How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram 2023

Sharing YouTube videos on Instagram is not a straightforward process. You need to ask for the copyright if you’re not the creator, download the video to your computers or phones, and edit it according to Instagram’s requirements before posting it on IG. In this case, you need to make use of a YouTube video downloader and a video editor. Lucky you are! This article shares a free, easy-to-use, and all-in-one video editor that makes video downloading and editing a piece of cake. Read on to learn how to do that!

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How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram 2023

Have fun with the hilarious videos on YouTube? Ever wished you could share YouTube videos on Instagram so that more audiences could view them? Many video creators like posting videos on different platforms like YouTube and Instagram to drive traffic. Audiences also often share YouTube videos with friends or post tidbits for Instagram viewers. However, YouTube has no native way to directly share content to Instagram at the moment, which means you have to download the video first, edit it, then can you upload it to an Instagram post, story, or reel.

Luckily, in this article, we’ll illustrate how to post a YouTube video on Instagram and share the tools you should use to make the process simpler and more efficient. You will learn how to share a YouTube video on Instagram or any other social media without copyright restriction, as long as you’ve installed WorkinTool VidClipper and WorkinTool Video Downloader on your PC.

Why post YouTube videos to Instagram?

Before learning how to share a YouTube video on Instagram without copyright, it is essential to know why you would want to. YouTube and Instagram are two of the best video-sharing platforms. If you’re willing to go through the trouble of asking for the permission of the YouTubers, installing a YouTube video downloader, and editing videos according to Instagram’s requirements, you can post content on Instagram and achieve the following things. Here are a few:

  • Share funny videos you found on YouTube with friends and YouTube Audiences.
  • Download YouTube clips to add them to your videos and recreate content, improving the possibilities of your creation.
  • Make marsh-ups, tease trailers, and compilations for videos you post on YouTube and post them on Instagram to drive traffic for both of your accounts.
  • Save time by using the same video content if you’ve created a video for YouTube before.

How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

Since Facebook limits Instagram for user-generated content, getting YouTube videos onto Instagram is not straightforward and easy. The only method is downloading a YouTube video to your PC, and editing it according to Instagram video upload requirements, like the aspect ratio and duration. All the steps are mandatory, but with free and easy-to-use WorkinTool VidClipper, the whole process will become smooth sailing. Follow the next tutorial step-by-step.

1. Download a video from YouTube

YouTube does not allow viewers to download videos directly for copyright protection unless you have bought YouTube Premiere. But you can get unrestricted YouTube videos using a third-party tool like WorkinTool Video Downloader, which allows you to get a YouTube video and music for free without copyright in seconds through pasting a link. You just need to open a YouTube video, copy the YouTube link, and the YouTube Video Downloader will recognize the code and download the video in no time.

download youtube video by workintool youtube downloader step1

Or you can record YouTube videos using the Screen Recorder tool in WorkinTool VidClipper. The second tool, as a professional video editor, is equipped with more editing features than the former. To learn how to post a YouTube video on Instagram without copyright, you need to keep in mind that you should obey the copyright protection law and don’t use YouTube videos for commercial purposes if you have no permission from the poster.

vidclipper screen recorder

2. Edit the video based on IG’s requirements

As we mentioned, Instagram has unique requirements for posts, stories, and reels, which are not in line with that of YouTube. So you have to do some edits before sharing them on Instagram. In this case, WorkinTool VidClipper comes into play.

WorkinTool VidClipper packs a wide range of features together. You can record the screen with voice, improve video resolution, edit the aspect ratio to 9:16, or make a video clip  (3 to 60 seconds long). It also enables you to add text, filters, music, annotations, custom covers, and more. It’s a perfect program for giving YouTube video makeovers and sharing them on Instagram or other social media.

All you need to do is get the video you download or record into VidClipper by pressing New Project, dragging the materials to the timeline to edit it, then exporting the high-quality video to your PC and transferring it to your phones.

vidclipper editing panel

3. Upload the edited video to Instagram

The final step is to decide which section you want to upload the edited video to, like Instagram Story, Reels, or in your feed. Once you figure that out, you can open the Instagram app, tap the plus icon at the top (for Story) or the plus button at the bottom (in your feed) and share your videos. Both Android and iPhone users can post Instagram content easily.

upload youtube video on instagram

FAQs: How to Share YouTube Link on Instagram Story

If you failed to ask for copyright permissions from the poster, don’t want to share the video with all, or just want a quick sharing for traffic driving, the best way is to share the YouTube video as a link in Instagram Story. You can easily post a YouTube link on Instagram with the Swipe-up feature. How to post a YouTube video on Instagram as a link? Well, you can do that easily whether on iPhone or Android. Here is the detailed tutorial.

1. How to share a YouTube link in Instagram Story using Swipe-up?

  • Run Instagram and tap the plus button at the top.
  • Press the chain button and select the URL.
  • After pasting the URL, click Done to share your story.

2. How to post a YouTube video on Instagram as a link without 10K followers?

  • Launch Instagram and tap the top plus button to create a story.
  • Select an image that the URL will be shared together.
  • Tap the face icon at the top to paste a link.
  • Click Done to share the story.

More to Say

Sharing YouTube videos on Instagram isn’t as difficult as you thought. All you need is a reliable video downloader and editor. We have shared the detailed steps of how to post a YouTube video on Instagram using WorkinTool VidClipper, which allows you to download and fine-tune YouTube videos without switching software around. You can also download YouTube videos with WorkinTool Video Downloader. If you want to post a YouTube video on Instagram on iPhone or Android, just visit an online YouTube downloader and crop the downloaded video on the default gallery apps. There are many YouTube downloaders you can use for free.
Now, it’s time to download and edit videos according to your taste. Remember, if the YouTube video is not yours, don’t post them on Instagram without copyright, especially for commercial use. Asking for the permission of the creator is always an important part. It is good to credit the source so that people can source the original.
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