How to Add Text to a PDF Document on Windows/Mac/Mobile [2023]

Whether you want to annotate PDFs, add comments to PDFs, or correct incorrect textual content, it’s vitally important to know how to add text to a PDF on Windows, Mac, or mobile phones. And this post provides 6 PDF editors to streamline adding text to a PDF. Just pick one and instantly customize your PDF file with text.
πŸ˜† #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Free and easy PDF editor for Windows to add/delete/edit PDF text.]
🧐 #2. Microsoft Word [Automatically convert PDF to Word and easily add text in Word.]
🧐 #3. Adobe Acrobat [Edit the existing text or add text box to PDF quickly.]
😘 #4. Google Drive [Insert text box into PDF in Google Docs.]
🀩 #5. WorkinTool PDF Editor Online [Insert text into PDF file on any device.]
πŸ˜‰ #6. PDF Expert [Turn your mobile phones into PDF editors to add text in a PDF.]
—————– What is your pick? —————–

PDF Converter Tips
May 9 2023
How to Copy Text from PDF Online/Offline | 6 Ways

Copying text from a PDF can help us make a copy of the PDF and edit or revise the original PDF more easily. However, scanned or secured PDF files do not allow users to easily copy and extract PDF text. Luckily, this post explains six ways to settle down this problem and facilitates us to copy text from PDF online or on Mac/Windows.
πŸ˜‰ #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter Online ( 2 ways to cut and paste text from scanned/protected PDFs on any device.)
🀩 #2. WorkinTool PDF Converter Offline (2 ways to extract text from a PDF image/secured PDF faster.)
πŸ˜† #3. Adobe Acrobat (2 ways to easily copy and paste words from PDF on Mac.)

PDF Converter Tips
May 7 2023
Convert AutoCAD Higher Version to Lower Version Online/Offline [2023]

With the updates of AutoCAD software, it is pervasive to encounter the failure of incompatibility of higher DXF/DWG version and lower AutoCAD software version. And it is costly to rebuy the latest AutoCAD app version due to the rapid release frequency. Luckily, this post will tell you the easiest and most money-saving ways to use the AutoCAD version converter to convert AutoCAD higher version to lower version for free online or offline for free.
🀩 #1. WorkinTool AutoCAD Version Converter Online [Easy and convenient way]
😘 #2. WorkinTool PDF Converter Offline [Ulimited file quantity to covert the versions]

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 28 2023
How to Convert PDF to DWG with(out) AutoCAD Free | 3 Ways [2023]

Want to convert PDF to DWG/DXF? Or want to re-edit the PDF drawings again? However, it is not a cinch to find a handy PDF for AutoCAD converters in this market. No worries. This post will give you three proven ways to solve how to convert PDF to DWG in or without AutoCAD. And you can find the right solution in this post whether you want to perform PDF to DWG conversion online or offline.
πŸ˜‰ #1. AutoCAD [Apply for AutoCAD 2018 and later versions]
πŸ˜† #2. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Easy-to-use and faster PDF to DWG converter offline]
😘 #3. PDF to DWG Converter Online [Accessible tool to convert PDF to DWG]

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 27 2023
How to Change PDF Background Color Online/Offline | 3 Ways

Are you bored with viewing PDF files on a plain white background? Do you want your PDF background color from black to white for printing? Luckily, this post explains how to change PDF background color online/offline (Win/Mac) for free with three PDF background changers. Moreover, whether you want to change a certain part of the PDF or the whole PDF file, you can find a suitable way in this article.
πŸ˜‰ #1. WorkinTool Online (100% free to change PDF color on every device.)
🧐 #2. WorkinTool PDF Converter Offline (Unlimited times to customer PDF background color.)
😘 #3. Adobe Acrobat (Change the background color of the entire file or specific PDF pages.)

