How to Record a Facebook Live Video in Windows for FREE

When you encounter a fascinating live video on Facebook and want to have it, what can you do? Recording it can be an effective solution. Today, this article will focus on how to record a Facebook live video in Windows and an easy and free approach will be introduced to you–WorkinTool VidClipper. You can rely on it to record any content on your screen. Besides, it is simple, convenient, powerful and FREE. Please start your reading now to know the specific guide and additional useful information.

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How to Record a Facebook Live Video in Windows for FREE

How to Record a Facebook Live Video in Windows [Easy and Free]

Do you know more than one million users are going live on Facebook presently? Therefore, various interesting live videos are there. When you encounter a fascinating live video on Facebook and want to have it, what can you do? Recording it can be an effective solution. Today, this article will focus on how to record a Facebook live video in Windows and an easy and free approach will be introduced to you.

Please read on to know the specific guide.

Things to Know Before Facebook Live Video Recording

📌Why do you need to record a Facebook live video?

On one hand, only creators can download previously Facebook live videos. So you need a video downloader to download other ones’ live videos. However, it can’t be realized if the creator chooses to close the download feature.
On the other hand, recording a Facebook live video allows you to have it right after it ends, so you don’t have to wait until you can download it. Also, you can choose to record an entire screen to keep the comments beside it, while a downloaded video will keep you away from this kind of fun.

📌Is it legal to record Facebook live videos?

It is definitely legal if the purpose of your recording is for your own enjoyment instead of commercial use. Otherwise, you may violate the copyright or intellectual property law.

Now, let’s move to the main point.

How to Record a Facebook Live Video in Windows

Saving a Facebook live video doesn’t have to be cumbersome and complex when you have a handy desktop tool. Here, you save the process of picking one from multiple options in the market. Let me present you with a useful and helpful one–WorkinTool VidClipper.

WorkinTool VidClipper is a powerful video editor. Much as it boasts various valuable features (including screen recording), its designers still endow it with a clear and simple interface. Furthermore, practical tips are on some editing features so that even beginners will find it convenient to operate.

A screen recorder is equipped in WorkinTool VidClipper. The recording process is effortless and instant, with all the custom settings to help you export a unique recording. Therefore, you can use it to record anything on your screen; for instance, apart from a Facebook live video, you can record YouTube live stream, Twitch stream, streaming videos, a TikTok, a Google Meet meeting and more.

More importantly, WorkinTool VidClipper is now entirely FREE for users, so all its features are accessible without any license payment and a compulsory Email registration. Meanwhile, though VidClipper is freeware, there will be no ads in your recording and a brand logo inserted on your output.

📕How to record Facebook live videos through WokinTool VidClipper?

1. Open VidClipper and find Screencast on the left toolbar of its opening page.

choose screenmast in vidclipper
2. Make the settings based on your needs and hit Start.
(Or press the hotkey-Alt+F1 to begin your recording.)

adjust the settings and click start to begin recording in workintool vidclipper
3. Hit the Stop icon (or the shortcut key-Alt+F2) in the floating box to stop and save your recording.
(The Pause icon allows you to stop your recording temporarily without saving it. You can resume it by clicking the Play icon.)

record facebook live videos recording area mode in vidclipper

Here are the results.

Full Screencast

Recording Area

🔑Bonus Operation

A drawing box is here to help you customize your recording in WorkinTool VidClipper.

📕How to record Facebook live videos with marks and texts?

(via WorkinTool VidClipper)

1. Repeat the first two steps above.
2. Click the pencil-like icon to activate the drawing tool and select the feature(s) you need to make marks or write texts on your recording.

record facebook live videos with marks and texts in vidclipper
3. Follow the third step above.

Please see the result.

🔑Information on Drawing ToolBox

  • The video content will pause to enable you to make your marks or leave your texts n your recording when the drawing tool set is opened.
  • Multiple drawing tools are optional in this toolbox, including lines, rectangular and circular graphs and texts. Also, their colors are easily adjustable.

📢Specific Notes on Main VidClipper Screencast Settings

Recording Settings
Video Full Screencast: The content in your entire PC screen will be the target. The recording will start immediately after a countdown by choosing this mode.
Recording Area: The recording screen area will be of your choice, so only the selected content will be saved. The recording won’t start until the recording area is pinpointed and the countdown completes.
Audio Record all sound: It targets both microphone and computer sounds.
Computer sound: It records the sound within your PC only.
Microphone: Microphone sound will be the sole audio source for recording
No Sound: You will get a mute screen recording.
Quality SD: It means standard definition, which is about 720p.
HD: It indicates high definition, which is approximately 1080p.
Original: The selection will help you keep the aspect ratio of your original video.
Format MP4, FLV and AVI
Additional Screencast Settings
additional screenmast settings

  • Auto-Hide: Ticking this option allows you to hide the setting box when your recording starts.
  • Mouse Pointer: It makes you customize the color of several operations like Moving track, Highlight and Click effect (left and right click).
  • Click Sound: You can use this feature to open or mute the sound of every click. 
Auto-Stop Settings
auto stop settings in vidclipper

  • Recording Duration: You can set a duration to cover the whole length of your recording content. So the recording will automatically stop when it ends.
  • Post-Recording Settings: You can personalize the post-recording operation when your recording finishes, including Do nothing, Exit program, PC sleep and PC shutdown.
  • Recording Frequency: You can make your automatic stop setting a temporary (one-time) or a permanent (every-time) operation with its help.

Frequently Asked Questions

📌How to watch Facebook Live?

There are two ways to watch Facebook Live:
💡Search Engine: You can type Facebook Live in your search engine (Google or Bing), find its official portal in the results and log in.

find facebook live in google

💡Watch: You can click Watch > Live to enjoy Facebook live stream when you open your Facebook page.

find live in facebook watch

📌What else can WorkinTool VidClipper do?

On top of the merits mentioned previously, such as lightweight, easy, 100% free and green, WorkinTool VidClipper is a must-try video editor for the following valuable features:

Quick Video Editing Professional Video Editing
Make a Video Clip (Video Splitting) Add Subtitles to a Video
Combine Videos Add Video Transitions, Filters, Effects and Animations
Remove Video Background Insert Music into a Video
Change Video Background Remove Background Music from a Video
Change Text to Audio Pixelate a Video
…… Reverse a Video
Freeze Frame a Video
Transcribe Audio to Text
Zoom in on a Video

All (but not limited to) these features will help you get a more custom recording at last.

Wrapping up

We hope you have an entire understanding of how to record a Facebook live video and give WorkinTool VidClipper a try after finishing this article.

Now, are you ready to record a Facebook live video?

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