How to Convert Screenshot to PDF on Windows 10 for Free [Top 3 Converters]

How to convert screenshot to PDF on windows for free? Many people like to take screenshots of useful information when they browsing the web. However, it’s more space-occupying compared to PDF files. And it’s a little troublesome to find and read them later because they may be out of order. Therefore, this article tells the top three screenshot to PDF converters on Windows 10 you can use free of charge. They are WorkinTool Image Converter, WorkinTool PDF Converter, and Microsoft PDF Printer. Read on to get more information!

Last updated on Apr 25, 2023 by Sebastian Written by Eleanor
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How to convert Screenshot to PDF on Windows for free? Many people like to take a screenshot of useful information for later viewing when browsing the web. However, the default format of screenshots is PNG, which will take up a lot of space on your PC or phone and is not very convenient to find and read. Besides, operating systems and environments vary, so some screenshots may not even be opened smoothly.

On the other hand, we all know that PDF files are popular in various industries and fields. After all, the PDF file format has unique advantages in transmission, reading, and printing, and the PDF file format can be viewed without considering the operating system. So why not save screenshot as PDF?

This post answers how to convert screenshot to PDF on Windows 10 for free with the top three converters. They are:

  • WorkinTool Image Converter
  • WorkinTool PDF Converter
  • Microsoft Printer

Let me introduce them to you one by one.

#1 How to Convert Screenshot to PDF with WorkinTool Image Converter?

WorkinTool Image Converter is a desktop image to PDF converter you can download and enjoy all the features completely free. More importantly, what surprises me is that you can use this converter without registering, logging in, or making any license payment. It may sound unreliable. However, when you open this program, what presents to you is a clean and concise interface, which has nothing to do with the in-software purchases and paid advertising. Furthermore, there are simple 3-step guides at the bottom of each feature page. You can use it smoothly even if you are a computer novice.

🔍How to turn a screenshot into a PDF with WorkinTool Image Converter?

  • Firstly, open this PNG to PDF converter and find “Feature Conversion“.
  • Secondly, Click Convert Images >click “Add Images” or “Add Folder” to upload screenshots.

workintool image converter convert images add images or folder

  • Finally, choose the output format as PDF in the drop-down menu and click “Start”.

workintool image converter convert screenshot png to pdf

📢Here you can see that each of the screenshots is converted to a single PDF file.

workintool image converter convert screenshot to pdf one-to-one

More features of WorkinTool Image Converter

WorkinTool Image Converter is a powerful program. Not only it can convert screenshot to PDF but also can change screenshot to 100+ other output formats without losing quality. Besides, you can convert a plethora of pictures in a batch with a few clicks. Last but not the least, I have to say that this screenshot to PDF converter sparkles because it is so versatile that you can achieve a bunch of image editing effects effortlessly no matter what you want.

Feature Conversion📌 Picture ToolBox📌 Edit Pictures for Fun📌
Convert Images

(Convert JPG to PDF, PDF to PNG, PDF to JPG, etc. )


(Remove picture background)

Photo Restoration

(Repair Old Photos)

Convert HEIC

(HEIC to JPG, HEIC to PNG, and HEIC to PDF)

Make ID Photo

(Make passport photo)


Add Special Effects

(Cartoonize Photo, Change Gender, Youthen yourself, etc.)

Convert RAW


Remove and Add Watermark

(Remove watermark and add watermark)

Pic Collage

(Make a picture collage )

Compress Images Edit Images

(Enlarge a picture, overlay images, crop images, etc.)

#2 How to Save Screenshot as PDF via WorkinTool PDF Converter?

How to combine PDF files? If WorkinTool Image Converter can help you convert a screenshot to a PDF file, then WorkinTool PDF Converter helps you merge different screenshots to a PDF file. It is a handy and powerful screenshot to PDF converter to convert and edit your PDF files. Similar to the Image Converter mentioned before, it’s also one of the star products in the WorkinTool family, which equips with a clean interface and multiple features to solve users’ problems regarding PDF files free of charge. Moreover, WorkinTool PDF Converter also enables you to convert PDF online, so you can try other features with the online version freely. With the PDF converter, you can convert PDF to/from multiple formats in a batch with one click, view, and edit PDF files as you like.

🔍A guide to using WorkinTool PDF Converter to convert screenshot to PDF

  • Firstly, open this image to PDF converter and find “Convert to/From PDF“.
  • Secondly, Click “Image to PDF”> click “Select PDF file” or drop files to upload screenshots.

workintool pdf converter convert image to pdf and select image file

  • Finally, set page size, orientation, and margin if you need to and click “Convert”.

workintool pdf converter set page size, orientation, margin, and convert

📢All the screenshots will be combined and transformed into a single PDF file.

workintool pdf converter convert screenshot to pdf many-to-one

#3 How to Make a Screenshot a PDF by Microsoft PDF Printer?

Without the third-party tools, Microsoft endows its built-in Printer with converting features. This method is simple and fast enough if you don’t need other editing and converting functions.

Just choose a screenshot or drag the mouse to select all the screenshots you’d like to convert, right-click, and select “Print”, then you can process the screenshots. You can convert PNG to PDF with adjustments on page orientation, photo size, page margins, and so on.

If you can’t find the native printer on your PC, refer to how to add and reinstall the Microsoft PDF Printer for more information.

print pictures microsoft print screenshot to PDF print

Comparison between the Three Converters

  WorkinTool Image Converter💡 WorkinTool PDF Converter💡 Microsoft PDF Printer💡
Batch Processing
Free of charge
Support Windows only
Easy to use
Multiple input and output formats ×
Conversion mode One-to-one One/Many-to-one One/Many-to-one
Able to add new screenshots during processing ×
High-quality output ×
Multiple features ×


Here are a detailed introduction of the top three converters. I believe you already have a clear understanding of how to convert screenshot to PDF on Windows 10 for free.

WorkinTool Image Converter – A free and all-in-one image converter that can convert and edit multiple image formats in a batch and export each screenshot to a single PDF file.

WorkinTool PDF Converter – A free and versatile PDF converter and editor that enables you to edit PDF files and convert all the screenshots to one PDF file in a batch.

Microsoft PDF Printer – A native Microsoft program that helps you convert a range of screenshots to a PDF file.

I sincerely hope this article is informative, Now, what are you waiting for? Find a way that suits you most and begin your converting journey!