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 21 2023
How to Convert DWG to PDF with(out) AutoCAD | 4 Ways [2023]

When you share DWG files with someone who doesn’t have AutoCAD software, you had better turn DWG into PDF, which can be compatible with more devices. Hence, it is necessary to know how to convert DWG to PDF with or without AutoCAD. And this post explains four ways to help you make a perfect DWG to PDF conversion.
πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ #1. AutoCAD – The way can keep the original DWG elements.
πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ #2. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Win] – The faster and easier tool.
πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ #3. Adobe Acrobat [Mac] – The professional but expensive converter.
πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ #4. CloudConvert [Online] – Compatible with all devices.

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 20 2023
How to Split PDF Pages FREE Online/Offline | 5 Ways

Extracting pages from PDF can make file managing and locating the wanted part more manageable and faster. Hence, it is necessary to find a fix toΒ how to split PDF pagesΒ online or offline for free. Luckily, this post explains 5 great PDF splitters to help you split PDF into multiple files or single pages online/offline.
πŸ˜† #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter Online (A 100% free and easy-to-use PDF cutter.)
🀩 #2. PDF2GO Online (Able to separate a 100 MB PDF file.)
πŸ€— #3. WorkinTool Offline (Enjoy unlimited times to divide PDF files.)
🧐 #4. Adobe Acrobat (Faster speed to split PDF pages.)
😘 #5. Preview (Free Mac default PDF page splitter.)

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 19 2023
How to Rearrange PDF Pages Online/Offline Free | 4 Ways [2023]

Want to reorder PDF pages, delete blank pages, or extract pages from PDF online or offline for free? Luckily, this post has summarized the workable four PDF page organizers to help you rearrange PDF pages online and offline (Windows/Mac) for free.
🧐 iLovePDF (Free online tool)
πŸ₯° PDF2GO (Popular online tool)
😘 WorkinTool PDF Converter (Faster offline tool)
🀩 Adobe Acrobat (professional offline tool)

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 15 2023
6 Ways | How to Take Notes on a PDF on iPad/Windows/Mac [2023]

Taking notes on a PDF is an indispensable issue in this age of electronic documents and online sharing. And finding a handy and suitable PDF note taker app can optimize your workflow and save your working time. Hence, this post recommends six PDF editors to help you solve how to take notes on a PDF on iPad/Windows/Mac.
πŸ˜‰ GoodNotes [The Best Note-Taking iPad App]
😎 PDF Expert [iPad PDF Reader with Note Taking]
🧐 WorkinTool PDF Converter [Professional but Easy-to-Use PDF Editor]
😘 OneNote [MS Built-in Note Taker Software]
πŸ˜† Preview [PDF Note-Taking with Mac Default App]
πŸ₯° Adobe Acrobat [Noting with Prestigious PDF Editor]

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 13 2023
How to Copy Text from Secured PDF without Password | 4 Ways [2023]

Are you struggling with copying text from secured PDF without password? Want to extract text from copying protected PDF files? Luckily, this post will tell you how to copy text from secured PDF without password using 4 professional PDF unlocker software. And their advantages and disadvantages are also covered in this article.
😘 WorkinTool PDF Converter
🀩 Wondershare PDFelement
😍 Adobe Acrobat
🧐 Google Chrome

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 12 2023
8 Ways | How to Convert PDF to Google Slides Free [2023]

Converting PDF to Google Slides is a trend for people to share and present their files. So it is neccessary to know how to convert PDF to Google Slides or insert PDF to Google Slides on Mac, Windows and online? Luckily, this post will tell you the 8 simple ways to change PDF to Google Slides for presentations.
🀩 #1. WorkinTool PDF to PPT Converter Online (100% free online PDF program.)
😎 #2. CloudConverter (Support converting larger PDFs to Google Slides online.)
😘 #3. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Win] (Faster and comprehensive PDF converter.)
πŸ€— #4. Adobe Acrobat [Mac] (Professional but expensive PDF tool.)
πŸ˜† #5. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR [Mac] (Easily change scanned PDF files to Google Slides.)
πŸ₯° #6. Add PDF Screenshot Photos (The easiest way.)
🧐 #7. Convert PDF to Image (The efficient method.)
😍 #8. Insert PDF as a Link (Able to save more slide space.)

