How to Save Google Docs to PDF | 4 Free Accesses

This guide on how to save Google Docs to PDF introduces four free and easy methods. You can download your Google Docs as PDF, share it as an PDF attachment, or apply a virtual printer to print it to PDF. In addition, we provide an offline alternative to convert Google Docs into PDF via WorkinTool PDF converter.
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How to Save Google Docs to PDF | 4 Free Accesses

This is an ultimate guide on how to save Google Docs to PDF. In this article, we provide four free methods to convert Google Docs into PDF, including three online ways within Google Docs. In addition, we also offer an offline alternative via WorkinTool PDF converter in order to deal with tricky matters.

But before we move onto specific processes to change Google Docs to PDF, you may learn more information about Google Docs first.

What is Google Docs?

To begin with, Google Docs is an outstanding online word processor. With this browser-based word processor, Google provides services for users to create and collaborate on online documents in real-time and from any device. Because of its browser-based feature, you can create, edit and share your best ideas from any access, including PC and mobile devices, with an internet connection.

What makes Google Docs distinguished from its desktop counterpart, Microsoft Word, is its access to an online collaboration. Google Docs is the pioneer and front-runner in the industry to provide shared online document services. Moreover, it is easy and free for any individual user. For instance, even if your collaborates don’t have Google accounts, they can open and edit your Google documents you share.

In addition, Google Docs supports many functional extensions. For example, Smart Compose is an assistive add-in to check your writing mistakes, give advice on grammar and vocabulary. What’s more, it also allows voice typing and quick document translation.

All in all, Google Docs is the first choice of browser-based word processor for many online collaborators and companies. Meanwhile, many documents they share demand a conversion into PDF files. Therefore, it is vital to export Google Docs to PDF in an appropriate method.

How to Save Google Docs to PDF in Google Docs

Fortunately, there are three easy and quick methods to save Google Docs as PDF with its built-in features. To be more specific, you can download the file as PDF, share it to your collaborators with email as a PDF attachment, and use a virtual printer to print it to PDF.

The crux of the matter is that you take the correct approach for different intentions.

Download Google Docs as PDF

If you are dealing with your documents for further purpose, like encrypting your file, you can download the Google file and save it as PDF.

To download Google Docs as PDF:

  1. Open your file in Google Docs.
  2. Click File in the upper left corner.
  3. Hover over Download and then select PDF Document.
  4. Choose a save path and save it as PDF.

download google docs as pdf document


Share Your Google Docs as PDF  

This feature is particularly useful for sending a PDF file via email to your collaborators. It allows an automatic conversion from Google Docs to PDF when you attach your file into the email.

To email your file as PDF:

  1. Open your file in Google Docs.
  2. Click File in the upper left corner.
  3. Hover over Email and then select Email this file or Email collaborators (for added contacts).send pdf to others in google docs
  4. Decide the format you want in the bottom left corner. In this case, select PDF.    send yourself a PDF copy
  5. Select Send yourself a copy if you want to save the PDF offline.
  6. Click Send.


Note that there is an alternative to include content in the email without attaching your PDF file. However, only use it when the context is short.

Print Google Docs to PDF

Apart from features above, Google Docs also provides a virtual printer to print your Google document into PDF file.

To open the print window, click the Print icon in the upper left corner or use the shortcut Ctrl + P.

print to PDF in google docs

In this window, select PDF or Microsoft Print to PDF (highly recommended for Windows users) in Destination.

Convert Google Docs to PDF with WorkinTool PDF Converter

However, converted PDF files from Google Docs may not remain 100% the same as the original ones. In this case, you might rely on a professional PDF converter to make the change.

WorkinTool is a comprehensive PDF converter and provides rich features with free access.

In this approach, you may first change Google Docs into Word and then save Word files as PDF.

To convert Google Docs to PDF with WorkinTool PDF Converter:

  1. Open your target file in Google Docs.
  2. Download it as Microsoft Word (.docx).
  3. Download WorkinTool PDF converter and open it.
  4. Click Convert to/from PDF and select Word to PDF
    convert word to pdf
  5. Drag your files to the platform or select from files.
  6. Decide a save path and click Convert.word to pdf workintool platform

In conclusion, this method prevents your file from any quality loss. Meanwhile, the offline software provides a quicker conversion, as online processing is affected by the connection with internet. In addition, you can merge, split, compress, and do more with your PDF files with WorkinTool PDF converter.

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