Recover Data from Flash Drive FREE – USB Flash Drive Recovery

If you accidentally lost data files from your USB flash drive, there are still ways to rescue you. WorkinTool Data Recovery Software can perfectly recover all the data files lost due to various situations like deletion, formatting, and virus attack. Download now to experience all the magic yourself to retrieve your previous data.
1. 100% FREE to use all the features without any limit.
2. User-friendly to users of all ages.
3. Quick scan and recover with high-quality output.
4. Cover all file types for recovery.
5. Available for all the USB flash drives.

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Recover Data from Flash Drive FREE – USB Flash Drive Recovery

USB flash drives are familiar to us now, especially to office workers. We often need to use them to transfer and store data files and other content in our daily work. They also bring great convenience to our work. But in the meantime, there are always situations where you lose all the data on the USB thumb drive, memory card, or flash disk but don’t know how to recover data from the flash drive.
First, let’s check out some common reasons that may cause data loss from your flash drive:

  1. Accidentally deleting the drive data
  2. Connection issues/inaccessible data
  3. Careless formatting of the flash drive
  4. Virus attacks/hackers stealing
  5. Hardware failure

I believe that people will encounter data loss as long as there is regular use of flash drives. We can only say that it is to be avoided as far as possible within the limits of control. However, what’s the best solution to get the data back if this happens? This post will present three USB data recovery methods to save your data in this post. For beginners, we recommend using data recovery software in method one. It is the most convenient and easiest way to recover your files. Most of all, it is 100%FREE to use all the features right now.


Method 1: How to Recover Data from Flash Drive using USB Data Recovery Software

For FREE and SAFE USB Data Recovery Software, we highly recommend WorkinTool Data Recovery Software. Well, it is an all-in-one data recovery tool to help users get their lost data back. Its user-friendly interface, quick scanning speed, and comprehensive data recovery coverage have been popular with all users. With no learning curve, even new beginners can retrieve their precious files in seconds.

workintool data recovery software

Unless the USB flash drive has been corrupted and cannot be connected or read, WorkinTool USB data recovery software will help users scan and recover all the deleted files from their devices. You can also use it to recover formatted SD cards. There is no limit to the brands either. You can use Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, SanDisk, or any other flash drives, and this software will work equally the same. Most of all, it is totally free to use.

Category Details
Working Functions Deletion recovery, format recovery, USB/memory card recovery, recycling bin recovery, disk partition recovery, deep scan recovery.
Supported Devices Memory card, memory stick, USB pen drive, external/internal hard drive, RAID drive, and more.
Supported File System exFAT, FAT – FAT12,FAT16,FAT32, HFS+, ReFS, NTFS, NTFS5.
Scanning File Types Pictures, files like Word, Excel, PPT, videos, audio, compressed files, emails, and more.
Recovery Limitations No limits on the recovery file size or scanning/recovering time. No charging elements.

See how WorkinTool data recovery software works:

data recovery home page

1. Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery and select USB/Memory Card Recovery. Find the location where you lost your data and click Scan Now.

recover data from the flash drive 2

📣 Notice:

If you haven’t connected your flash drive to the computer, the software will not be able to recover your data. Please click Refresh after inserting the mobile storage device.

recover data from the flash drive 1

2. After scanning your flash drive, you can quickly find the lost data by using the Filter feature and selecting the File Type.

recover data from the flash drive 3

3. The final step: Tap Recover and set the file location where you want to save the recovered data.

data recovery software icon

🎯 Advice:

It is advised to save the restored files to another location instead of the original location. You’d better use antivirus software on your flash drive and format it before using it again to prevent the loss of files in similar situations.


Method 2: Find Lost USB Data Back Using CMD Command

If you have worked on all sorts of problems by yourself on a Windows computer, then you must know there is a trick to CMD commands to run administrative tasks. There are tons of CMD commands you can use to get your job done. You can also use it to recover data files that are deleted, corrupted, or formatted. It is free and doesn’t need any third-party tools. But it is a little bit different to operate and requires some computer knowledge. So, it is recommended for people with experience to try.

Steps to find lost USB data using the CMD command:

cmd command

  1. Connect your USB flash drive to your computer.
  2. Press Windows + R to bring out Windows Explorer.
  3. Enter “CMD” and click Enter in the search box.
  4. Input chkdsk E: /f and hit Enter. (Replace E with your USB drive letter)
  5. Type in attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:\*.* and hit Enter.
  6. Please wait for the process to finish.

Then, all the recovered files will be in a new folder created on your USB flash drive after it is complete. But there is one thing. The extension is likely to be changed to .chk. You can change it back and save it to another location. Your choice.


Method 3: Recover Data from Flash Drive Previous Versions (Mac Works)

You should know that Windows and Mac have some file backup features hidden in the current operating systems. You can check these functions in File History and Time Machines, as well as Restore Points. If you are lucky enough to have one of those features enabled, have a copy of your early USB data. Then, you will be able to retrieve your data by restoring the previous version.

How to restore data from flash drive previous versions:

  1. Attach your USB drive to your computer.
  2. Type in This PC in the Start menu and enter.
  3. Right-click on your USB and select Properties.
  4. Click on the Previous Versions tab.
  5. Pick a previous version that contains your lost data, click Restore to, and then find a new location to save the files.


Bottom Line

We have listed three USB data recovery methods to help you save lost data files that you may not retrieve in ordinary ways. If you want to get right down to it and find the most convenient and quickest way to recover lost files for free, then WorkinTool Data Recovery is definitely the one you should trust. It is well-made to perform excellently in all forms. With its help, you no longer need to worry about different kinds of data loss situations.
If you have any suggestions or problems during your experience, please feel free to contact us at any time. We promise to provide you with the best service we can.

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