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 11 2023
8 Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Free & Paid [2023 Newest]

It is tough to find suitable and powerful alternatives to Adobe. However, this post recommends the 8 best Adobe Acrobat alternative free and paid for you to select.
#1. WorkinTool PDF Converter ⭐⭐⭐⭐πŸ”₯ (The most cost-effective Adobe alternative for both novices and pros)
#2. Foxit PDF Editor ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (The best Adobe Acrobat alternative for PDF experts with enough budgets)
#3. UPDF ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Multiple-platform and innovative PDF editor to replace Adobe)
#4. Nitro PDF ⭐⭐⭐ (A strong Adobe alternative for users who need to do chart analysis frequently)
#5. Small PDF ⭐⭐⭐ (A lightweight and simple Adobe Acrobat alternative)
#6. Wondershare PDFelement ⭐⭐⭐ (Suitable for users who often deal with scanned or image-based PDFs)
#7. EaseUS PDF Editor ⭐⭐⭐ (All-in-one solution to PDF editing)
#8. PDF XChange Editor ⭐⭐ (A safe and feature-rich PDF editor)

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 7 2023
How to Combine JPEGs into One PDF on PC/iPhone/Online | 4 Ways

How to combine JPEGs/JPGs into one PDF on Windows, Mac, iPhone or online? However, it’s not easy to merge images into one PDF. But professional image mergers can make it simpler. Hence, this post will discuss how to combine JPEGs into one PDF in four accessible ways. They are:
🧐 Win: WorkinTool PDF Converter (Batch convert multiple images into one PDF in three moves)
😘 Mac: Preview (A free built-in image viewer and PDF tool.)
πŸ˜† iPhone/Online: Small PDF (Lightweight and easy-to-use to merge JPEGs/JPGs into one single file.)
✨ Bonus: Adobe (A professional and well-known PDF creator to combine images.)

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 4 2023
How to Decrypt a PDF File on Mac/Windows/iPhone/Online | 4 Ways

If you plan to decrypt a PDF file and access its content, you need to use some PDF protection removers or methods, depending on your platforms. This article will introduceΒ how to decrypt a PDFΒ file on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and online, along with their advantages and disadvantages. They are:
πŸš€ Mac: Preview (Free Mac built-in PDF tool)
πŸš€ Win: WorkinTool PDF Converter (Easily to decrypt PDF files in batches)
πŸš€ iPhone: PDF Expert (A lightweight but paid PDF password remover app)
πŸš€ Online: WorkinTool PDF Converter online (Free online PDF service)

PDF Converter Tips
Apr 1 2023
8 Best Free PDF Annotator for Mac/Windows [2023 Newest]

A good PDF annotator helps you add comments, sticky notes, highlights, shapes, images, signatures, or other annotations to PDF documents in one go with minimal effort. Multiple PDF annotators are available online, but which are the best and free to use? This article will illustrate the 8 best free PDF annotators for Mac/WindowsΒ in 2023.
😘 #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Win/Mac] – The best choice for novices to annoate PDF files for free πŸ”₯
🧐 #2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC [Win/Mac] – A professional PDF annotation tool for Mac/Win pros with enough budget
πŸ˜† #3. UPDF [Win/Mac] – Cross-platform and innovative PDF annotation tool
πŸ₯° #4. Foxit Reader [Win/Mac] – A fast and famous PDF annotation tool for Windows
😎 #5. PDFTools 24 [Win/Mac] – A 24-hour personal assistance to solve your basic PDF annotating hassels
🀩 #6. Soda PDF [Win/Mac] – A versatile and reliable PDF annotator online
😍 #7. PDF Annotator [Win] – Annotate, edit, and present PDF files easily
πŸ€— #8. PDF XChange editor [Win] – A feature-rich and customizable PDF markup tool for Windows

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 31 2023
How to Edit Bank Statements PDF Online/Offline Free | 5 Ways

