How to Screen Record on HP Laptop for Free 2022

How to screen record on HP laptop for free? Many HP users are eager to know how to screen record on HP laptop without Xbox Game Bar. This post tells two free screen recorders to record video on HP laptop independent of different versions of the Windows systems. One is WorkinTool VidClipper and another is Microsoft PowerPoint. WorkinTool VidClipper is strongly recommended due to its powerful features, free pricing, high-quality output, and useful custom settings.

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How to Screen Record on HP Laptop for Free 2022

Screen recording can be effectively used on many occasions, such as recording online courses and online meetings, recording live streaming games, capturing videos that cannot be directly downloaded, explaining computer tech issues, and sharing software operation steps, etc. Many users are eager to know how to screen record on HP laptop. If you’re using Windows 10 or higher systems, you can use the in-built Windows Xbox Game Bar to capture video clips. To do that, you must install the Xbox gaming app on your laptop.

But what if you’re using lower Windows systems? How to screen record on HP laptop without Xbox Game Bar? To solve that problem, this post will show you how to record video on HP laptop regardless of different versions of the Windows system.

How to Screen Record on HP Laptop for Free with WorkinTool VidClipper

WorkinTool VidClipper is a powerful and free screen recorder for HP laptop. It is a desktop third-party tool, by which you can achieve whatever you want for screen recording. You can select the recording area as you like, capture computer sound and microphone sound, set video quality, and choose the output format as MP4, FLV, AVI, and so on. What’s more, you can even set the recording duration in advance to put it aside after clicking the “Start” button. Just with a few simple clicks, you will get what you want in WorkinTool VidClipper.

workintool video editor vidclipper

The easiest steps to screen record on HP laptop with sound

  • Firstly, click “Screencast” on the right-side toolbar in WorkinTool VidClipper.

workintool vidclipper screecast tool

  • Secondly, tick the custom settings you need and press the “Start” button to start recording.

workintool vidclipper start recording videos

  • Thirdly, hit the “Pause” button to suspend recording or click “Stop” if you finished.

workintool vidclipper pause or stop recording videos

  • Finally, play or open the folder to check your video, or click “Add clips” to edit it in VidClipper.

workintool vidclipper record videos play or open folder or add clips

Notes: You can press Alt+F1 to start or suspend recording and use Alt+F2 to stop recording.

Why do you record screen with WorkinTool VidClipper?

1. Free of charge

WorkinTool VidClipper is an HP screen recorder you can download and use for 100% free. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the license payment or paid advertising. And there is no threshold for advanced features. Therefore, it will save your money to the largest extent.

2. High-quality output

In addition, this WorkinTool screen recorder enables you to choose the image quality of output videos, supporting SD, HD, and the original quality. Besides, if you are wondering how to screen record on HP laptop with audio without background noise, WorkinTool can give you a perfect answer.

3. Abundant custom settings

What’s more, this free screen recorder can meet nearly all your demands. Why do I say so? Because it can make custom settings as you like without pressure. So this part will let you know how to screen record on HP laptop more conveniently.

Video Audio Quality  Format
Fullscreen Computer sound SD(1280P*720P) MP4
Selectable area Microphone sound HD(1920P*1080P) FLV
Both computer and microphone Original AVI
No sound

In addition, you can use the Screencast setting, Drawing tools, Floating box, and Autostop to make screen recording more convenient.

  • Screencast setting: a general setting panel to set hotkeys as you like, to auto-hide the setting box when start recording, and to make the mouse pointer more conspicuous by adding click sound, moving track, highlight, and click effect.
  • Drawing tools: a toolbar enables you to draw on screen when recording
  • Floating box: a floating box to pause and stop recording, show recording duration, and open drawing tools.
  • Autostop: a tool that allows you to set recording duration in advance, and facilitate you to exit this program, put your computer to sleep, or shut down your computer.

What else you can achieve with WorkinTool VidClipper?

WorkinTool VidClipper is not only a screen recorder but also a video and audio editor and converter. Its designer also endows it with multiple practical features balancing it with a lightweight and free desktop program.

Video and audio converter📌 Video editor📌
To MOV WMV to MOV Video editing Add subtitles to a video
AVI to MOV Add music to a video
MP4 to MOV Reverse a video
To MP4 AVI to MP4 Freeze frame a video
WMV to MP4 Pixelate a video
WAV to MP4 Speed up a video
M4V to MP4 Add overlays for edits
To MP3 OGG to MP3 Zoom in a video
MP4 to MP3 Remove background music from a video
M4A to MP3 Editing tools Make a video clip
AAC to MP3 Combine videos
WAV to MP3 Remove background from video
To AVI MP4 to AVI Text to speech
To GIF AVI to GIF Video template
To WMV MP4 to WMV Watermark removal

How to Screen Record on HP Laptop for Free Via Microsoft PowerPoint

Perhaps you know that Microsoft PowerPoint can take screenshots, but fewer people notice that it can capture screen as well. Therefore, if you have access to Microsoft Powerpoint, it is also feasible to capture screen with it. However, you must know that it can’t record screen and audio from the microphone at the same time. That is to say, it only enables you to capture microphone audio independently and record screen with computer sound. And if you don’t mind there is background noise in the finished videos, it also will be a good choice. Let’s find out how to screen record on HP laptop together.

How to screen record on laptop via Microsoft PowerPoint?

  • Firstly, find “Record and click “Screen Recording” in a blank presentation of PowerPoint.

powerpoint record screen recording

  • Secondly, drag your mouse to select the recording area and make audio and pointer settings.

powerpoint select screen recording area

  • Thirdly, hit “Record” to start recording, click “Pause” to suspend recording, and press “Win+Shift+Q” to end recording.

powerpoint record screen pause and stop

  • Finally, right-click the video recording and click “Save Media as...” to save it.

powerpoint record screen preview and save media

Comparison of VidClipper and PowerPoint

WorkinTool VidClipper Microsoft PowerPoint

Free Free
Multiple features No need to download
Easy to operate Easy to operate
Available custom settings Independent audio recording
High-quality output
No background noise
Auto-save available

Need to download Unable to record computer and microphone sound together
Annoying background noise
Limited functions
Manual saving is necessary


At last, I believe you already know how to screen record on HP laptop for free now. You can see clearly that WorkinTool VidClipper is a perfect free screen recorder for HP laptop because It can meet all your needs in a simple, high-quality, convenient, and professional way. I bet you will not regret picking it and giving it a try.

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