to create your favorite piece of art. Of course, for a video editor, the most important thing is if it’s rich and complete in functions. You will be using it to edit your video like a pro, add music to a video, convert text to speech for narration. And unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, all of these functions are totally free to use.

As for adding video transitions, you can always trust WorkinTool VidClipper. It is equipped with more than three hundred and fifty video transition templates. And Each has its own unique mode to connect. Stylish, but not overly pretentious. And you can adjust the length by clicking on the selected transition animation. If you have more than two video clips, you can insert a different transition between each. If you’ve ever seen the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” you know that it’s a very popular method to use.

Now, let’s head into the details and see how to make this work.


🎊 Add  Video Transitions

how to add video transition 1

  • In the Media section, except that you can insert local videos, you can also add a heading clip from the media library.  There are over forty different titles that you can pick to apply in your videos. you can see the media library has included titles from major movie companies to natural views.

how to add video transition 1 (1)

Then, comes the most important part, adding video transitions. Go to the “Transitions” section and here you will see more than three hundred and fifty various transitions waiting for you to try. Select one and insert it into your video clips.

🚨 Notice:

Transitions are only for connecting more than two video clips together. If you only have one complete video and you want to insert one, try to slit the video into two halves first.

how to add video transition 3

  • Of course, this transition can be set for a length of time. If you think the transition is too fast or too slow, click on the transition in the timeline and customize it.
  • So at this point, basically, adding video transitions is over. The rest is output directly to the computer.

add filter details


🎉 Add Video Filters

additionally, for a complete video, adding video is not enough. Here I’m going to talk about adding video effects. It’s really quite simple. And adding animations is the same. So take a look.

Filter > Pick one that you like. For example, I like the Titanic movie filter so I want to apply it to my video. > drag the filter to timeline and extend it to cover the whole video.


how to add filters 1


What and Why Use Video Transitions

A transition is to make the switch between two shots seems more natural and indicate to the audience that this part of the video is about to over and the next scene or sequence is coming. And it also enhances the audience’s attention in case they have slipped out of their minds.

But before you officially add a video transition to your video that you are about to start, you should clarify where you want your video clip to start or end. And you should try as hard as you can to make sure that your clips are smooth enough at the start and end. So that when the transitions are fading in or out, they won’t seem abrupt. And be sure there aren’t any gaps between the two video clips. Otherwise, your video may go black in the middle of playing. If you don’t want something like that to happen, you might double-check your video clips, before really inserting video transitions.


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Now, after this very thorough guide about how to add video transitions, I am sure you must have known one thing or two. But I want to add more about VidClipper that it is more than just a video editor.  With it, you can say that you don’t need other editing software. It will give you everything you need as a new movie editor. And you can get to use it for free without any limitation at all. How incredible is that! Just come and download it to your computer and experience the magic now. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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