You can easily download an e-bank-statement from bank websites. But how about editing them? With handy PDF bank statement editors, you can effortlessly edit, fill in, sign and do more with your bank statement online or offline. Luckily, this post will explain how to edit bank statements PDF online and offline with 5 tools.
😍 WorkinTool PDF Converter Online (100% free to edit bank statements but with a 0.5 MB size limit.)
πŸ˜† WorkinTool PDF Converter offline (Free to sign and fill in bank statements without size limits in PDF Editing.) πŸ”₯
😎 Adobe Acrobat offline (The best solution for Mac Pros with enough budget to markup bank statement PDFs.)
🀩 iLovePDF (Free to make it online but with slow processing speed.)
πŸ₯° EaseUS PDF Editor (Provide all-in-one tools to edit bank statements but expensive.)

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 30 2023
How to Edit Read Only PDF Free in Mobile/PC | 5 Ways 2023

How to edit read only PDF for free in mobile or on PC? This post will end all your worries about read-only PDFs in 5 workable ways. Whether the PDF read-only feature results from password permissions or file attributes, you can find a suitable solution to make it. Let us explore the read-only PDF world together.
😎 WorkinTool PDF Converter Online (Free to edit a read-only PDF file in mobile and any other devices.)
😍 WorkinTool PDF Converter offline (Faster and safer to remove read-only from PDF and edit with 10+ tools.)
🀩 Adobe Acrobat (Professional but expensive solution to edit PDF that is read only.)
πŸ˜† Microsoft Word (Free built-in way to do it but the formatting might change.)
πŸ€— Google Drive (Free online fix to convert read-only PDF to edit.)

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 29 2023
How to Annotate a PDF Free on Windows/Mac/Online/iPad

When you want to add some text boxes, comments, and highlights to annotate PDF more explicitly, it is hard to make it because of the non-editable feature. Do not worry. This post will illustrate how to annotate a PDF free on Windows/Mac/online/iPad with five PDF markup tools. They are
🀩 WorkinTool PDF Converter (Free and easy to make PDF annotations on Windows)
πŸ€” Adobe Acrobat (An all-in-one and costly PDF annotator on Mac)
πŸ₯° Google Drive (Easy and worakble PDF markup tool online)
😎 Google Chrome (Annotate PDF in Chrome with Kami extension)
😍 WorkinTool PDF Converter Online (Free and handy online PDF markup tool on iPad)

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 28 2023
How to Open a PDF in Word Free on Windows/Mac/iPhone/Online| 4 Ways

If you want to open a PDF in Word for editing, professional PDF converters can help you make it. Hence, this article will tell you how to open a PDF in Word without losing formatting on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and online for free. Moreover, opening PDF in Word without converting using Microsoft Word will also be covered in this article.
πŸ• Microsoft Word (Suitable for Word 2013 and later versions.)
πŸ•“ Adobe Acrobat ((Professional Mac PDF reader and converter.)
πŸ•‘ WorkinTool PDF Converter (Easy and comprehensive PDF solution.)
πŸ•€ WorkinTool PDF Converter Online (a free online PDF tool to help you open a PDF in Word)
What is your selection?
——————————————————- Start Your 2-Minute Reading ——————————————————-

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 24 2023
How to Add Stamp to PDF Free with(out) Adobe | 3 Ways

How to add stamp to PDF will not be a question for you any more after reading this article. Because this article tells you three ways to create, remove or add stamp to PDF on Windows and Mac for free. They are:
1️⃣ Adobe Acrobat (Workable but expensive to use)
2️⃣ WorkinTool PDF Converter (Easy and free to add PDF stamps)πŸ”₯
3️⃣ Preview (Able to create PDF stamps but does not have sample stamps)Β 
———- Start Your 3-minute Reading ——————

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 23 2023
How to Save One Page of a PDF Free | 7 Simple Ways [2023]

Sometimes, you may only need one certain page of a PDF for your work or personal use. How to save one page of a PDF without losing formatting or quality? In this article, we will illustrate you 7 easy ways to split and save a single page of a PDF on Windows, Mac, online and iPhone. Of course, the most recommeded is WorkinTool PDF Converter. You can use Split PDF or PDF Edit tool to export single page of PDF with high quality.
πŸ† Save PDF as individual pages with high quality and fast speed.
⭐ Only three moves to extract certain page from PDF.
πŸ† Edit, compress, lock, unlock and convert PDF in one station.
⭐ Save one page from PDF as an image with minimal effort.

