How to Make Travel Videos – FREE Beginner Guidelines

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Last updated on Oct 09, 2023 by Eric Written by Sebastian
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How to Make Travel Videos – FREE Beginner Guidelines

One of the most compelling videos of all is the travel companion video. Traveling through beautiful sights, telling thrilling adventure stories, and gripping anecdotes provide unlimited traffic and story content for travelers and local brands. However, making quality travel videos is more challenging than you think. In addition to the shooting skills, you must master, your mastery of detail and your knowledge of video editing are also required. You may also need to know what theme to choose for your trip, how to film your trip around it, and how to tell the story. It means you have to do your homework before the trip starts. If you really want to get involved in this area like other video creators and do it well, and want to know how to make travel videos, then this article is essential.

In the following article, we’ll take you through the whole process of making a travel video, the tricks of filming a beautiful trip video, and how to edit it afterward to make it more compelling to watch. Now, let’s move on.


Basics of How to Make Travel Videos


No matter what video you want to make, there are three steps you need to take. Travel videos are no exception. There’s even more to consider. In order to better enjoy the fun of travel while also shooting satisfying videos, you need to pay special attention to the following:


how to make a travel video 3


1. Pre-planning

Many people think that shooting travel videos should be done in the middle of the trip and should be casual. There is no need to plan in advance. But it is also because of travel activity that there are many unpredictable factors. If you want to make a trip video with selling points, planning ahead is an integral part of the process.

Planning a travel video should include where you are going, what you expect to happen, a plan in advance, and a story and script. And the most significant difference with ordinary videos is that because of the great uncertainty of the journey if something happens in the middle of the trip that deviates from the subject of the video, all the work is lost. It would be best if you also had a Plan B to ensure that other factors don’t compromise the video quality.


2. Shooting the Best Travel Videos

Before you shoot a trip, be sure to know what sights your destination has, what you need to capture in your video, and what emotions it can generate. The best travel videos are those that connect the viewer with the traveler emotionally. Make sure you capture the moments you anticipate in advance, not just the trip itself. Give the audience the illusion of traveling with you.
The other thing is to make sure you get as many shots as possible. Because usually, only 1 percent of the clips can be added to the final content during the post-editing process. You don’t want to travel around editing videos only to find that you only have a little to edit. At last, it came to a premature end.


3. Editing the Ultimate Travel Videos

If you follow the process described above and shoot enough shots to express your content, editing a travel video at the end will be relatively easy. However, some editing details can help you make the video better.
When you edit, select the appropriate background music, adjust the proper video rhythm, and edit the video kind of transitional content. Travel videos are videos that make people want to travel. It would be best if you first focus on this situation in the editing process for feedback on your video. According to the local culture expressed in each travel video, the connotation chooses a different style. Highlight your video and attract more people to watch it.


Tips to Film a Gripping Travel Video

1. Film at a lower level: Generally speaking, we are more accustomed to holding the camera up to eye level to take pictures. But if you can lower the angle a bit, the scenery will look bigger and more attractive. But the view is better at eye level if you’re using a motion-capture camera like the GoPro.

2. Pick stunning shots: People want to see scenes that they cannot see during their lives and work, whether it is scary or naturally gorgeous. It can be marveling at the wonders of nature, lovely local customs, exotic wildlife, romantic mountain trails, or anything. Believe me. No one wants to watch hotel rooms, airplanes, or long commutes in a travel video unless you create a road trip video.

3. Enrich video content: Travel videos tend to work better when they have different characters. You can also edit the video with voice-overs that tell the audience how you feel about what’s going on and other scenes to create different visual experiences.

How to Edit and Make Travel Videos


In order to make a good travel video, good video editing software is inevitable. But with so many video editors on the market, how do you know which one is free and valuable while still meeting your needs? If you don’t have a lot of video editing experience, then video editing software products like Adobe’s are probably not for you. It operates with high requirements and prices. That is also why I recommend WorkinTool VidClipper.


workintool vidclipper


  • Free and Practical. Totally free to use all the functions without any limit.
  • Easy to use. No learning curve is required, and it is suitable for users of all ages.
  • Fast to operate. All the operations on this software are quick enough—no need to wait for a long time for exporting.
  • Multiple options. Various video editing features are included. Totally satisfy every user’s needs.
  • Real-time preview. It allows users to preview the effect in real time on canvas. 


WorkinTool VidClipper is a very versatile video editing software. It can meet all users’ needs, from the essential functions to changing video order, changing the aspect ratio, or adding additional elements such as special effects, music, fonts, etc. There are hundreds of different templates for users to adjust the details. But that is not all. In addition to being a video editor, it is also a video converter. Suppose your travel video shooting format does not apply to other platforms. You can convert it to another suitable format in the next step after editing. All of those practices are free with no ads. Now let’s take a look.


free download the software

Steps to edit a travel video:

how to edit tiktok videos 2

  • Launch WorkinTool VidClipper and add a new project.
  • Upload your prepared travel video, then drag it down to the timeline.

how to make a travel video 1

  • Use the provided features to edit the travel video if you like.
  • When finished, click Export.

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  • Select the video format you want to convert.
  • Save the converted video and post it to your social media platform.


🎉 Other Features in WorkinTool Video Editor – VidClipper 🎉

If you need a better understanding of how each editing feature is used or what advantages they offer, you can choose to view the corresponding parts below. Some data research shows that the use of video processor functions processed by high-quality videos is more attractive to users and gets more people’s love and attention. Most importantly, if you are a Windows user, you can try out all of these features for FREE with no ads, so download and try them now.


Convert AVI to MP4 Add Video Transitions, Effects, and Elements Flip a Video Remove Background from Video 
Convert MP4 to MOV Add Music to a Video Screen Record with Voice Combine Videos
Convert WMV to MP4 Text to Speech for Video Narration Remove Background Music Trim a Video
Convert MP4 to AVI Transcribe Audio to Text Add Subtitles to a Video Make a GIF from a YouTube Video


Bottom Line


Now through this article, you should know how to make travel videos, their process, and tips. Before making a video on your next trip, be sure to plan, find the shots you need, and figure out the storyline ahead of time, based on what we’ve already told you. Also, use WorkinTool VidClipper to edit the most fascinating videos of all time. Now, download and experience the magic it has offered you. And do it right away.


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