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 21 2023
How to Combine Word Documents into One PDF Free | 4 Ways

Merging multiple Word documents into one PDF makes saving and managing files easier. However, you might not know how to combine Word documents into one PDF online or on Windows/Mac for free. Luckily, this post will provide four proven and simple four ways to help you merge multiple Word documents into one PDF. After reading, you will learn:
πŸŽ„ Online Way: WorkinTool Online [Combine multiple word documents into one PDF online free within 0.5 MB.]
πŸŽ„ Windows Way: WorkinTool PDF Converter Offline [Fater to combine Word docs into one PDF without quantity limit.]
πŸŽ„ Mac Way: Adobe Acrobat [Combine Word documents into one PDF without losing formatting but only have 14-day free trial.]
πŸŽ„ Bonus Way: Microsoft Word [Merge Word documents into PDF for free manually.]
——————- Start Your Reading ——————-

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 16 2023
8 Best (Excel) XLSX to PDF Converter Online/Offline [Free & Paid] 2023

What is the best (Excel) XLSX to PDF converter offline and online? If you have made the final decision yet, you can take a free trial of WorkinTool PDF Converter. It can convert Excel to PDF in batches with high quality in seconds. Moreover, you can edit, sign, lock, unlock, and merge PDF files in WorkinTool. Just start a free trial now!Β 
πŸ’‘ Free to use all functions without time limits.
πŸ’‘ Convert XLS/XLSX to PDF while keeping the original formatting.
πŸ’‘ Convert, edit, combine, merge, and sign PDFs in one station.
πŸ’‘ Fast and safe to perform Excel to PDF conversion.
πŸ’‘ User data privacy is guaranteed.

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 15 2023
8 Best PDF Readers for Windows 10/11 and Mac [Free/Paid] 2023

Want to find the best PDF reader/viewer for Windows 10/11 or Mac? If you frequently work with PDF files, your answer might be yes to the answer. Luckily, this post will tell the 8 best PDF readers/viewers including free and paid ones. After reading, you can certainly select a suitable tool to help you read PDF files more easily or comformtably.
πŸ† #1. WorkinTool PDF Converter [Win] The most cost-effective choice for PDF reading beginners.
πŸ… #2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC [Win/Mac] Best PDF viewer for PDF experts with enough budget.
πŸ† #3. Preview Best PDF Reader [Mac] Suitable for Mac users with basic PDF demands.
πŸ… #4. Foxit Best PDF Reader[Win/Mac] The best PDF reader for professional users.
πŸ† #5. Soda Best PDF Reader [Win/Mac] The most popular online free PDF reader for Windows and Mac.
πŸ… #6. Wondershare PDFelement [Win/Mac] Popular with its free version.
πŸ† #7. PDF XChange Editor/Viewer [Win] Reliable Windows PDF reader.
πŸ… #8. PDF Expert [Mac] All-in-one PDF reader for Mac/iPhone/iPad.
———————– What Is Your Pick? ———————–

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 10 2023
How to Lock a PDF from Editing or Copying | 4 Fixes

Are you struggling with locking PDF from editing, copying or printing for free? This post will tell you four ways to protect PDF from editing with or without password on Windows, Mac and online. Among them, the top recommended method is WorkinTool PDF Converter for its easy steps, fast speed, and batch operations. No more hesitation; lock your private PDF files from editing with WorkinTool.
πŸ† Only three steps to lock PDF from editing without tech help.
πŸ† Quickly and efficiently protect PDFs from editing with/without passwords.
πŸ† Safer to work offline with confidential PDF files.
πŸ† Protect, unlock, edit, redact, convert, and split PDFs in one station.

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 9 2023
How to Add Shapes to PDF Free | 4 Easy Ways

Want to add shapes to PDF? This post explains four easy but workable ways to add shapes to PDF on Windows, Mac, and online. If you are confused about which one to select, WorkinTool PDF Convert deserves your first try for its easy operations, powerful functions, and quality promised. Just download it and have fun with your PDF by adding liked shapes.Β 
πŸ… Only three moves to insert shapes in PDF with minimal effort.
πŸ₯‡ Provides multiple styles and shapes for users, like arrows, lines, rectangles, etc.
πŸ₯ˆ Faster and safer to retouch and add wanted shapes to PDF files.
πŸ₯‰ Compress, combine, edit, unlock, protect, and split PDFs in one station.

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 7 2023
How to Convert PDF to JPG Windows 10/11 Easily | 5 Ways

How to convert PDF to JPG Windows 10/11? This post tells you five easy ways to change PDF to JPG/JPEG for free. And the most try-deserving way is the WorkinTool PDF Converter desktop version. You can easily and quickly convert PDF to JPG/JPEG in batches within seconds without losing quality or formatting. Just click the following download button to get a PDF wizard on your Windows desktop.Β 
⭐ Save PDF as JPG without losing formatting.
πŸ’‘ Convert multiple PDFs to JPG/JPEG in batches without times limits.
πŸ’¦ Everyone can change PDF to JPG/Word/Excel/PPT and vice versa.
🧩 Safer to load and convert from/to PDF files locally.
🌝 Enjoy a fast and stable PDF to JPG conversion with WorkinTool.

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 4 2023
How to Extract Images from PDF Free on Windows/Mac/Online

Are you struggling with extracting images from PDF for free? Do not want to copy and paste embedded pictures from PDF any more? No worries. This post will explain 5 PDF image extractors in 7 ways to help you save images from PDF files on Windows, Mac, and online for free. Let us have a quick look at them before we start.
πŸ₯ #1. WorkinTool Online [Extract JPEG/JPG Images from PDF FREE with time limits.]
🍊 #2. PDFCandy Online [Export pictures from PDF FREE without size limits.]
πŸ₯‘ #3. WorkinTool PDF Converter (Win) [Convert PDF to JPG and save all images from multiple PDFs quickly.]
🍏 #4. Adobe Acrobat (Mac) [Extract specific or the whole pictures from PDF easily.]
πŸ‘ #5. Photoshop (Mac) [Copy images from PDF while keeping high quality.]
————————- Enjoy Your Reading ————————-

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 3 2023
How to Open a Password Protected PDF without Password Online/Offline | 4 Ways

Want to open a password protected PDF without password online or offline? This post explains four workable ways on Windows, Mac, mobile phones, and online for free. With the four PDF lockers, you can keep the original layout, formatting, and fonts after opening a locked PDF file. No more hesitation, and take action now!
⭐ Online Way: Google Drive [Open a password proteced PDF online for free]
⭐ Windows Way: WorkinTool PDF Converter [Three moves to unlock PDF with/without password]
⭐ Mac Way: Adobe Acrobat [Professiaonlly remove the security and open PDF on Mac.]
⭐ Android/iPhone Way: iLovePDF [Free to open password-procted PDFs without password at your fingertips.]

PDF Converter Tips
Mar 2 2023
How to Convert PDF to Word Document on Mac/Windows PC FREE

How to convert PDF to Word on Windows/Mac laptop will not be a hassle for those who read this post carefully. Moreover, the most recommended way is to exert PDF to Word function of WorkinTool PDF Converter for its batch process, easy operation, and promised data security.
⭐ Convert PDF to Word without losing formatting.
⭐ Save PDF as DOC/DOCX with only a few clicks.
⭐ Private security promised.
⭐ Various PDF converting and editing functions.

PDF Converter Tips
Feb 28 2023